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Wednesday Netflix Series Brings a World of Possibilities

Wednesday Netflix review cast

Wednesday Netflix review cast releases on 23 November 2022 with a bang. Not only is the series receiving appreciation from the fans, but it also does emerge as the most-watched English series of the week. What’s more, the epic storyline of the movie has also surpassed the season of Stranger Things, subject to its views.

Wednesday is a high school drama about some teenagers with supernatural powers. It is a kooky-spooky drop that is equally acclaimed by viewers and critics. On the one hand, the series has earned a considerable fanbase; on the other, it has faced some backlash too. The series is also believed to imitate the vibes of the 90’s Addams Family films. As Veronica Mars arrives at the all-ghouls school, some quirky teenagers leave no stone unturned to create a melodrama at the situation. From the dramatic plot and charmful characters to cliffhanger endings, catch Popgeek’s Wednesday Netflix review cast here.

Wednesday Netflix Review- A Kooky Spooky Series 

Wednesday Netflix review cast

I could notice the best thing about Netflix’s Wednesday series is the aesthetic vibes it brings of those of 90’s Addams Family Films. Don’t you also like it either? The show has gone as deadly as a nail gun with its episodes. And fortunately, the Wednesday Netflix series has its triumph card Jenna Ortega who is seen as the best match to Ricci, with Miss Thornhill giving her blessings as well. Doesn’t that sound good? While she embarks on her journey to grow ahead, she encounters many significant challenges her predecessor hasn’t faced.


The spinoff to The Addams Family brings a devious charming world. The comic timing is just on point bringing ease to a problematic situation. The Wednesday plot showed no surprise by emphasizing the family’s daughter and settling a bizarre universe. The series kicks off with Wednesday’s transfer to the Nevermore Academy post an incident of bullying takes place around. They misunderstood that transferring their child Wednesday to another academy would resolve everything. Well, this was just the trailer; the picture remains.

This time the place, aka the school Wednesday, has entered has dark flavours of werewolves, gorgons, vampires etc. The so-called learning place boasts a hammering world of possibilities. I was wondering who? Well, it’s the shapeshifting teachers who have surprised us the most. But who could expect a love triangle right? Whether to believe it or not, it does exist in the story. Wait, did you notice the sequences filled with murder attempts?

The cherry on the top is the direction of Tom Burton, whose vision makes Wednesday a binge-worthy show. The Wednesday Netflix director centred a painful past of the Native Americans and Pilgrims. Speaking about the cast of Wednesday, I feel Wednesday’s father, Gomez, has delivered a perfect blend of an ancestral and modern culture. In the series, he acts as a Mexican immigrant who introduces the viewers to Goody Addams- an establisher of the society.

It was in 1600 when Goody began the society to safeguard her people and community from the evil intentions of Joseph Crackstone. Joseph discovered Jericho, and the building is now adjacent to the Nevermore Academy. Over the years, tolerance may have become a habit for people living in the town, but bigotry opposing the exiles is still perpendicular.

Suddenly one day, when a strange monster attempts to murder in the Nevermore Academy, Wednesday’s sense of responsibility and her being aware of her past leads her to turn into a detective for good.

The Weak Characterization of Wednesday 

Wednesday Netflix review cast

The Wednesday Netflix plot attempts to build and reveal several mysteries over its eight episodic series. Besides the strange monster, Wednesday’s repeated visions also create tensions in the melodrama. Do those visions hint at Wednesday of the future? Yeah, they precisely do. In addition, there are some dark secrets Wednesday’s parents seem to be hiding from her. If you are curious, why watch the drama streaming on Netflix?

Jenna Ortega, as Wednesday, has showered her total energy in the eight episodes to give us the vibes of suspense. And no doubt, those effortless expressions have successfully kept us guessing until the last episode. Good Job, Jenn Ortega!

But hooking the viewers throughout the series wasn’t that easy for Jenna. It all began the series showing her weak characterization. But somewhere, I also feel her inexhaustible sarcasm and shrewdness have failed her to be a protagonist I should root for. Comment if you agree with me.

Despite the series offering us a continuous narration of her thoughts, Wednesday has let me down in connecting the strings of her emotional turmoil. This includes her complicated relationship with her mother and the two boys who like her.

The Wednesday Netflix trailer brought us a rebellious Wednesday who continuously refuses to reside with her mother. Things get worse when the hatchet of Wednesday and her mother are buried. Later we are driven to several repeated and unnecessary conversations between Wednesday and the two boys chasing her. Did you see any friendly character in the series, or should we take a unique lens for it?

Final Verdict 

Wednesday Netflix review cast

Overall, in the Netflix series Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega in the titular role, the suspense takes too long to reveal the mystery in its eight episodic series. While we expect the climax to answer many of our questions, like how the antagonist brought up a dead guy when it was told no one could raise a dead guy? Anyways I am disappointed with what I was expecting from the climax to emphasize more on answering the questions rather than throwing them on us directly. While the series popped many questions into our minds, not even a single episode interested us. But did you also notice the hint of its second season, given in the finale episode? If not, check out the series right now. If season 2 has t arrive on Netflix, I only expect to unveil the mystery this time.

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