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What is Kevin Hart Net Worth in 2023? How Much Does the Central Intelligence Actor Earn Annually? – Popgeek

Kevin Hart Net Worth
Popgeek Podcast
Popgeek Podcast
What is Kevin Hart Net Worth in 2023? How Much Does the Central Intelligence Actor Earn Annually? – Popgeek

Our celebrity gossip is never-ending. Whenever we receive any fan’s query about any Hollywood actor, we think to answer it without breaks. Yes, sharing the juiciest information about our favorite Hollywood personalities is something that keeps going. And guess which personality is on our radar today? Well, it’s no other, but Central Intelligence actor Kevin Hart made it to our top celebrities list. Yes, you are reading that right. The article today will answer all questions surrounding What is Kevin Hart net worth? How much does the Central Intelligence actor make annually, and so on? Are you excited? So are we. Ok then, let’s get back to the discussion now.

Kevin Hart is an American actor and comedian mainly known for his appearance in Central Intelligence, where he was paired with Dwayne Johnson only to garner love from the audience. He was born on 6th July 1979 in Philadelphia, United States. He is an amazing stand-up comedian and actor who fills the room with laughter with his extraordinary humor and the acting skills he puts on stage. Kevin is also a Lionsgate partner who launched a Laugh Out Loud campaign earlier. He began his career by participating in and winning various comedy competitions in New England.

What is Kevin Hart Net Worth Today?

Kevin Hart net worth

Estimates show Kevin Hart net worth sums up to $500 million. He is among the highest-paid entertainers who made $90 million from his films and other business endeavors between 2015 and 2016. Yeah, we know that’s one surprising amount. However, there is more to get surprised by. Between 2016 and 2019, Kevin made $120 million from film and business ventures. And the very next year, he earned around $41. Kevin’s new media venture Hart-beat made $100 million in 2022, significantly adding to his annual net worth. 

Speaking about Kevin Hart’s income from movies, the Jumanji actor has earned serious cash from his big-screen performances.

Kevin Hart salary per movie varies based on how big or small a role he plays for a specific movie. For in one of his most popular movies Central Intelligence where Kevin earned was featured alongside Dwayne Johnson, he earned around $87 million. Similarly, for his comedy adventure drama Jumanji: The Next Level, Kevin Hart made up to $30 million, whereas his friend and co-star Dwyane Johnson earned up to $23.5 million.

What else about Kevin Hart income? Well, this is just the beginning. Kevin, best known for his nonstop punch lines, has earned $1 million for his live stand-up performances. Although, it’s still not certain exactly how Kevin spends those earnings throughout a given year.

Do you want to know how much Kevin Hart net worth grew over the years? Read the description below-

YearsNet Worth
Kevin Hart Net Worth 2023  $500 Million
Kevin Hart Net Worth 2022  $450 Million
Kevin Hart Net Worth 2021  $420 Million
Kevin Hart Net Worth 2020  $390 Million
Kevin Hart Net Worth 2019  $360 Million

Early Life of Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart net worth

Kevin is one of the most beloved personalities in the stars and story world. He is 43 years old and celebrates his birthday on the 6th of July every year. Kevin has one younger brother Robert Hart and is survived by their mother, Nancy. She was the family’s only breadwinner while Kevin and Hart were kids, as Kevin’s father, a hardcore cocaine addict, used to be in and out of prison during the Hart brothers’ childhood. To earn the survival of the three, Kevin’s mother, Nancy, worked as a systems analyst for the University of Pennsylvania but unfortunately died from cancer in 2006.

Speaking about Kevin Hart’s education, the Central Intelligence actor completed his graduation from George Washington High School. Thereby, Kevin enrolled in the Community of Philadelphia but dropped out shortly and shifted to the Boston Area of New York to take some odd jobs, primarily as a shoe salesman, to share his family bills.

Career of Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart net worth

Kevin Hart began his career as a stand-up comedian, winning various comedy competitions in New England. The Laff House in Philadelphia was where Kevin Hart performed his first gig and filled the room with laughter with his sense of humor and witty punchlines. However, he could not gain any positive response for his acts. He attempted to imitate popular comedian Chris Tucker, but all his efforts were in vain. As soon as Kevin realized none of his efforts were paying well to him, he revised his strategies. He started doing comedy tours in 2009, including I’M a Grown Little Man, Seriously Funny, Laugh at My Pain, and Let Me Explain.

His 2015’s What Now? Universal Pictures even gave a comedy tour a theatrical release, and since then, Kevin has never stopped and reached new heights in his career. His initial two comedy tours, namely I’m a Grown Little Man and Seriously Funny, brought him limelight in such a way that Kevin ended up grabbing significant roles in various well-known film projects. This included his The 40-Year Old Virgin, Soul Plane, Little Flockers, Jumanji Franchise, Die Hart, Central Intelligence, and The Secret Life of Pets. If reports are to be believed, Kevin Hart movies have even made around $1.3 Billion at the global box office tables, which has significantly boosted Kevin Hart’s net worth.

Speaking about Kevin Hart’s business ventures, his 2019’s underwear line he started alongside Tommy John also helps him make passive income for his living. Moreover, Kevin also owns a comedy streaming service called Laugh Out Loud, which generates unlimited views from the network’s video shows. He also partners with re-known brands like Mountain Dew, Samsung, Wrangler, and AT&T.

The comedy tours he is widely known for earn him around $70 million annually. What else? Kevin’s Hartbeat Production, launched in 2009, is also a major source of his income and produces various films, radio, television, and comedy projects in a year.

Personal Life of Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart net worth

In 2003 Kevin got wed popular comedian Torrei Hart and fathered two children in the marriage eventually broke in 2010. And despite the couple finalized their divorce citing irreconcilable differences, they share joint custody of their 18 year-oldaughter Heaven Leigh and 16-year-old son Hendrix Hart.

Hart found his lady love again in Eniko Parrish and married her in Santa Barbara on 13th August 2016. A year after, Eniko gave birth to Hart’s son Kenzo Kash and, in 2020, to a daughter Kaori Mai.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does Kevin Hart lives currently?

Kevin Hart owns a lavish mansion in Calabasas, California. He purchased the undeveloped land of his primary residence for $1.35 million in 2015 and held almost two years to build his swine home on the property. He lives with his family in a Spanish-style villa currently.

2. How tall is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart has a good physique and is 5 ft. and 4 inches tall.

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