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Avatar: The Way of Water Movie Review an Under Water Adventure of Pandora

Avatar: The Way of Water

Everyone, welcome yourself to Pandora 2.0. Hell, yes, it is. So, did you enjoy the underwater adventures of Pandora? If you ask us, we did. And without waiting for your neighbor to peep down into your window, quickly join our thrilling ride where we are breaking some hot spoilers of the opus magnum Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water Movie review And yeah, be calm, as this story needs more time than your two minutes of instant noodles to finish precisely.

Avatar The Way of Water: Breakdown 

The Way of Water Movie Review

Readers, Avatar: The Way of Water is one effective science-fiction from James Cameron that leaves a great influence on viewers for their next 1369 years of life. While the first Avatar film was released in 2009, its sequel took almost 13 years to divide the Navi clan into two different worlds, making the place Pandora 2.0. Well, that’s a byname we’ve given to the magical planet.

Written, produced, and directed by James Cameron, the Avatar 2 movie review  a visual masterpiece you should not dare to miss at all. Its story starts thirteen years after the first Avatar film, where Jake Sully and his wife Neytiri live a peaceful life with their five children, Lo’ak, Neteyam, Tuk, Kiri and Spider.

Played by James Flatters Neyetam is the eldest child of Jake and Neytiri who looks after their first-born child to set an example for her siblings. Sigourney plays Kiri is a biological child of Dr. Grace Augustine. Lo’ak is the second biological son to the Sully family, Spider is an adopted human child of Jake and Neytiri who was left in Pandora when the sky-people exited from the alien planet and Tuk is the only biological daughter of the couple.

Wake Up Jake and Neytiri; A Familiar Threat Has Returned to Pandora 

Avatar: The Way of Water

While everything goes smoother, a familiar threat in the form of sky-people attacks the Pandora planet putting its future at stake. Don’t Know when human will show up their humanity.

The next scene of the Avatar 2 movie review a research lab where a counterpart, which exactly looks like a Navi, begins attacking people around him. The researchers then calm him down, informing him he is Colonel Miles Quaritch, who is now transformed into his Avatar form to survive in Pandora.

On the other hand, Jake fights to save his clan from sky-people and burns their train. When Colonel learns about this loss, he plans to kill Jake as he is the leader of the shipwrecked people. Here, a senior officer informs Colonel that all their attempts to kill Navi have been in vain following the powers of flying creatures. Afterward, Colonel and his commanders strike again in Pandora’s forests and kidnap Spider to inquire about his parents.

A New Challenge For the Sully Family 

Avatar: The Way of Water

On the other side, the disputes between Jake Sully and Colonel Miles Quaritch result in the latter’s family leave the forest community and move to Tonowari and Ronal’s Metkayina Navi tribe. It’s now that things have changed for Jake and Neytiri’s family. All the cute acquaintance receives training to live in the way of water while also preparing themselves for the inevitable fight stroke by Colonel Miles Quaritch. But this time, Colonel is not the only threat to Pandora but also the aliens residing on its planet.

They have disguised as Avatars to come with an equal footing alongside the Navi clan. And, because they have an advantage of technology, their forces are quite powerful compared to Jake and Neytiri’s alliance.

As said, Avatar: The Way of Water is a visual spectacle. If you wear 3D glasses while watching this film, you’ll feel like one diving into Pandora’s underwater world. Every second in the film feels like a real-world experience, not CGI work. James‘s imagination has acted as a one-man army against the other Avengers concepts. The thought of creating an imaginary world and convincing viewers to trust its events blows our minds. But, as we discussed the film’s visual work in the previous article, let’s get back to the spoilers.

After a few initial scrimmages, Jake’s kids settle down in the underwater world. But even if Jake and Neytiri fled the Island Paradise, they won’t be safe until and unless Colonel and his commanders are hot on their heels preparing for a major fight. They inspect every nook and corner to kill the Sully family but find no clue. In the process, Colonel controls the flying creatures the local Navi used to ride with.

Avatar: The Way of Water

In the same way, these sky-people discovers a water creature and attacks him with small missiles, an iron chain, and an ultrasonic chain, due to which the monsters fail to attack humans. Here, Colonel’s son Spider is in grief as he can’t tolerate the cruelty on Pandora creatures.

The next day, the monster creature takes his last breath seeing that the infuriated Navi people vents their anger on Jake and his family and blame them for the losses. This strikes Neteyam to save the sea’s biggest monster as he is now the next target of sky-people. While Neteyam and his friends succeed in their play, they are caught by the commanders, leading to one final battle between Navi and the commanders.

The Death of Sully’s Favourite Kid

Avatar: The Way of Water

What comes next in Avatar: The Way of Water makes matters worse. Neteyam, Sully’s family’s eldest and favorite child, is fatally shot in the face. While the Sully family mourns in grief, they give the culprits the taste of their medicine.

As Colonel holds on to Kiri with this knife, a furious Neytiri forces him to let Kiri go by threatening Spider. When Neytiri succeeds in her part, she goes for a one-on-one confrontation with Colonel. Everyone except Jake manages to escape from the sinking ship as he heads to attack Colonel to death during their nasty underwater fight.

With the help of the breathing technique he learned in the Metkayina community, Jake and Lo’ak escape the sea. Here, Kiri creates a path of bioluminescent fish using her connection with Eywa, allowing Tuk and Neytiri to swim safely. Before Spider returns to his family, he saves an unconscious Colonel leaving the former to fly on his ikran. Now, that’s a questionable action.

A Not So Happy Farewell For the Sully Family 

Avatar: The Way of Water

After Jake and Neytiri win the battle, they are accepted by the Metkayina to reside with them as their own. The couple then visits their Ancestor’s cave and connects with the spiritual tree of Metkayina to see their eldest child Neteyam as he swings between his childhood and teenage form while talking to Jake.

Jake manifests, they can’t keep escaping from the sky-people and should fight back continuously until and unless they don’t bring peace and harmony to Pandora. The last shots films Jake opening his eyes, visualizing the end scenes of the first Avatar film. This calls an end to Avatar: The Way of Water. Hopefully, the film’s next sequel will continue the never-ending battle between Navi and the human invaders.

So, what’s your take on this mind-boggling sequel to Avatar? Download Avatar 2 movie now and watch it before it’s too late, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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