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The Witcher Blood Origin: A Forced Netflix Series?

The Witcher Blood Origin

As announced in the TUDUM event, Netflix’s prequel to The Witcher, i.e., The Witcher Blood Origin, streams from 25th December 2022. Last year, the streaming service saw good hype for Witcher Universe, and despite the fantasy television drama series slipping a few episodes, it never failed to impress the audience. Seeing the success of The Witcher, many were expecting its prequel to create a similar larger-than-life impact. 

However, seeing what Declan de Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich brought to Netflix, it feels like something is wrong with The Witcher Blood Origin. Yeah, that’s partially true. 

After Henry Cavil stepped back from The Witcher, the fantasy show received criticism and backlash from fans on global stages. Compensating to what, The Witcher creators decided to expand The Witcher universe and make a prequel to the hit series, just like Game of Thrones did. 

The Witcher Blood Origin

Of course, that’s a thoughtful strategy, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for the series. To know what has and what hasn’t worked in favour of the series, read the complete The Witcher Blood origin Netflix review here. 

Is New The Witcher Blood Origin Universe Worth Exploring? 

The Witcher Blood Origin
The Witcher Blood Origin

The prime Witcher world revolves around the events of The Witcher but in a different timeline. While on the one hand, the series’ first two seasons were highly appreciated by viewers owing to Henry Cavil’s involvement, its prequel thoroughly failed to earn good ratings online. Umm! Needless to say, the VFX and The Witcher Blood Origin cast introduction was satisfying enough for us. 

Set 1200 years ago, The Witcher Blood Origin chronicles the creation of the first Witcher while exploring the Elven civilization and the events that led to the conjunction of Spheres. Even though the story slowdowns at moments, it has earned some positive viewership on the streaming platform. This indicates it still has some good stuff to engage audiences. Okay! That’s cool, but we’re expecting more from the show. 

The Witcher Blood Origin

Audiences who have bothered to watch the show are close to a thorough disappointment. As Geralt of Rivia, Liam Hemsworth puts his best efforts to impress the character’s fans, but it seems like no one is ready to accept the replacement of their favorite Henry Cavil. Although that’s not the only thing that has bored the viewers, the dialogues are even unstructured, leading the unforgettable characters to do very little on screen. 

Another spot where fans and critics share common grounds is The Witcher’s inability to hold any value as its story. Instead of showcasing some interconnecting plots, the showrunners have emphasized creating a jumping-off point to welcome the franchise’s future projects. 

With the prequel diverging its paths from Andrzej Sapkowski’s source novels, the series now leaves the fans questioning if season 3 of The Witcher will drown the franchise. Replacing Henry for Hemsworth is one risky step The Witcher Blood Origin takes for its success. For the moment, we could only conclude that The Witcher Blood Origin season 1 review is a less worthwhile series to stream for four long hours. Still, if you are a Geralt of Rivia fan, you can happily dedicate your precious time to the fantasy television series. 

In the meantime, we bring more hot updates on the show, do share your experience on the series in the comments below. 

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