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Everything You Should Know About ‘You People’ Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and More

You People release date

Netflix has released the official trailer teaser of You People, and today we will disclose everything we know about the January 2023 film. Yes, the official footage of the rom-com has finally arrived online. It features a star-studded cast including Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Nia Long, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and many more. 

According to the You People trailer released on 5 December 2022, we will soon witness the directional debut of TV titan Kenya Barris. Yes, you read that right. Written by Kenya Barris and Jonah Hill, You People follows a new couple and their families reckoning with a modern-day love story amidst societal expectations and their age and cultural differences. What do you think will the couple be able to unite their families? 

You People Plot: What is the Netflix’s Buddy Comedy Film About? 

You People release date

You People movie is an upcoming American buddy comedy film about two people from different worlds going head over heels to have their families collide following their different societal expectations, age, and cultural differences. 


Simply reading about a love story tangled among the family’s disputes is quite easy, but in maximum scenarios, its’ almost a chaotic situation. On top of that, when you add the two involved families belong from two different worlds and have opposite perspectives on love, you will find yourself in a tight spot that results in nothing but laughter for those watching it live. Yes, and that’s what the Jonah Hill and Lauren London starrer, You People movie, is all about. 

It all starts when Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill) and Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) have their first cute modern-day meeting. One day, Ezra accidentally gets into Amira’s car, and the latter mistakes her for his driver, and the duo befriends each other immediately. After Ezra and Amira share a ride, they generate a liking for each other. 

Amira is on the seventh cloud when Ezra asks for a date. And while the pair spend quality time, they bond over their love for music and sneakers. The so-called friendly date turns into Ezra and Amira realizing they have found their soulmate in each other. Well, we wish the best for the new couple in town. Everything is so special. Now it’s time to bring the families together and exchange rings in their presence. But wait, do you think their families can get along post their cultural differences? Don’t worry; we don’t leave this to the readers to guess what happens ahead. 

Now arrives Ezra’s semi-Jewish and progressive family, Shelley (Julia Louis), Arnold (David Duchovny), and Amira Mohammed’s Muslim family Akbar (Eddie Murphy) and Fatima (Nia Long). Yes, yes, two swords in one sheath. 

Don’t be too anxious before they fight over their different opinions; there is something they can share common ground over and let everything go smoother. Guess what? Ok, so it’s their special ability to relentlessly poke their nose into their children’s lives and mess up everything. Now that’s more hilarious! It’s going to be one fun-filled ride for You People. Can you wait to see the film? Well, our feeling is mutual. So, want to know What Is the Release Date for You People 2023? Continue reading! 

What is the You People Release Date? Is You People Releasing on Streaming or in Theatres? 

You People release date

Kenya Barris and Jonah Hill have locked 27 January 2023 for the You People release date. The rom-com film will premiere on 27 January, Friday on Netflix. Fans rooting to watch the buddy comedy film will need a subscription package for the streaming platform. You can choose from many subscription plans starting from $99/-.

The streaming giant has yet to confirm whether a theatrical release will be given to the You People movie. As the You People trailer is a Netflix production, a theatrical release for the Jonah Hill and Lauren London starrer is difficult. 

Who Will Be The You People Cast? 

You People release date

We have all shared the details of the primary You People Cast featuring Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Eddie Murphie, Nia Long, Julia Louis, and David Duchovny as the new couples and their respective families. To get full information about the supporting You People cast, scroll down here: 

  1. Travis Bennett- Omar 
  2. Sam Jay – Sam Jay 
  3. Molly Gordan – Liza 
  4. Deon Cole – Demetrius 
  5. Andrea Savage- Becca 
  6. Elliott Gould – Mr. Greenbaum 
  7. Mike Epps- Uncle EJ 
  8. Rhea Perlman – Bubby 
  9. La La Anthony – Shaela 
  10. Yung Miami- Tiffany 
  11. Khadijah Haqq – Renee 
  12. Bryan Greenberg – Isaac 
  13. Jordan Firstman- Danny 
  14. Andrew Schulz- Cousin Avi 
  15. Emily Arlook – Kim Glassman 
  16. Matt Walsh – Don Wood
  17. Malik S – Patron 
  18. Kym Whitley- Aunt Nadine 
  19. Doris Hancox- Aunt Donna 
  20. Marla Gorlin – Mother 

Is There You People Trailer? 

Yes, an official You People trailer teaser will be released online on 5 December 2023, featuring Jonah Hill as Ezra and Lauren London as Amira Mohammed. Ezra shows his interest in marrying Amira only to get a wall of questions from her parents that leaves the former stumbling. Watch the You People trailer here: 

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