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The Last of Us Episode 3 Previews a Long Long Time

The Last of Us
Series NameThe Last of Us (2023)
Streaming PlatformHBO, Sky Atlantic, and other regional providers
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
StarsPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna
CreatorsNeil Druckmann, Craig Mazin
Total Episodes9
Episode Released3
Episode 3 NameLong Long Time
Episode 3 Release Date29th January 2023
Runtime75 minutes

 After a kiss of death kills Tess, we are to see her again in The Last of Us episode 3. Wait, she is not alive, but she is back. Yes, it’s her flashbacks! Post the destructive explosion in The Last of Us episode 2; the drama has just gotten more intense. Joel and Ellie are to befriend each other, but they must be aware of the clickers. Every path they follow now is a landmine. Watch out, Joel and Ellie. 

As the previous episode takes away Tess’s life, Joel is tangled in his thoughts. He cannot fix whether he is only there to find his brother Tommy or if some moral duties are awaiting him. We shall see it with today’s breakdown. So, one common thing in The Last of Us episodes we noted so far is that it breaks its runtime into a different timeline. While we cover both for you, we need you to stay here and have a great read again. 

The Last of Us Episode 3 – Ellie Kills an Immobilized Infected! 

The Last of Us

The third episode of The Last of Us opens 10 miles West of Boston; Joel and Ellie have walked to reach Bill and Frank. They want to investigate why only she is immune to the fungus impacting every other person in the city. Each new episode of The Last of Us reveals more about Ellie. How Tess’s death impacts Ellie makes us think she is a fickle-minded child. Joel, who least cares about anything around him, has become more irritable and bad-tempered on the quest. Well, losing his loved ones because of some wrong decisions of government officials, what are you supposed to expect him to be? Anyways let’s continue with where we were. 

While Joel and Ellie look for a path to Frank and Bill, they find a supply shop nearby. They step inside, and woah Ellie, who is an enthusiastic wonder girl, stabs an immobilized infected with his switchblade. Now that’s something surprising about her. OMG, she is one badass.  

Unable to find anything new in the supply shop, Joel and Ellie depart from the place, and finally, we have some ideation that the infection spread years ago. When Ellie asks Joel about how everything started, he responds- No one knows for sure, but the best guess is that cordyceps mutated, and some of it got into the food supply. So some food brands were sold across the country and worldwide, and people ate them enough to get infected. And because Sarah didn’t eat her neighbor’s cookies, nor did Joel bring any cake or biscuits on his birthday, they remained uninfected. Hmm! Things are quite clear now. 

Having learned the origin of the infection spread worldwide, Joel and Ellie discover a mass grim in the country towns evacuated by FEDRA to quarantine the infected people. Safe were those who have got the room in QZ, and if not, there were killed. The revelation thereby glimpses the backstory making a time jump in the past again. 

It’s 30th September 2003, Boston – Meet the Survivalist Bill 

The Last of Us

Homes are being sealed in Boston, and the soldiers are shifting people to the QZ but are they safe there? Hell no. Bill, who hides while some soldiers take his neighbor, is living his best life twenty years after in America. Similar to other survivors, his world has also completely changed now. Fours years after the outbreak, when Bill puts in his best attempts to keep his world anonymous, Frank enters his space, and soon, the duo goes head over heels while they play the Long Long Time post their meal. 

Again there is a three-year leap in The Last of Us. Frank and Bill share a living and have a different worldviews. On the one hand, where Bill is happy with their solitary environment, Frank is dissatisfied. While he invites Jess and Toel over to lunch, Bill is annoyed by his decision. When Joel tries to convince Bill to share an alliance and get the supplies required to keep them safe, he is least interested in the offer. 

Three years later, it’s raining heavily. An army of raiders has arrived in the town of two. Although Bill manages to take all of them out, he is shot in his final attempt. Don’t worry; Frank has saved him. Now Bill has realized Joel was right about the supplies that can save them from the imposed threat.    

Frank and Bill Passes Away 

The Last of Us

Ten years later, we are in 2023. Bill has aged a bit and is still with his partner Frank, ailing in a wheelchair. Hoping to take his last breath lying beside his partner, Frank requests Bill to mix his pills in his wine so that he can easily die falling asleep. Bill, who is denied initially, agrees to fulfill his partner’s last wish, but he makes a little change in the plan. 

He mixes the same pills in his wine, and for one final time, the couple shares quality time over their bed. You are late, Joel and Ellie. The duo reaches Bill and Frank’s place and finds a note explaining what happened. Bill mentions them to take the truck or every other stuff they might need in their mission. Ellie and Joel take the truck and depart to find Tommy, as he is the only one now who can guide his brother Joel about Ellie. 

And here we wrap up the third episode of The Last of Us. Even though the episode didn’t see any tragic turn, it was one heartfelt human story. Maybe episode four of The Last of Us series treats us with something different, and we may learn about Tommy’s whereabouts and the secret that has kept Ellie immune. Let’s wait, folks! 

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