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The Last of Us Episode 8 Sees a New Threat Awaiting Joel and Ellie – Popgeek

The Last of Us Episode 8
Popgeek Podcast
Popgeek Podcast
The Last of Us Episode 8 Sees a New Threat Awaiting Joel and Ellie – Popgeek
Series NameThe Last of Us (2023)
Streaming PlatformHBO, Sky Atlantic, and other regional providers
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
StarsPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna
CreatorsNeil Druckmann, Craig Mazin
Total Episodes9
Episode Released8
Episode 8 NameWhen We Are in Need
Episode 8 Release Date  5th March 2023
Runtime50 minutes 48 seconds

And, followed by previous episodes, the eighth installment of The Last of Us also jumps to Joel and Ellie, where a new threat awaits the duo. With the release of The Last of Us Episode 8, we can see things falling into place. Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us reaches its penultimate episode this Saturday with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the lead role. Eight episodes have been aired, and the next week follows a big grand finale of HBO’s video game adaptation series, where we shall see the end of Joel and Ellie’s long journey. So without waiting anymore, let’s quickly get into the week’s spoiler and find out what exactly this new threat we are referring to has to do with Joel and Ellie’s quest to fireflies. 

Ellie Grows Courageous in The Last of Episode 8 

The Last of Us Episode 8

Speaking of this penultimate episode, there are many things to get worse in The Last of Us Episode 8. We are returning to Joel and Ellie, where Joel, played by Padro Pascal, is still recovering from his injury in the show’s sixth episode. In contrast, Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, finds herself alone. Yes, we know Ellie had the choice to leave Joel and reach Jackson, but she chose not to abandon her needy friend. As the pair is now forced to live in the abandoned house, they have exchanged their duties. Joel, who has protected Ellie throughout the months, is now under the latter’s protection. For some time, Ellie has kept aside her purpose of helping the fireflies develop a cure for the infection spread worldwide and look after Joel. 

As the video progresses, Ellie steps outside the house to hunt a deer, and after she shoots the deer, she comes across David and James, who probably are from a larger group and wants to trade with her. David deals with Ellie to share half the deer in exchange for two bottles of penicillin and one syringe. He sends James to Howard to get things Ellie wants, and in return, she shares the Deer with the pair. While Ellie and David sits at the born fire, David tells Ellie about his group, which relies on him for survival and fears him for unknown reasons. He is the leader of the hungry club, which fled from the Pittsburgh quarantine zone to Colorado after its building fell owing to the destructive conflicts between FEDRA and Fireflies. 

Moving on, as Ellie and David wait for James, David shares more information about his group and his belief as to why he thinks everything happens for a reason. He also mentions a crazy man who recently murdered his group member while moving on with a little girl who is Ellie. David’s witty smile clarified why he said everything happens for a reason. Watch out, Ellie, save your life. 

Meanwhile, James, who is back in the frame, handover the penicillin to Ellie, and she flees the place with it without even taking a little portion of the deer. We all know why. Speaking about David and James, the pair return to their camp, where the former forcefully slaps a girl as she suggests killing Joel and Ellie she considers responsible for his father’s death. But clearly, David doesn’t want to harm Ellie and wants her to be alive. He then announces in his group to track Ellie and Joel, and while Ellie does everything to distract David’s group from keeping them away from Joel, she is badly trapped by the hungry club members. After David takes Ellie to the camp, his group continues their quest to track Joel and questions him about killing one of their members.   

Oh, My God! David Kidnaps Ellie in The Last of Us Episode 8 

The Last of Us Episode 8

After David and his starving members kidnap Ellie, he is offered to become the group’s leader, as David believes Ellie is the one who can help him lead the group to salvation. And what’s worse is that David has a lascivious intention toward the young Ellie; as we can expect from him, he is completely shameless about that. On one side, Ellie, in consistent denial, tries hard to escape the trap; on the other, his hero Joel makes a magical recovery. Since he finds Ellie missing in front of his eyes, he has grown a rage to protect her the best way he can and give the villains a taste of their medicine. And as he did in his past, he is not here for any mercy. It doesn’t matter whether David’s group has their families or not. All he cares about is Ellie, and he would not spare anyone who has harmed her in any way. When David’s searchers reach him, he kills four singlehandedly and tortures one guy to trace Ellie. 

The violence doesn’t stop here as Ellie and David are in a burning dining room, where David attempts to assault the young girl sexually, but like said, Ellie has grown more courageous in The Last of Us Episode 8; she manages to kill David as well the way she killed James a few minutes ago. Seeing Ellie in a rage looks like she has exactly become like Joel. But with David and his members’ deaths, the cost of revenge has certainly grown with The Last of Us episode 8. 

After successfully escaping the burning building, Ellie finally reunites with his friend Joel, who now consoles her by calling her baby girl. Joel’s words calm a horrified Ellie, but did you expect the tough guy Joel to say or do something like this for Ellie? If you ask us, we probably not. There is much clarification on what Ellie means to Joel and to what extent he can save her as he fears losing her another daughter. 

Throughout the penultimate episode of The Last of Us, we see Joel and Ellie come closer to each other. They have tackled every challenge that came their way. They have seen the death of their friends while also shooting many to death. The pair have successfully broken the big wall in between and turned their relationship like a father and daughter’ is. But despite reaching the penultimate episode in The Last of Us, it seems like there is still a long way to fireflies either. The Last of Us finale is just five days away now. Hopefully, it answers our questions and wraps up the everlasting journey of Joel and Ellie. Best of luck, creators!

So, what did you like the most about the eighth episode of The Last of Us? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know your anticipations for HBO’s video game adaptations’ finale to premiere next week on Saturday, 11th March 2023. See you there, folks!

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