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The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2 is All Spoilers!

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2
Series NameThe Last of Us (2023)
Streaming PlatformHBO, Sky Atlantic, and other regional providers
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
StarsPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Anna Torv
CreatorsNeil Druckmann, Craig Mazin
Total Episodes9
Episode Released2
Episode 2 NameInfected
Episode 2 Release Date22nd January 2023
Runtime60 minutes

HBO premieres The Last of Us season 1, episode 2 on 22nd January 2023. In a runtime of 60 minutes, the second episode of The Last of Us continues the mishaps in Boston, where new obstacles await Joel and Ellie after they escape the city. In the first episode of The Last of Us, we see Joel being adamant about convincing himself that he has no attachment to Ellie. Whereas the other side, he and Tess get an opportunity to find the cure for the disease, which levied a risk on human beings. This leaves us questioning what Joel’s next move would be. Will he and Tess get any clue about Joel’s younger brother Tommy or are there more hurdles for the duo? Now with a new episode of The Last of Us released online, you can seek your answers immediately. So ready to spin spoilers of The Last of Us episode 2, where things are considerably slowed down? Let’s begin. 

The Last of Us Episode 2: Save Yourself If You Can 

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2

Titled Infected, The Last of Us Episode 2 opens in the 1968’s mishaps where the Indonesian government officers lift out a Mycology professor of the University of Indonesia, Ibu Ratna, while she has her afternoon lunch. It might be because that woman had a bite on her leg. There are too many unpredictable things we see in The Last of Us. The Indonesian government officials then explained that the government brutally killed people who didn’t qualify for the post-bite protocols. Setting this sequence in the initial of The Last of Us Episode 2 clarifies that the world is losing humanity. 

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Initially, when the Indonesian government official scoops away Ibu, she cannot believe that she is exposed to Cordyceps but soon accepts the reality. Upon discovering many people have been bitten, she develops a mindset that soon, every break of hell will lose, and everyone in the city will die. 

Further, when the officers ask her to get any vaccine or treatment for the infection, she is in denial as there is nothing much she wishes for now but to join her family in her final moments. And while she shuts the officer’s idea, she suggests they practice mankind instead of sacrificing lives. 

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2: It’s 2023 Again 

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2

We are in 2023 again to see the major sequences in the post-outbreak period. The bombings have destroyed various cities. While some succeeded, others got failed. Now, before Joel, Tess, and Ellie get into the ground, they discuss what they should do about Ellie. She is bitten by a virus but hasn’t turned into a zombie. Tess and Joel argue over shooting Ellie, and they come out of the dark shelter to take Ellie to the Firefly HQ to receive the required treatment for her disease. 

Further, in The last of us part 2, Joel, Tess, and Ellie head to the empty road, and if you see Ellie’s reactions, you will see her being uncomfortable with the atmosphere around them. She is quite scared about the infection rumors. Before the trio realized the shortcut was dangerous, they again debated where the two paths would take them. This conversation sees no end point until and unless they see some infected one jiggling on the floor. This suggests Joel, Tess, and Ellie the connection between the Cordyceps. When one of them feels something, every other Cordyceps sense it too. That’s horrible, however! On the same lonely road, we are also informed about Ellie’s parent’s death while the latter still chooses to move on her way. 

 The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2: Here Come the Infected Humans 

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2

As Joel, Tess and Ellie head their journey in the last of us, part 2, Joel and Tess attempt to arm themselves while Ellie wishes to get a gun for safety. Stepping inside, there is a bitten guy, but it is not the same bite Ellie has seen. In a turn of events, the main faces of The Last of us, part II, are forced to tackle the clickers. Joel informs something important about these creatures to Ellie. The clickers can see but cannot hear us. So, it’s better if we silently move along. Despite the trio knowing about the clicker behavior, they fail to keep the silence, and then suddenly, a monster bumps into them, resulting in a series of actions in the last of us 2. 

Finally, Tess and Joel defeat the roaring monster, kills him certainly, and escape the horrifying museum. Sadly, Ellie has gotten bitten again, but Joel and Tess have more important things to focus on this time. 

More Dead Bodies? 

Tess, Joel, and Ellie have arrived at the Fireflies HQ but are shocked to see many dead bodies. Joel has understood these deaths are not a result of a FEDRA attack but the infected group members’ wrongdoings who have indulged in a fight resulting in deaths. While Joel wishes to return to his home, he and Ellie are shocked to see Tess being bitten by the virus. It’s a completely odd situation. On the one hand, where Tess’s bite could soon result in her death, Ellie’s bit on the other side has improved into a mere scratch. Strange right?  

Joel, who is still in confusion, is instructed by Tess to take Ellie to Frank and Bill, and the former agrees. But the situation will be more awry in The Last of Us episode 2. As the infected corpse was shot, the fungal roots learned about Tess, Ellie, and Joel’s whereabouts. Ellie is not ready to leave Tess in the tight spot but is forced by Joel to run away. 

For the one last time, Tess has decided to save her friends from the monsters. She pills many grenades and gasoline on the floor and strikes the ultimate moment of triumph. 

The closing moments of The Last of Us season 1, episode 2 see Joel and Ellie saddened by Tess’s death. As the duo watches the explosion, Tess has only one question about his goal from now. Is it only about finding his younger brother Tommy or has something changed in him? Will Joel finally consider Ellie as an ally?  

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