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The Marvel Fans Indulge in a War of Words Over the New Black Panther 

The new black panther
The New Black Panther is here! As Black Panther Wakanda Forever is ready to release by November 11 2022, the next sequel is all set to follow the legacy of Chadwick Boseman after the star actor passed away in 2020 from colon cancer.
However, not everyone here agrees the movie will properly celebrate Chadwick’s legacy, as they feel the filmmakers dishonor Chadwick Boseman by bringing his real-life incident to the silver screens. Many fans demand to recast T’Challa’s role while questioning the New Black Panther.
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Reacting to the #RecastTChalla, makers have said Boseman’s untimely death has sent shockwaves to the Marvel Studios and the film industry. But, as the show must go on, we are focusing on it to take the Black Panther franchise ahead.
Black Panther
Since Boseman’s death, many speculations have been made about various names concerning the new Black Panther. With the first trailer release, we have a firm idea that Letitia Wright, aka Shuri, will essay the role of Black Panther, and Marvel and T’Challa fans have formed their perception of the name.

Fans Are Disturbed on The New Black Panther 

The new black panther
Many Marvel enthusiasts have shared their opinions online after the first trailer release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which hinted at Shuri as the New Black Panther of the Marvel Universe.
Matt Ramos began a bit of online debate after he posted a tweet saying, if Shuri does become the new Black Panther, I hope she goes through training throughout the movie, Even. However, it would be a little convenient if she takes the heart-shaped herb & whoops, Namor when he’s been a warrior his whole life.
This raised many conversations, with many fans replying to Matt’s tweet. Many people went against the casting of Shuri, who is in the following line in a royal family of Black Panthers, and some favored her role, saying she was the first person to arrive in the Battle of the endgame.

So, does Shuri Deserve To Be the New Black Panther? 

The new black panther
If one asks a million Marvel enthusiasts what they think of Shuri becoming the New Black Panther, we will surely see a division of two teams and hesitant answers, as in the tweets. After losing one of the great legends of MCU history, this is a big decision to change his role to another.
Until fans don’t see the movie, there is no correct answer to this question. The only people who exactly know the person playing the Black Panther are one’s making Black Panther Wakanda Forever. At the moment, we need to have faith in them.
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 As for now, the lack of training could be why we can not allow Shuri to succeed T’Challa. If she took the mantle of Black Panther, she would have a different fight than her elder brother, but that can be possible in anyone’s case. We will see a different version of the masked hero we saw in the trailer, and we are sure that would present her no lesser than the enriching Black Panther. We can keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best at the theatres on November 11.
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