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Who is Kara DC Supergirl Powers and Weaknesses Explained – Popgeek

Kara DC

The Co-heads of DC Production Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran, unveil their plan for Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow as part of the DC’s new slate Gods and Monsters. Ever since the filmmaker and producer duo announced the arrival of Supergirl in the DC Universe, it has intrigued fans about the film’s titular character Kara DC plans to continue their battle against Brigands. A Tom King creation Supergirl is one of the most anticipated DC movies featuring a superheroine who wants to become the hero of tomorrow. But this time, Supergirl is a little different. She is not the one whom you have thought to be. Neither is she kind nor rude. But exactly who is Kara? Is she the same person we saw in The Flash Super Bowl trailer? Yes, you are reading this right. 

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Recently on 13th February 2023, DC released the official trailer of Ezra Miller’s starrer movie The Flash. And while the timeline-spanning trailer saw the return of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batman, alongside Michael Shannon’s General Zod, it also gave us a closer look at Sasha Calle’s character Kara, who will Don Superman‘s iconic suit in his absence. Yeah  , that’s true. As The Flash trailer travels in the Man of Steel timeline, it suggests that our favourite Henry Cavill’s Superman is not there to protect the planet. So, instead of him, Kara, who is an imprisoned Kryptonian will help Barry Allen and Batman stop the villain. While this is not the first time a DC character is replacing Superman throughout the decades, Sasha Calle’s arrival as Supergirl will be something different to watch this time. 

As she develops a similar powerset and costume to the Man of Steel, it seems like Sasha Calle’s Kara DC character is a female counterpart of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Do you also feel so?  

Who is Kara DC The Flash Trailer Introduced Fans to? 

Kara DC

Unlike the old Supergirl version, who is Superman’s cousin and co-exists as the last children of Krypton in the DC universe, The Flash Supergirl Kara is an imprisoned Kryptonian who comes from an alternate universe to fight General Zod and helps Barry Allen and Batman protect Earth. As she appears in The Flash Super Bowl trailer, Barry Allen says it’s not Clark, which suggests that Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel doesn’t exist in The Flash Universe or possibly he is dead. Interestingly Sasha Calle’s Kara DC character looks much similar to Henry Cavill’s Batman, so it’s precise this supergirl is related to superman, but exactly how is not certain yet. And what intrigues us most is her appearance, which is completely different from what we have read about Kara Zor El in DC comics.

As one would expect a Supergirl to don a skirt with her superhero suit, Sasha Calle’s Kara takes a tomboy approach. Hey, don’t you also think that Sasha Calle’s Kara in The Flash movie trailer is much similar to Injustice Universe’s Lara Lane Kent, who is the super-powered daughter of Superman and Lois Lane? The Flash movie trailer, which teases a glimpse of Sasha Calle’s Kara DC character, is an alternate version of Supergirl Kara Zor-El who will don Henry Cavill’s Supergirl suit and might even replace him in the Man of Steel timeline. 

Who is Kara in DC Comics Story? 

Kara DC

There have been several times DC comics have updated the Supergirl characteristics throughout the decades. But despite her origin story being modified repeatedly, the basic concept has remained the same over the years. In fact, we know she is the daughter of Zor-El and his wife, Alura In-Ze. Kara Zor-El real name Kara was sent to Earth after Krypton was destructed, and now she is growing up in Argo city after her father saves him from the destruction on their home planet. Unfortunately, when the city of Argo also collapses thoroughly, her father is left with no choice but to send her away to protect the last survivor of Krypton to death. 

Who is More Powerful, Supergirl, Kara or Superman? 

Kara DC

As said, the Supergirl DC introduces us to the same powerset as Superman; deciding who among both is more powerful is slightly hard. But we can get it easier. The DC Supergirl has the same super speed, superpower, X-ray vision, heat vision, flight, and strength as his cousin. And the same way, the Krypton children share the same powers and strengths but have similar weaknesses. The pair is one of the strongest superhero duos of the DC universe, but like one has to take the upper hand, our Supergirl has an added benefit in her lower-self-restraint. As witnesses over the years, wonder girl, we mean the Supergirl, has survived nuclear blasts and successfully transformed into a red lantern; it’s quite precise she can take the world by storm with her strengths. Even The Flash movie trailer suggests that Sasha Calle’s Kara DC Supergirl is stronger than her comic book story illustrates; possibilities are higher she can even beat the powerhouse Henry Cavill’s Superman’s power in the future. Well, let’s hope so. 

What does Kara DC Character Have to do With The Flash Story? 

Kara DC

The Flash movie trailer featuring Kara shows her few shorts where she enters the screens in a quite poor physical state. Given that Andy Muschietti’s Ezra Miller starrer The Flash is adapting various elements from DC’s Flashpoint storyline, possibilities are higher that Sasha Calle’s Supergirl may suffer the same fate as Kal-El faced during Project Superman. In The Flash universe, General Zod is seizing control over earth, and Kara is held captive; Barry Allen may be her savior who’ll help her escape the prison and help him save earth from being devastated. Sasha Calle’s arrival as the female counterpart of Superman would make her one of the most powerful superheroes of DC; the production studios’ new slate project Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow may begin in a different universe, so chances are low we can see Sasha Calle as the Supergirl in the James Gunn movie recently announced. Well, let’s hope for the best. 

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