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Treason Review: Is the Netflix Series Worth Watching?

Treason review

The much-awaited cuddliest spy series Treason exclusively premieres on 26th December 2022 on Netflix. A limited-run show, Treason is cliched but offers a good time on-screen. Created by Matt Charman, Treason Review is an acclaimed cast in its five-part London thriller. 

These are Charlie Cox, Olga Kurylenko, Oona Chaplin, Beau Gadson, Samuel Leakey, and so on. Charlie Cox, who plays Adam Lawrence, an MI6 Officer, becomes the organization’s chief after a Russian spy poisons his boss. But with the MI6 also getting accused of acting as a double agent, he is forced to push all his limits. Full of secrets, lies, and deaths, the December 2022 Treason review is a breathless ride for Adam Lawrence. 

Charlie Cox as Adam Lawrence Doubles Treason’s Charm 

Treason review

Charlie Cox is well known for playing Daredevil in MCU projects, making us all go gaga over his charm in Treason. He is an adorable gift to the spy thriller who never fails to win her fans through his electrifying performance and vivid hazel eyes. And it’s quite apparent that anyone who has loved Charlie Cox won’t resist watching him in Treason. 

2022 has been a lucky year for Netflix as the streaming service has delighted with projects like Emily in Paris, Enola Holmes, Wednesday, and All of Us Are Dead. Treason is a triumph card to its unstoppable series.

Adam Lawrence, an MI6 Agent, lives happily with his family. His wife, Maddy, and two children, Callum and Ella, mean the world to him. As Adam’s work requires confidentiality, his wife, Maddy, gets accustomed and shows a lot of faith in her husband. Neither she suspects nor questions the MI6 Agent’s intentions. One day while Adam and Maddy are engaged in a discussion of their son Callum’s school, the sudden message to Adam brings a shocking turn in the agent’s life. 

A Russian spy name Kara Yerzov poisons MI6 chief Sir Martin Angelis, resulting in Adam Lawrence seating himself in his senior position. Learning about the unfortunate death of Sir Martin, Adam must do something to crack the nut. While the new chief officer immediately steps ahead for further investigation, he soon finds himself in a tight spot upon realizing his family has fallen into an inevitable danger. 

In the days that follow, Adam sees a flashback of his past, but what devastates the Daredevil chief is being caught in a tornado of deception. Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Friends have turned foes for Adam. The ones he used to trust the most are no longer on his side. 

With so many conspiracies and lies building in Treason movie 2022, Adam must find the truth by hook or crook. What do you think? Will Adam be able to confront his dear ones before it’s too late? You should watch the series rather than read all spoilers here. 

Final Verdict 

Treason review

Treason is a fun but annoying spy thriller. Its cliched concept often makes it tormenting, but only Charlie Cox has kept us hooked to the screens. The undeniable charm of the Daredevil actor is one big reason for us to watch the London crime drama. It’s breathless, exciting, and full of twists but lacks to live up to a spy series standard. 

Every episode of Treason draws you closer to the characters such that, at moments, you feel like living their stories. The familiarity of the story adds feathers to the cap. The multiple layers of twist leave you with no choice but to stay until the season finale. So who do you think is the deceiver? Who is the masker guy in Treason? Do you think Adam should have blindly trusted his loved ones? 

Secrets, lies, and deaths, Treason is a worth-watching series you must add to your watchlist. Kurylenko and Chaplin are two powerhouses who bring much-needed energy to Treason. Olga Kurylenko as Kara Yerzov delivers a stellar performance. Her versatile acting makes her grace any role thrown at her. Beau Gadsdon, as Callum has gathered all cute appraisals. We are hoping to see more of the actor in the coming period. 

Featuring such an acclaimed cast was not everyone’s cup of tea. Only a genius like Matt Charman could do this magic. The finest performances of characters have served positive Treason reviews on Netflix. Hmm! We are awed by this puzzled box of Matt Charman and would love to see more mysteries in the Treason Netflix season 2 quite soon. 

So, folks? Done with your coffee? Go and watch Treason season 1, currently streaming on Netflix, and yes, don’t forget to drop your precious opinions here! 

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