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Wonder Woman DC Themyscira Paradise Lost TV Show Announce by James Gunn

Wonder Woman

The Co-head of DC Studios, James Gunn, confirms a Wonder Woman prequel, Paradise Lost under DC’s new slate Gods and Monsters. According to the announcement, two films and two tv series would be scheduled each year. While series like Creatures Commando, Waller, or Lanterns are also on the radar, Paradise Lost has buzzed the most eyes. Why? The answer is straightforward; it’s a Wonder Woman prequel. Yes, you are reading that right. James and Peter kick development on a Wonder Woman prequel, which possibly might reveal the backstories of the Themyscira society. Isn’t that exciting? When asked to put more light on the Paradise Lost concept, James and Peter didn’t share in-depth details for their upcoming show but still were kind enough to hint about the Paradise Lost synopsis. If you are intrigued to know what the Paradise Lost tv show plot holds in store, keep reading here. 

What is the Expected Release Date for Wonder Woman Prequel Paradise Lost, Announced in 2023? 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman prequel is here. Sounds exciting right? We could not believe it, but James and Peter meant what they shared on Monday. They follow their long-time competitor Marvel Studios’ pattern to reach screens with two films and tv series every year. The new Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of DC studios have pulled their shocks well to link their movies and tv series content with one another, subsequently making an unending franchise. 

But with over 10 projects finalized for the next ten-year plan, we aren’t sure whether or not the production team can confirm early 2024 for the Paradise Lost release date.While the Batman Sequel and Superman: Legacy groups under the confirmed dates projects, Paradise Lost still longs for its OTT release. Contemplating the series has just kicked its development; we cannot hope to stream the HBO Max series within a year. However, as soon as we have any sources’ updates, we’ll keep you in the loop. 

Is the Wonder Woman Prequel Paradise Lost Same as the Game of Thrones Series? 

Wonder Woman

Describe as a James version of the Game of Thrones tv series, Paradise Lost brings back a medieval story of characters of the legendary Paradise Island, where our Wonder Woman was born. Ideating more about the HBO series, James stated- that Paradise Lost is a story of Paradise Island, usually known as Themyscira, which is the birthplace of Wonder Woman. So, the story is mostly as Game of Thrones of Westeros but with all of the inhabitants of Paradise Island’’.  

While Gunn chose to reveal less about the Paradise Universe, the creators of the show disclose Paradise Lost documents the political drama of the female Themyscira society, followed by bloodshed and dark powers. This means fans can expect major brawls between the women of the Themyscira society to seize their control over the island, and we may also learn how Antiope and Hippolyta came to rule. Although, unlike the Game of Thrones series, which mistreated its female characters throughout the eight long seasons, Paradise Lost seems fairer on the side. And because the HBO Max series is a female-led show, it will largely chronicle the different shades of its women. 

Will Gal Gadot Return as Wonder Woman in Paradise Lost Cast? 

Wonder Woman

No, there is no way we can see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman among the Paradise Lost castAs said, Paradise Lost is a prequel to the DC’s Wonder Woman; the story would open before the birth of Princess Dianna, played by Gal. So, until and unless Princess Dianna has a twin, we can’t hope to see her this time either. 

If you need answers for any returning cast members, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen may reprise their roles as the ultimate rulers for Themyscira, Antiope, and Hippolyta. Aside from the duo, we are clueless about who else can return in this story. Now that DC is pressured to cast new faces for Paradise Lost, they must fall for the safe choice. 

When Can You Watch the Paradise Lost TV Show Trailer? 

Watching the Paradise Lost trailer relies on when its creatives and production team complete filming on the script. Therefore, it’s hard to expect the trailer before early or mid-2024. A confirmation on the Paradise release date may help little to predict the trailer release; you can subscribe to the page to continue receiving the updates.  

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