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Spoilers Alert! The Last of Us Episode 6 Review a Sweet-Bitter Brothers Reunion – Popgeek

The Last of Us episode 6 review
Popgeek Podcast
Popgeek Podcast
Spoilers Alert! The Last of Us Episode 6 Review a Sweet-Bitter Brothers Reunion – Popgeek
Series NameThe Last of Us (2023)
Streaming PlatformHBO, Sky Atlantic, and other regional providers
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
StarsPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna
CreatorsNeil Druckmann, Craig Mazin
Total Episodes6
Episode Released6
Episode 6 NameKin
Episode 6 Release Date19th February 2023
Runtime58 minutes 45 seconds

Ok, similar to the death of Tess, we are still mourning the death of Henry and her beloved younger brother Sam. We have moved to The Last of Us Episode 6; three months have passed since Ellie and Joel left Kansas city to find fireflies and of course most talked character of the story Tommy. Despite how often we say this, The Last of Us doesn’t resist surprising us with every coming episode. 

Speaking of the sixth instalment aired on Sunday, it may not see any death to scare us more, but we have surely got to know a little more about the show’s main characters, Joel and Ellie. And Ellie, oh my god, she is one wonder girl; her dialogue delivery and her aura are something we will take forever after HBO premieres its finale next month. But anyway, we will talk some other day about her journey throughout the season; let’s get back to the sixth episode of The Last of Us first. So, did you like The Last of Us 6 episode? If yes, how do you see Joel and Tommy’s changed equation now? Drop your answers later in the comments below, but first, have a great read with our spoiler version of the episode. 

The Last of Us Episode 6 Reviews the Heroes Continuing Their Quest to Fireflies 

The Last of Us episode 6 review

Once again, The Last of Us Episode 6 opens with the quest of Joel and Ellie after they successfully escape the city of Kansas. They are somewh

ere in the middle of Wyoming when they encounter a dark charming couple, Florence and Marlon, who, similar to Joel and Ellie, have survived the outbreak by isolating themselves in a corner. And, hey, guess what? On one side, where our over-enthusiastic protagonists threaten to kill the couple, they are offered soup in return. Strange right? What else? Marlon even suggests the pair not cross the Yellowstone River to survive. But Joel being Joel, he least cares about anything. 

Continuing their way to the fireflies, he returns to the road with Ellie. Once again, they pause their journey and share their expectations over the born fire. While Joel reveals he wishes to raise sheep as they are very quiet and are good at following one’s instructions, Ellie aspires to become an astronaut like Sally Ride. Disheartened by his friend Sam’s death, Ellie further questions- It’ll work, right? The Vaccine? to which Joel replies – Well, there is much more complicated than that. Even Joel doesn’t know how Ellie’s blood will return the world to a pre-outbreak situation. 

The Last of Us Episode 6 Review an Emotional Reunion of Two Brothers 

The Last of Us episode 6 review

Joel and Ellie resume their journey over the Yellowstone River but are soon trapped by a group of people and command their sniffer dog to assure whether the pair is infected. While Joel gets a clean chit after inspection, he is concerned about Ellie as the clickers already bite her. Preparing himself for the worst moment, he is stunned when the sniffer pet befriends his crime partner. Surprisingly, the woman who is supposedly the group’s co-leader is Tommy’s wife, Maria. And guess what? We finally have Tommy back in the frame! Yes, the most awaited reunion has finally come to life, and with that, Joel and Tommy have reunited with each other, but things have changed between the brothers.

On the one hand, where we had expected the brothers to give us some heartfelt moments and join forces to find fireflies, we are a bit upset with the cold distance they share. While the four share an awkward lunch over Tommy’s new place, Joel cannot digest that his young brother has gotten wed without informing him. Ellie being Ellie, tries to bring calm under chaos and find comfort where everything is just torn apart. Not only does she congratulate the couple on their marriage, but she also helps his ally Joel to do so. Umm, hmm, it’s emotional damage for Joel. 

Further, as the video progresses, Tommy and Maria reveal that they have spread the rumours of a river of death around their area to ensure no strange can enter their premise and they shall remain uninfected. Somewhat like Bill did survive the outbreak. Ok, that’s one smart move, Tommy and Maria. 

Moving on, there is a change of dynamics in the family. Joel and Tommy do not share the same equation anymore. Certainly, Maria’s pregnancy has changed priorities for Tommy, as he is least interested in joining his brother Joel in finding fireflies which can still not overcome the trauma of his daughter Sara’s death. Tommy’s behaviour is just scratching his wounds. Disheartened by his harsh words, Joel goes out on the street, and what worsens the scenario is his suffering a panic attack. Joel misses Sarah, though. 

Joel Pours His Heart Out to Tommy 

The Last of Us episode 6 review

While Tommy’s wife Maria attempts to give some new insight about Joel to Ellie, she closes the conversation by stating she knows he murders people to survive. And Tommy? He ultimately regrets his word and pardons an apology from his elder brother, who expresses the mental suffering he has been going through because of his affection for Ellie. As Tommy learns about Ellie’s immunity in the outbreak, he is ready to shoulder Joel’s responsibility, which Ellie is not happy with. She overhears Joel and Tommy’s conversation and indulges in a war of words over the same with Joel. She asks whether he fuckin cares about her and, if he does, why he even tries to abandon her midway. Precisely now, Ellie is also attached to Joel and doesn’t want anyone to take her to fireflies than the hero. 

The next day, when Tommy and Ellie are about to leave for fireflies, Joel gives her a choice to choose her alliance, and we know Ellie’s answer. She does not even think for a second about choosing Joel over anybody. 

They arrive at the University of Eastern Colorado and discover some monkeys in the old lab of fireflies; they are soon compelled to run from the place upon the arrival of a few marauders. While Joel gives a tough fight to the attackers and breaks the neck of one, he is stabbed with a wooden piece resulting in bloodshed. 

Ellie and Joel escape on horseback, but the latter cannot even drive back to a safe place. He falls unconscious in the snow, and The Last of Episode 6 reviews an end with Joel badly injured, and now it’s only Ellie who can decide the fate of the two. Take care, Joel and Ellie, until we meet you in the seventh episode next Sunday. 

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