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Where Game of Thrones Filmed its Medieval Fantasy World? – Popgeek

where game of thrones filmed

Are you also searching where Game of Thrones filmed its eight long seasons? If yes, you are at the right place. More than three years have passed since Game of Thrones last aired in 2019. It’s 2023, and we are still not over the visuals we saw onscreen. Game of Thrones is a true epitome of a distinctive modern pop culture explored throughout its eight classic seasons. One of the best television medieval fantasy, Game of Thrones, quickly became famous when it first premiered in 2011. 

We still could not believe that the epic character stories, the white walkers, and the giant dragons all exist in a fantasy world. But on the one hand, where the dragons were the creation of Belfast Studio, most of its mind-boggling sequences were shot in real-life places. Yes, you are reading that right. The heart-throbbing landscapes of Westeros do exist on the globe. While it may surprise you, here we have the details of a few top locations Miguel Saponchnik and other directors explored filming the eight GOT seasons. 

Where Game of Thrones Filmed its Iron Island? 

where game of thrones filmed

Do you remember the scene when Theon returned to Iron Island in the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 2? Do you know where it was shot? It’s the Ballintoy Harbor in Northern Ireland. The rough seaside cliffs and ocean spray at Ballintoy were one of the major game of thrones season 2 filming locations. That’s true. A BBC report suggests that directors David Petrarca and David Nutter used the Ballintory Harbor for all their Iron Islands sequences. 

Where was Game of Thrones Filmed King’s Landing? 

where game of thrones filmed

The king’s landing in Game of Thrones was the major spot to see the dirtiest political game, bloodshed, and the epic Battle of Blackwater in Westeros. Questioning where Game of Thrones filmed King’s landing, the HBO series actor Conleth Hill once answered it was Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia, we explored to shoot the show’s exterior shots. The interior, King’s Landing road, and King’s Landing gate were shot in North Iceland and Malta, respectively. 

Where Game of Thrones Filmed its Other Sequences and What Country is Game of Thrones set in? 

where game of thrones filmed

While we all know Westeros, which witnessed the epic stories of Game of Thrones, is only a fantasy world, its shots are real-life places. So far, we have covered Iron Iceland and the most hyped King’s landing real-life places; we still have many locations to discover where the HBO series caught stunning visuals on-screen. For example, the Dragonstone, one of the most important locations of season seven, was filmed in Downhill Strand in Country Derry, Ireland. The serene beach is home to various pivotal Game of Thrones scenes. The Burning of the Seven, the debut of Stannis Baratheon, and the location where Danny visits home to perch in the seventh season. The beach sequences featuring the cave and footbridge were shot at Itzrun Beach in Northern Spain’s Zumaia and Muriola Beach near Barrika. And what’s the best part here is that you can visit both spots on one trip only. Sounds good? 

Do you have an idea where Game of Thrones filmed its sixth season? The straight answer is Tower of Joy- Castle of Zafra, Spain. The ancient heritage is a 20th-century castle, introduced in the sixth season of the HBO series Game of Thrones. According to season 6 director Jeremy Podeswa, the production team required a remote location far from habitation. While they researched and tested different venues, the Tower of Joy and the Castle of Zafra were well-versed in the frame to shoot the birth of Jon Snow.   

Similar to the vision is another real-life location, Beyond the Wall. This is the place, Game of Thrones explored for White Walkers. Beyond the Wall is the second largest glacier in Europe, which fans believe is the only place that seems haunted in the show. 

Where Did the Filming For House of Black & White Took Place? 

where game of thrones filmed

Do you remember where Game of Thrones filmed Arya’s time in Braavos? Those were the heart-wrenching moments of Westeros. We still remember one of the greatest episodes from the fifth season, House of Black & White. Despite the plotline remaining slow in the episode, the visuals held us captive on screens. The House of Black & White was built on the sound stage. While the interiors were shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the exteriors covered Braavos Sibenik, Croatia.

Are you wondering why we haven’t mentioned anything specific about season 1? Well, it’s no secret, but we talked to them about our fascination for King’s landing and white walkers earlier. Ok, way back to season 1, do you recognize the wedding of Daenerys and Khal Drogo? If you remember, know that the no so lavish wedding took place in Azure Window in Malta. Also known as the Dwejra Window, the tourist attraction is a 28-meter-tall natural arch on the Island of Gozo. 

One of our favorite Game of Thrones places was the Tollymore Forest Park in Northern Ireland. The dense green forest was the first state forest of Northern Ireland, located near Bryansford Road, Newcastle. The adventurous spot filmed the scene where the Stark boys discover a litter of dire wolf puppies. Initially, the children only found five puppies, but later, Jon Snow discovered the albino runt of the litter and claimed his right to him. Ok, the cute pets melted our hearts, but what amazed us most in the frame was only the lush greenery we were planning to vacation in its woods. 

What happened then was the sexiest scene of Game of Thrones when we finally got the reality check that Jon Snow is fat-headed when he shared an intimate time with her partner Ygritte filmed inside a lava cave in Grjotagja, Iceland. That one sequence gave us enough theory about Jon Snow, who is less aware of certain things, in fact, completely unaware. 

So, we have discussed the place where Game of Thrones filmed the most heart-wrenching scenes of its medieval political story. Which among these places will make it to your bucket list if asked to name one? Hope you have enjoyed today’s spoiler. Suppose you have any queries feel free to contact the team or drop a comment below. 

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