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The Last of Us Episode 4 Breakdown – Please Hold My Hand

The Last of Us
Series NameThe Last of Us (2023)
Streaming PlatformHBO, Sky Atlantic, and other regional providers
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
StarsPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna
CreatorsNeil Druckmann, Craig Mazin
Total Episodes9
Episode Released4
Episode 4 NamePlease Hold My Hand
Episode 4 Release Date05th February 2023
Runtime50 minutes

Ohh, we are still mourning the death of Bill and Frank from The Last of Us episode 3. The video-game-based series is the first big show premiered by HBO Max in 2023. Despite never playing the game, you can’t resist falling in love with this deadly showdown starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in lead roles. Four episodes are already down, and the HBO show continuously draws more viewers onscreen. The Last of Us continues the journey of Joel and Ellie while they travel toward the West. They are still looking to search for Joel’s brother Tommy and a safe place to discover Ellie’s immunity to the Cordyceps infection. But do you think their path will be this easy? Hell no. 

There is a lot with The Last of Us Episode 4, and while we detail to you what happened in this week’s instalment, know that for the first time, an episode of The Last of Us has completely revolved in the present timeline. Even though the fourth episode isn’t as long as the third instalment, it has enough spoilers to satisfy us. On one hand the third episode gathered the missing piece from the past, the fourth episode kept things as straightforward as possible, pushing its story from where the last week’s episode left. What’s the brighter side of the video-game-based story is that each episode brings development in its character. Things are much better between Joel and Ellie. And, even though you won’t label it your favourite episode so far, you can’t deny that creators Neil Duckman and Craig Mazin are leaving no stone unturned to keep the focus and pace of the story. So, are you excited to toss some more irons into the fire? Let’s begin. 

The Last of Us HBO Episode 4 – Joel and Ellie Travel Again! 

The Last of Us

The Last of Us episode 4 opens with the sassy girl Ellie practising Frank’s secretly hidden gun just before the duo attempts to fix the trucks to reach the west. It looks like they are completely benefitting from the truck and supplies Bill and Frank have left after their collective suicide. They have geared up on their path, but only to discuss Hank Williams’ tape this time. Don’t know what else Joel and Ellie are up to but come what may we could see, they are improving with their equation. 

While they travel or take a break, they settle things down. The next day on the road again, Ellie asks Joel why he and his younger brother Tommy isn’t with him. Joel replies- Tommy’s what we used to call a joiner dream of becoming a hero. So, he enlisted in the Army right out of high school. A few months later, they ship him off to Desert Storm, but being in the army doesn’t make him feel like a hero. So, when the outbreak happened, we made a group and found Tess. But when Tommy met Marlene, he found his way to join Fireflies, which he eventually quit later, and now that I have no idea of his whereabouts, I have to go to get him. 

These interactions between Ellie and Joel seem like the duo will soon break the long wall they have built between each other. And, while it’s great to see some fun segments over the scarecrow and the burnt shit coffee, it’s also good to see Joel finally opening his heart to Ellie moments before she goes to sleep. 

The Last of Us Episode 4 – Joel and Ellie Abandon Their Truck in the Kansas City 

The Last of Us

What looked like a peaceful journey in The Last of Us episode 4 is now darker. They are to the north, a man has arrived in front of them seeking help, they are being given some gunshots and shit, and Bill’s truck is now no more of use. Joel ask Ellie to hide somewhere even if the shooter doesn’t hit her. Ellie climbs through the wall successfully, and Joel handles a man attacking him, but he is soon overpowered. Although before the guy can kill Joel, Ellie, the saviour, arrives to shoot him with Frank’s gun, which she took from his house.  

The injured guys then begin to trade with Joel and Ellie. He offers his knife to them, but Joel is not ready for any negotiation. Again, he asks Ellie to hide behind the wall, and while she does so, Joel has some plan to shut down the guy who was trying to kill him minutes before. Despite the The Last of Us Episode 4 hasn’t revealed exactly what Joel did to the guy, but it seems he hasn’t killed him either.

Joel and Ellie continue their journey just when the former tells Ellie you should not have shot the guy repeatedly to save me. Ellie replies that it wasn’t her first time, as she had encountered an infected in the basement of Cumberland farms. Finally, Joel and Ellie begin growing closer, as we can see Joel teaching Ellie to hold a gun precisely. They are having some fun banter moments before they fall asleep peacefully. But soon after, Ellie awakens Joel as a boy, and a man is holding a gun to her head. But who are they?  

The Last of Us Episode 4 – Meet Kathleen 

The Last of Us

After Ellie and Joel come over the attacks from Brian, there is more danger awaiting them. The Last of Us shifts its perspective again, with Kathleen, a new character who seems to be torturing Doctor, on her quest to search for a group, including a man named Henry. In an attempt to save his life, the doctor clarifies to Kathleen that whatever information he has passed to FEDRA was only a forceable move as he was held at gunpoint to do that. But is he telling the truth? We don’t know, either. The Doctor’s words somehow have convinced Kathleen as she walks out of the storage unit. 

Stepping outside, Kathleen discovers the dead body of Brian and demands a quick search for the culprit who murdered him. Possibly it’s Joel, but we are not certain about the answer now. She asks people around her if a doctor could help them she is denied. A furious Kathleen returns to the doctor, only to kill him. While this new plotline is a bit intriguing, it is equally confusing. There is no clarification of who Kathleen is. Who is Henry and Sam she is looking for, but are they the same people whom Joel and Ellie encounter when they wake up in the last minutes of the episode? 

One more time, The Last of Us falls into pieces, and we are sure the next episode will travel in different timelines again. Even though creators Neil Duckman and Craig Mazin don’t spill the beans, we will get there soon. We must keep streaming The Last of Us, for now, to find exactly where this outbreak leads and how Joel and Ellie’s equation turns out as they know each other more. 

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