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When is Emily in Paris Season 3 Releasing?

Emily in Paris season 3

Netflix’s original series Emily in Paris to revive for another season Emily in Paris season 3 to come next month on the streaming platform. And guess what? Lilly Collins is back as Emily Cooper to continue her life in Paris again. So, what’s now destiny have in store for Emily? Well, we will see once the series streams on Netflix.

When Emily in Paris season 1 streamed on Netflix, it hooked the viewer’s eyes. After all, the story of an American woman is what we have all wanted to see for so long. Netflix has released a teaser on the escapist romantic comedy at its TUDUM event on 24th September.

The video clip presents Emily at a juncture and confused about choosing the right path between her love life and professional life. In the third season of Emily in Paris, the escapist must figure out what picking anyone out of her love life, and career would mean to her? Will her decision lead to another big trouble while continuing her adventurous lifestyle?

On the one hand, where Emily in Paris season 2 hinted that she would leave the city of love, the Emily in Paris season 3 teaser suggested her enjoying herself with her friend Ashley in Paris. After that, we are also introduced to Emily’s British boyfriend, Alfie, who she is dating now. So, does this mean Emily would probably choose her love life over her career? Read the complete article to know more about Emily in Paris season 3 release date 2022, trailer, cast, plot, and more.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date 2022- When will the Romantic Comedy Stream on Netflix?

Emily in Paris season 3

Emily in Paris season 3 release date 2022 is confirmed by Netflix in its TUDUM event. Per the streaming platform, the romantic comedy series will air on 21st December 2022, four days before Christmas. You can say it’s pre-Christmas gift from our adorable Emily. The series began production in June 2022 and concluded in September 2022. After that, we shared the official teaser on 24th September.

Concerning the total episodes of Emily in Paris season 3, the show might run ten episodes as its previous two seasons also did the same.

And, as far as the show’s runtime is concerned, it may range between 28-34 minutes. Although, such news has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. These are just estimations made from the reference to the show’s past two seasons. Thus, we’ll have to wait for Netflix’s announcement to put the stamp on the news.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Plot- What is the Romantic Comedy About? 

Emily in Paris season 3

To date, Netflix hasn’t unveiled the official synopsis of Emily in Paris season 3 plot. However, we do have some information about the show’s storyline. The second season of Emily in Paris ended on a cliffhanger. With the third season to revive next month, we may see Emily puzzled about choosing between her love life and career. If she chooses her job, possibilities are she would get a promotion from her boss Sylvie Grateau.

On the other side, her romantic relationship with her British boyfriend Alfie grows deeper daily. Emily’s friendship with Ashley is also a significant part of the new story. So, is there any chance of a love triangle forming among these three? Hmm! I guess we should all root for 21st December to answer our questions.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Cast – Who Are the Returning and New Characters of the Show? 

Emily in Paris season 3

Emily in Paris season 3 cast features Lilly Colin’s return in her titular role of Emily Cooper. The other cast includes- Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Mindy as Ashley Park, Camille Razat as Camille, Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Bruno Journey as Luc, Lucian Lavuscount as Alfie, and last but not least, Samuel Arnold as Julian. All these are just a few names; a few more fresh faces will join the third season of Emily in Paris. But their names aren’t disclosed yet.

Is the Emily in Paris Season 3 Trailer Released? 

Emily in Paris season 3

The official Emily in Paris season 3 trailer has yet to be released. And we have already discussed the official teaser Netflix released two months ago. So, it’s just a matter of time to see the official trailer now and get more insights into the series.

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