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Top 7 Web Series Of 2023 That’s Worth Your Watchlist 

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

Web series are just made to engage online viewers through their constant streaming and over-the-top content. With Secret Invasion, Money Heist, and Iron Heart, streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video have the top 7 web series of 2023, so we pour something exciting this new year.

While some series are returning with their next seasons, some are completely exclusive on the platforms. Here, I am bringing you a compilation of these ground-breaking web series you should add to your new year watchlist. Once you read out their cast and plot information, I am sure nothing can resist you from sticking to your screens. So, shall we start? Ok! Let’s go ahead.

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Top 7 Web Series of 2023 That’s Worth Your Watchlist 

Check out the best web series of 2023 to unfold a bunch of action, mysteries, love, and conspiracy-filled dramas that will soon hit the streaming platforms.

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender 

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an upcoming web series 2023 Netflix live-action series. After years of production, the popular franchise returns to its war-torn world where some people can crook fire, water, earth and air. The limited period series is an adaptation of the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The release date for Avatar: The Last Airbrender has yet to be confirmed, but it has some news about the expected cast. Gordon Cormier, Dallas Liu, Ian Ousley, Dallas Liu, and Kiawetiio are finalized to play the show’s primary characters, while speculations concerning other cast members are still airing on news lines.

  1. Money Heist Berlin 

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

Money Heist Berlin ranks second in the top 7 web series of 2023 to release next year on Netflix. A trailer has already been released on the streaming platform to announce the franchise’s continuance officially. Money Heist has been one successful show that awakes you with the mind games and strategies it plays out throughout the episodes.

And if you are bringing a spin-off of the drama series Money Heist Berlin, you can always feel energized. Who is the cast this time? You can sigh of relief as Pedro Alonso is reprising his role of Berlin, the jewel thief, for the upcoming 2023 drama. So, put no second thought, and add Money Heist Berlin to your new year watchlist now.

  1. Stranger Things Season 5 

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

It is another best web series of 2023; I mentioned quoting some series are returning with their next seasons. And with Stranger Things season 5, it will all be a bang. Also, this would be the final season of the science fiction horror drama, confirms Duffer Brothers. In the last season of Stranger Things, expect the story to be built around Will Byers in the city of Hawkins. Filming for the series Kicked off earlier this year, and most likely, the episodes will echo the vibes of its first season but this time on a bigger scale. I want to say don’t miss this final season and settle for less.

  1. Euphoria Season 3 

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

Wow! I can’t believe it, but Euphoria has come so far with its new season, Season 3. First, hats off to the showrunners who have left no stone unturned to glue the audience with the show. The popular HBO series is about spoiled teens who argue with Oklahoma, wear glitters and create chaos in their school. It’s mainly Zendaya’s performance that hooked the show’s viewers. According to some news lines, Euphoria season 3 will revolve around Barbie Ferreira and Sam Levinson, who’ll bring more joy to this journey. You can watch this American drama series once it releases on HBO Max by mid-2023.

  1. Loki Season 2 

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

One of the best web series of 2023, Loki Season 2, is here to rule your hearts again. The first season of the series itself confirmed its revival. MCU, well, the name itself is enough to think why we should watch the Michael Waldron creation to stream on Disney Plus next year. The Loki season 2 plot is based on the Marvel Comics of the same name and is likely to connect with the Multiverse Saga on a bigger scale. This time we’ll see Loki in a stranded dimension stuck in the King’s trap, and a more dangerous version of He will come with power. Interesting right? You only have to wait until mid-2023, as Marvel has put up its sleeves to give you Loki next year.

  1. Ironheart 

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

Another best web series of 2023, Ironheart, is the continuation of Riri’s story to release by December 2023 on Disney Plus. The plot chronicles a genius girl Riri who creates the most advanced armour suit to keep the mantle alive. She forges with her future when the world leaders are put on hostage by one of the Spider-man foes. Caught between her duties and freedom, Ironheart has to make some difficult decisions. So, what do you think will Riri choose between her obligations and independence? Watch the series to get your answers.

  1. Secret Invasion

Top 7 Web Series of 2023

Secret Invasion is a newly announced American series to stream on Disney Plus sometime in early 2023. Marvel Studios hasn’t announced the official release date for the miniseries. Secret Invasion began filming in September 2021 and wrapped the production in April 2022.

The story of this upcoming MCU series comprise an agitational, long-term invasion of Earth by a group of alien shapeshifters named Skrulls who are living on the planet as the disguised superheroes of Marvel Universe prior to the period of overt invasion. Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury plays the role of one of the greatest spies in the world and investigate the secret invasion case.  So, among those of real and disguised superheroes who do you trust? Will the Skrulls would ever get caught? I think we are to see another stellar MCU twist with Secret Invasion again. Lock your dates folks.

So, that’s all I have for the list of the top 7 web series of 2023; you should add it to your watchlist today. Stay tuned to get more interesting details about your favourite shows, web series and movies.


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