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Vanna White’s Net Worth: Insights Into the Wheel of Fortune Hosts’ Earnings!

All types of jobs in the world that requires smart work and dedication deserve appreciation. But there is one job that specifically requires everyone’s attention hosting. Hosting is one of the toughest jobs in the world that brings out a person’s empathic, organizational, humorous, and detail orientation skills simultaneously. 

Hosting is literally a job for many but a passion for rare. One of those rare individuals is Vanna White, who has been hosting the popular game show Wheel of Fortune for 40 continuous years. Yes, that’s an extended period. Vanna White is an American television personality and game show hostess who started her career in 1978, competing in Miss Georgia USA. 

vanna white's net worth

She is one of the finest talents in the industry and has also tested her acting skills by appearing in a few films and television series. These were Fresh off the Boat, King of Queens, Just Shoot Me, Full House, and more. 

Currently, when rumors about Vanna White leaving her 40-year-old long-running show began circulating online, many of her fans were quick to leave more queries about her. Vanna White’s net worth was the most asked question on the internet. And to satisfy your curiosity, we are delving deeper into the earnings of Wheel of Fortune host today. 

Vanna White’s Net Worth 

 Vanna White has appeared in various films and television shows. She has been hosting the popular game show Wheel of Fortune for 40 years, and with every new season, her energy is only leveling up. She is still appearing in Wheel of Fortune (temporarily taking a break from the show’s few episodes). 

Vanna shoots for Wheel of Fortune only four days a month, giving her enough time to look after her other interests, including building a wealthy real estate portfolio and guest appearing on television shows. 

The 66-year-old host has been working for so many years, primarily with Wheel of Fortune, that Vanna White’s net worth has grown to high extents. 

vanna white net worth

According to the data collected from Celebrity Net Worth, Vanna White’s net worth is $85 million. As far as the salary from Wheel of Fortune is concerned, there are various claims about Vanna White Wheel of Fortune’s salary. 

While a report from Parade says Vanna’s Wheel of Fortune salary for 2017 was $4 million, TV Line claimed Vanna’s salary to be $3 million per season, whereas Celebrity Net Worth claimed the host’s salary to be $10 million for each season. 

How Was Vanna White’s Early Life? 

Vanna White is 66 years old today. She celebrates her birthday on February 18 every year. She was born to Joan Marie and Miguel Angel Rosich, who parted ways when Vanna was an infant. 

After her parents’ divorce, Vanna’s mother, Joan, married a real estate broker in North Myrtle Beach, and the couple raised Vanna until she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue her interest. Moving to a different city, Vanna enrolled to familiarize herself with the details of Fashion and Design. 

life vanna white's net worth

She worked as a model during the period and competed in Miss Georgia USA in 1978. In 1979 she moved to Los Angeles to take her first step into the acting industry, but the following year she came back to her native place South Carolina to spend some quality time with her mother, who at that time was fighting Cancer. 

Vanna White’s Career: From The Price is Right to The Wheel of Fortune! 

Vanna White- The Star of Game Shows, made her first game show appearance on June 20, 1980, in an episode of 1980’s The Price is Right. 

She was one of the four contestants to have come on the show, and while she could not make it to the stage, her clip from the show was once broadcasted on the show’s 25th anniversary.  

The same year Vannaa made her film debut with Gypsy Angels, which was released in June 1990. She worked in many films post that period, including Looker and Graduation Day, but unfortunately, none of them could do that well. 

It was in 1982 when Vanna’s luck took a turn, and she got selected to co-host Wheel of Fortune with Vicki McCarty and Summer Bartholomew after Susan Stafford left the show. Since then, there was no stopping for Vanna White, as the lady selected for temporary hosting became a regular host of Wheel of Fortune by the December of that year. 

Since 2021, the celebrity host is also hosting Wheel of Fortune’s celebrity edition. Not just that but Vanna also completed as a contestant in the show’s 2023 edition against Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. 

Other than these, various other things that added to Vanna White’s net worth and her credibility are her television appearances, book sales, crochet endorsements, and real estate investments. 

Vanna has appeared in renowned TV shows, inclT.V.ing L.A. Law and L.A.r Mario Bros. 

career vanna white's net worth

Super Show, Full House, King of Queens, Simon and Simon, and many more. In 1988, Vanna also played a lead role in the TV movie GT.V.dess of Love. 

Her 1987’s autobiography Vanna Speaks was credited as a best-seller. She also actively crochets and knits books published under her name. Being a capitalistic lady, she invests her earnings in her real estate properties by flipping houses, including her famous Beverly Hills home, which she listed for $47.5 million in 2017. 

Vanna White’s Personal Life: Who is Vanna White’s Husband? 

In the 1980s, Vanna exchanged rings with dancer and actor John Gibson. Unfortunately, six years later, Gibson died in an airplane crash. In 1990, Vanna married restaurant owner George Santo Pietro and gave birth to a son and daughter named Nicholas and Giovanna. 

In 2002, the couple parted their, citing irreconcilable differences. 

Vanna then engaged to Southern California businessman Michael Kaye, but the pair never married. In 2012, she began dating John Donaldson, who she befriended through mutual friends, and is still sharing a romantic relationship with him while plans of them getting married keep circulating online. 

Facts About Vanna White 

  1. In 2006, Vanna received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the presence of her White of Fortune co-host Pat Sajak. 
  2. In 2013, White debuted on the Guinness World Record for being a most frequent clapper, having clapped $1.3 million times. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vanna White’s Net Worth 

  1. What is Vanna White’s net worth?
    Vanna White’s net worth is $85 million. 
  2. What is Vanna White’s Age? 
    Vanna White is 66 years old. 
  3. Is Vanna White leaving White of Fortune? 
    No, Vanna White is not leaving White of Fortune. She only missed a few days of shooting from the show after being contacted with CoViD-19 in July. 
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