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What is Ana De Armas Net Worth, Age, and Relationship Status as of 2023? – Popgeek

Ana De Armas is a Cuban Spanish Actress and is frequently making headlines for her most recent appearance in the romantic-comedy adventure film Ghosted. Ana starred as Sadie Rhodes alongside Chris Evans, who played Cole Turner in the Dexter Fletcher movie. While the duo’s unique chemistry in the film quickly became the talk of the town, it was mainly Ana’s performance that captured the audience’s attention. Ever since she essayed Sadie in Ghosted, a flurry of queries about her are storming on the internet, whether it’s about Ana De Armas net worth, her age, income, relationship status, or all the movies she has done so far. If you want to catch up on all such deets about the Spanish actress, continue reading ahead. 

Ana De Armas made her acting debut with 2006’s film Una Rosa De Francia. Thereby, between 2007-2010 she appeared in the television show EI Internado. Ana always had a restlessness for acting since she was 12, realizing that she enrolled herself at the National Theatre School of Cuba and brushed up her acting skills at the institute. 

On her journey to become a talented actress in the world and earn a reputed position among the stars, Ana also did various Hollywood films, including Knock Knock, Exposed, Knives Out, Ghosted, and much more. At present, Ana De Armas net worth is estimated to be $4 million, which is now expected to grow in years ahead, considering that Ana has become one of the on-demand actors in the industry. 

What is Ana De Armas Net Worth in 2023? 

ana de armas net worth

As said, Ana De Armas net worth is $4 million as of 2023; it is highly expected that the Spanish actress will grow her income in the upcoming period following her high demand among moviegoers and filmmakers. Although, if you want to glimpse how much money Ana De Armas made in previous years, catch the details in the table below. 

Ana De Armas Net Worth in Previous YearsAna De Armas Net Worth in Amount
Net worth in 2023$4 Million
Net worth in 2022$4 Million
Net Worth in 2021$3.8 Million
Net Worth in 2020$3.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$3.2 Million

Early Life of Ana De Armas- Who are Ana De Armas’s Parents? 

Ana De Armas was born on 30th April 1988, in Havana. While her parents, Ramon and Ana, brought her up in Santa Cruz Del Norte, they managed to earn a living and fulfill their child’s dream together. On the one hand, Ana’s father, Ramon, took various jobs as a bank manager, school principal, teacher, and her mother, Ana, served as a Human Resource Department Employee at the Ministry of Education in the city. While being a resident of Cuba, Ana successfully did her acting debut with Manuel Gutierrez Aragon’s film Una Rosa De Francia. 

ana de armas all movies list

But to our surprise, Ana holds citizenship in three different countries. As Ana took birth in Cuba, she is a Cuban citizen. Similarly, her grandfather was a native of Spain, so she is a Spanish girl as well, and since she moved to America to explore her acting skills in Hollywood, she also holds American citizenship. 

Anna De Armas All Movies List and TV Shows 

Ana De Armas is a rising star in the entertainment industry known for her roles in movies and television shows. In 2015, Ana moved to Hollywood to earn a name in the world’s biggest entertainment spaces. She made her Hollywood debut in Knock Knock starring opposite Keanu Reeves. A year later, in 2016, she starred in Exposed, produced by Keanu Reeves. The same year, she became a part of Hands of Stone playing the role of Felicidad Iglesias and War Dogs as Iz, who was the love interest of Miles Teller’s character. 

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Moving on in 2017, Ana De Armas played the role of Joi, a holographic companion to Ryan Gosling’s character in Blade Runner 2049, and attained global recognition. Her breakthrough projects came out when Ana De Armas starred in 2019’s Knives Out playing Marta Cabrera, a nurse who gets embroiled in a murder investigation of a wealthy family. Ana’s performance in Knives Out ended her being nominated for Golden Globes Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical Category. 

ana de armas age

In 2021, Ana essayed the role of Paloma, a CIA agent who assisted James Bond’s character in the mission. Undoubtedly, Ana’s role was rightly accepted by the audience and also did well with the film critics. Other films which saw good work by Ana De Armas were 2019’s The Informer, 2020’s Sergio, The Night Clerk, and 2019’s Wasp Network. Here is a comprehensive look at Ana De Armas all movies list; the Spanish actress has appeared in- 

  1. 2006- Una Rosa De Francia
  2. 2007- Madrigal 
  3. 2009- Mentiras y Gordas 
  4. 2014- Por Un Punado De Besos 
  5. 2015- Anabel 
  6. 2015- Knock Knock 
  7. 2016- Exposed 
  8. 2016- Hands of Stone 
  9. 2016- War Dogs 
  10. 2017- Blade Runner 2049 
  11. 2017- Overdrive 
  12. 2017- The Blade of Don Juan 
  13. 2019- Yesterday 
  14. 2019- The Informer  
  15. 2019- Wasp Network 
  16. 2019- Knives Out 
  17. 2020- Sergio 
  18. 2020- The Night Clerk 
  19. 2021- No Time to Die 
  20. 2022- Deep Water 
  21. 2022- The Gray Man 
  22. 2022- Blonde 
  23. 2023- Ghosted 

Ana De Armas TV Shows 

Ana made her television debut with 2007’s El Internado and played the role of Carolina Leal in the Spanish mystery drama for continuous three years. Between 2010 and 2012, she played the role of Nerea in the Spanish tv series Hispania La Leyenda based on the Roman Empire. And between 2014-2015, she essayed the role of Vanessa’s friend in John Logan’s Penny Dreadful. 

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Personal Life of Ana De Armas 

Ana de Armas was wed to Spanish actor Marc Clotet in 2011, whom she met on her debut tv show El Internado, Although their marriage didn’t last long and was called off two years later following irreconcilable differences between the pair. 

ana de armas income

After that, Ana De Armas dated an American talent agent Franklin Latt but soon broke up with him. In 2015, Ana’s dating rumors with director David Victori spread like fire in the town, but the pair never confirmed their relationship. 

In 2016, Ana indulged in a serious relationship with Edgar Wright but announced their split in 2018. In 2020, the Deep-Water actress shared a romantic relationship with none other but Ben Affleck, who confirmed their relationship by sharing photos on social media. 

But similar to Ana’s previous relationship, his relationship with Ben Affleck ended a year later, in 2021. At present, Anna’s dating rumor with Tinder Executive Paul Boukadakis is making headlines everywhere on the internet, but no such confirmation by either has been given to date. 

Ana De Armas Social Media 

ana de armas social media 

Ana De Armas remains quite active on her social media handles. She holds a verified Instagram account with 10.8 million followers, with whom she shares photos and videos of her personal life and interesting updates about her work. Besides this, she also has a verified Twitter account with over 66.2k followers, sharing similar updates about her reel and real life. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ana De Armas 

  • How old is Ana de Armas?

Ana De Armas age is 35 years as of 2023. 

  • What language does Ana de Armas often speak? 

Ana De Armas speaks both Spanish and English language. 

  • Who is Ana De Armas Husband? 

Ana De Armas was previously wed to Marc Clotet, but the couple divorced in 2013. Ana De Armas is reportedly dating Paul Boukadakis, but she is not married to him. 

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