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The Nun 2 Release Date and Everything We Know About the Conjuring Spin Off Sequel!

The Conjuring spin-off sequel titled Nun 2 is approaching the cinemas next week, and we are just eyeing what Demon Valak has in store for us next. The Conjuring 3 director Michael Chaves has returned to direct the ninth installment in the Conjuring franchise. Meanwhile, the screenplay of the horror film is managed by Ian Goldberg, Akela Cooper, and Richard Naing. 

the nun 2 release date

The Nun 2 is a sequel to the 2018’s The Nun film that followed sister Irene and Father Burke as they investigated the death of a Nun in Romania’s Saint Cartha’s monastery. The story is entirely different in Abbey. Sister Irene faced off against a demon who possessed Maurice while escaping the banishment. 

As Nun 2 is hitting the big screens next week, it will be interesting to see what havoc the Demon will cause this time. An official trailer of the horror film has already been released by Warner Bros, suggesting the upcoming Nun sequel will feature plenty of scares for the audience. 

Continue reading here to catch more about The Nun 2 release date, story, cast, and expected box office collection. 

The Nun 2 Release Date: When Can You Watch the Conjuring Spin-Off Sequel? 

Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures and production company New Line Cinema have scheduled 8th September 2023 for The Nun 2 release date. The horror film will hit the big screens under the R-rated category. If you are an OTT viewer, you must wait a bit to stream The Nun 2 online. Warner Bros. Pictures, who own the Max streaming service, will announce The Nun 2 release date after the film exits the cinemas. For now, you can book your tickets and grab your favorite seat for an immersive Nun 2 experience on 8th September. 

The Nun 2 Story: What Can We Expect in The Nun 2? 

The Nun 2 will kick off its story four years after the 2018 The Nun film events. It will revolve around Sister Irene as she faces off against Demon Valak at France’s boarding school. Bonnie Aarons, who essayed the role of Valak/The Nun in the horror movie, also revealed that Nun 2 will deeply explore his character, and the movie’s lead will deal with his deal. More spoilers of the Nun 2 are kept under wraps. Visit your nearby theatres next week to learn more about this intriguing story. 

The Nun 2 Cast: Who are the New and Returning Faces in The Nun 2? 

Bonnie Aarons, who is known to play dark characters in Mulholland Drive The Nun, is returning to reprise her role of Valak in the Nun sequel. Taissa Farigma, who faces off against Aarons’ Valak in the 2018’s The Nun, is also returning to play Sister Irene. The duo will again go one-on-one against each other in France’s boarding school. 

the nun 2 cast

Jonas Bloquet, who played the French delivery man Maurice/Frenchie in The Nun, is also returning to step in his role again. In the 2018’s The Nun, Maurice was possessed by the demon Valak while she was trying to escape the banishment. In the horror film’s sequel, Maurice will be seen returning to his father’s tomato farm in France, where he will face the demon Valak again. 

Storm Reid, whom you have met as the best friend of The Last of Us lead Ellie Williams, will play a fellow Nun-in trainee in the horror film sequel. As per reports from Collider, Reid’s character will add a funkiness to the horror story. 

Meanwhile, Anna Popplewell, who is famous for appearing in The Chronicles franchise, The Little Vampire, has joined the Nun 2 as Kate. She will play a school teacher at France’s St. Mary School. Rounding up the Nun 2 cast is Katelyn Rose Downey, who will play Popplewell’s daughter Sophie. 

The Nun 2 Filming: When Did the Production For the Nun Sequel Begin? 

The Nun 2 started filming on October 6, as confirmed by Nun 2 producer James Wan, and wrapped the same year. The Nun 2 is reaching your nearby theatres this 8th September. Don’t forget to catch what Demon Valak has next in store. 

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