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Fans Go Comical Over Zendaya’s Challengers Trailer, Sparks Meme on Boyfriend Tom Holland

Fans go comical over Zendaya’s Challengers trailer, sparks meme on Boyfriend Tom Holland. Zendaya, whom you all know for Euphoria, is back on the big screen two years after Spider-Man: No Way Home. The popular actress and singer is returning to theatres with her upcoming movie Challengers starring Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor. 

Directed by Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino and penned by Justin Kuritzkes, Challengers movie revolves around a tennis player Tash Duncan played by Zendaya. 

challengers trailer

The movie sees the film’s leading character Tash navigating her tennis career and her relationship with her husband Art, played by Mike Faist, and ex-boyfriend Patrick played by Josh O’Connor. 

 While fans are head over heels to see Zendaya acing her acting game again, they are also comical over her film’s official trailer released a few days ago. Continue reading here to know what would have happened in the Challengers trailer that fans couldn’t resist from sparking memes about Zendaya’s boyfriend, Tom Holland. 

Challengers Trailer Sees Zendaya’s Quest to Win the World and an Inquisitiveness to Indulge in Threesome Alongside! 

Zendaya’s Challengers trailer is the talk of the town today. The highly anticipated film’s trailer opens with close shots of Tash Duncan and her two white boys, Art and Patrick, as she reaches their place to get into a steamy threesome on the bed. 

Meanwhile, we also follow a sneak peek at the tennis career she wants to rise with continuously. It was all a different game and rosy world for Duncan until and unless she meets with a foot injury and weds one of her boyfriends, Art, essayed by Mike Faist. 

But what exactly turns the situation around is when Tash invites her hubby to a tennis tournament seeing an estranged reunion of her husband and ex-boyfriend Patrick. Unsure of her feelings, Duncan gets second thoughts about her ex while sharing a married life with Mike’s Art. However, who she finally chooses to go ahead with is a question to be answered by the film itself. 

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Fans Go Comical Over Zendaya’s Challengers Trailer

If you have watched the Challengers trailer, you would know why fans are comical over the video clip. But for the unversed, Zendaya’s Challengers trailer includes a steamy scene where Zendaya’s character Tash Duncan shares a kiss with both her then-boyfriends Art and Patrick at the same time and in the same room. 

As the trailer video surprises fans with an estranged love triangle where none of the partner’s minds doing a threesome, it quickly led Zendaya’s fans to drop a flurry of memes on the internet and got some hilarious reactions to the video clip. While a fan of Zendaya’s boyfriend, Tom Holland, writes- Stay strong Tom, we are with you ❤️, a few others also says- 

Is this why Tom took a break from acting?😂 I would never do that to him. 

Another user writes-

Tom Holland leaving the cinema after seeing how Zendaya was moved for two hours

This movie definitely the real reason Tom is taking a ‘’break’’ from acting- writes another user.

Catching up on Tom’s reactions a user tweets- Tom when Zendaya gets home after a fierce back-and-front scene and then calls the same movie ‘’fun and sexy’’.

Another user tweets- Tom Holland gotta make a movie next with Florence Pugh and Hailee Steinfeld.

A Warner Bros presentation, Challengers movie hits theatres on 15th September 2023. Mark the date on your calendars and don’t forget to watch Zendaya’s flick in theatres this September. Who is ready to cheer for Team Tashi here? Drop your answers in the comments below and let us know what do you think about Zendaya’s next Challengers trailer. 

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