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What Happened in The Last of Us Episode 1 Recap?

The Last of Us Episode 1 recap
Series NameThe Last of Us (2023)
Streaming PlatformHBO and Sky Atlantic and other regional providers
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
StarsPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna
CreatorsNeil Druckmann, Craig Mazin
Total Episodes9
Episode Released1
Episode 1 NameWhen You’re Lost in the Darkness
Episode Release DayUS- Sunday, India- Monday

The HBO Series The Last of Us Episode 1 recap is finally here. HBO 2023’s television series The Last of Us is an adaptation of the 2013 video adventure game of the same name played from a third-person perspective. One of the best games ever, the 2013’s The Last of Us featured players controlling a smuggler, Joel, assigned to escort a young girl Ellie, who indulged in competitive gameplay. The video adventure game garnered all praise from critics, calling it a kind of show they have watched online. 

With HBO premiering a nine-episode-long television series based on the video adventure game, the stakes are believed to get much higher this time. While some familiar The Last of Us cast have returned to help the concept, we know it’s Joel who’ll save the days for the show. Do you want to know what happened in The Last of Us Episode 1 recap currently premiering on HBO and Sky Atlantic? If you answer yes, we have some crazy spoilers for you. Don’t skip anywhere, as we are taking you to meet Joel and his family struggling in Austin, Texas. 

The Last of Us Episode 1 Recap – An Even-Odd Birthday? 

The Last of Us Episode 1 recap

It’s 2003. You are welcomed to the dangerous world of Joel. A promising father is bending over backward to earn the best lifestyle for his daughter Sarah. While Sarah, Tommy (Joel’s younger brother), and Joel share Joel’s birthday breakfast, the latter informs his daughter about the double shifts he has for the day. Joel has promised to return home by 9 with a delicious cake. 

A radio informs us about the mishaps in Jakarta, and just before Joel, Sarah, and Tommy drive their way, Sarah steals cash from his father’s pocket to gift him something on his 36th birthday. In a turn of events, we’re introduced to Miller’s neighbor. Here, Sarah has promised to meet them after coming back from school. No wonder why. 

Next, The Last of Us episode 1 takes us to a jewelry store; Sarah visits to repair his father Joe’s watch. 

Joel returns home and promises again to bring cake the next day while Sarah gifts him his repaired watch. She confesses to Joel about the cash she stole in the morning, but the former isn’t upset with her. At night, a prisoned Tommy calls his elder brother Tommy to bail him out for the bar fight he took hours before. After Joel puts Sarah to sleep, he sets out to take his brother out of jail. 

A Long Trail of Blood 

The Last of Us Episode 1 recap

It’s almost three hours. Joel and Tommy haven’t returned home. Sarah, alone at her house, wakes up at the sounds of gunshots, helicopters, bombs, and car alarms. News on the television instructs people to stay indoors. Innocent Sarah steps out to find out what’s happening in her nearby areas. She is shocked to see a woman who uses a wheelchair attacking her neighbor, resulting in her being covered in blood. The woman who has seen Sarah witnessing the murder chases her way. Before all breaks of hell could lose, Joel and Tommy arrive on time to save Sarah. Escaping the consequences, Sarah, Joel, and Tommy get into their pickup truck to find the light. The whole scenario results in increased concern for Sarah, who is scared to see more police than usual on the roads. Ok, everything is horrible at The Last of Us episode 1 recap.  

As the trio leaves, Tommy informs Sarah about a zombie outbreak in Austin, Texas, but the virus doesn’t infect them. On their way, Tommy slows down the car seeing a family’s broken car on the road. However, Joel instructs his younger brother to keep going as someone else will help them. Moving ahead, they see low-flying airplanes in the sky, one massively exploding on the streets. Joel, Sarah, and Tommy’s car is all upside down after the crash.

After the three regain consciousness, Joel picks up her daughter Sarah while a soldier instructed to shoot chases them. Tommy returns to the frame, but it’s sad news. Sarah has passed away. 

20 Years Later!

The Last of Us Episode 1 recap

The Last of Us episode 1 recap takes a 20-year leap to Boston. It’s 2023. The authorities take an infected kid roaming in Boston. Joel, who now works for burning bodies, picks the kid. We are introduced to a woman scrambling out of a building after it explodes. Misunderstanding the latter as a firefly, the soldiers take her away.

On the other side, Joel continues his search for his younger brother Tommy he lost 20 years before. Joel, an alcoholia, reunites with Jess, who informs him they need to find Robert to trace Tommy. 

Ellie, another new character in the story, is locked by Marlene and other fireflies. While Marlene uncuffs Ellie and hands over her bag, a furious Ellie calls her a terrorist. All pieces in The Last of Us episode 1 recap fall in one place when Joel and Jess rush towards Ellie and Marlene during their quest to discover Robert, who is subsequently lying dead on the floor. 

Marlene states that Joel and Jess can take Ellie from the city while she promises the duo to hand over all the car batteries and guns they need for their mission. While Joe agrees for Marlene, he is soon spotted by the soldiers. And suddenly, when a guy points out a gun at the back, he gets a flashback of the moments he lost her daughter Sarah. Moving ahead, as they crawl into the city, they see a person of unusually small stature stuck into the sky, building mysteries for their way ahead. 

So, the Last of Us episode 1 recap gave a good start to the HBO series. So, its’ more dark twists. What should we expect next from ‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 2 and see whether the adventurous action series manages to pick up the same level as its first episode. 

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