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The Flash Trailer the Return of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batman in DCU– Popgeek

The Flash Trailer movie

Finally, the official footage of Ezra Miller starrer The Flash trailer is here, and trust with this three-minute clip is worth the wait. Directed by Andy Muschietti, The Flash sees theatres on 23rd June 2023. Following the controversy around the film’s leading cast Ezra Miller, this Warner Bros creation had already seen delays, but now the duo is not ready for more skips.

While they already released the first official trailer of The Flash movie back in October 2021, they had their fans wait for more than a year to release new footage of seeing two powerful forces, Barry Allen and Batman, on one stage. Hey, but this time Michael Keaton’s Batman is not the only one who has graced The Flash 2023 screens. We also have Ben Affleck’s Batman, Michael Shannon’s General Zod, and Supergirl Kara in the timeline-spanning trailer. Here is what else we know about The Flash trailer released on 13th February 2023. 

The Flash Trailer Travels Back in Time! 

The Flash Trailer movie

DC’s long-time-held project The Flash sees Ezra Miller, i.e., Barry Allen traveling in two different timelines in its official trailer video. Barry doesn’t want to lose his mother. He can go to any extent to keep her safe. And while he travels to the past to accomplish his mission, he is trapped by General Zod. He created a universe without superheroes; now, he has no one to fight back the powerful forces and save the world from destruction. Barry regrets his decision, and now if he needs to clear the mess, he must call Michael Keaton’s Batman out of retirement.

But do you think Michael’s Batman can take the fight single-handedly? Come on, who doesn’t need an ally? And if Batman does, he has his back. No, it’s not your Superman but the Supergirl Kara whom you might see in DC’s new slate movie Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Well, we hope so, but there is no certainty. Anyways let’s not deviate from where we were. So, Kara was an imprisoned Kryptonian; Barry might rescue them to help him and Batman and strike the final battle. 

Since Warner Bros released the first clip of The Flash trailer, we knew we’d have a Supergirl cameo so that DC could expand a new franchise later. Further, when Warner Bros released the official poster from The Flash movie three days before, it almost confirmed that the production studio would soon release another trailer for its most anticipated project of 2023. The official The Flash poster unveiled on 10th February 2023 had the Batcave presenting Ezra Miller as Barry Allen staring out the place from a distance. Meanwhile, the Batman logo reposted in the film’s poster had a message – World’s Collide. 

The Flash Movie Release Date, Cancellation, and More

The Flash Trailer movie

Since the movie began production on 26th April 2021, it has had too many delays for its theatrical release. All thanks to Ezra Miller, who has managed enough to be shrouded in controversy following his disorderly conduct of carrying weapons and various other legal issues. 

Later on, reports also had it that actor Ezra Miller made an illegal entry into a home in Vermont, and he was also accused that he had prepared a young activist Gibson Iron Eyes, to commit a theft or something. Following the continuous accusations and public wrath on Ezra Miller, The Flash actor shared that he has been facing a crisis, leading him to choose the wrong path. Although, Ezra didn’t justify his actions further. He pardoned an apology to people for disappointing them with the false behavior he had in his past and promised everyone to rectify his mistakes. He committed his audience to return to a healthy and productive life again.   

Initially, The Flash 2023 movie was supposed to release after 2017’s Justice League, but since the movie’s production was continuously halted, it couldn’t happen. And now, after years of development, we finally have a confirmed The Flash Trailer release date 2023.  Speaking about the film in the recently announced DCEU new slate, filmmaker James Gunn shared that The Flash will play a pivotal role in resetting the DC Universe so that the new 10 films and tv series planned for Gods and Monsters can start from its ashes. 

Though it may be the last time you might witness the speedster of DCU, since we have got a comeback of Michael Keaton’s Batman, we can say we are not settling for less, either. It must be acknowledged DC has made a smart move by bringing Michael and Ben Affleck’s Batman for The Flash trailer. There could not have been a better way to do the damage control for The Flash that revolved around constant delays and controversies over the years. It has indeed pushed up the hype for the Ezra Miller-starrer film like no other. 

What Fans Have to Say About The Flash Trailer? 

The Flash Trailer movie

As soon as The Flash trailer was released online, the DC fans were way excited to see their favorite Batman marking his return with his punch line- I’m Batman. Showering love over the return of Michael Keaton, a user wrote – 

Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson. We Are BATMANLegacy Never Ends. Another fan wrote – 

What a cinematic trailer. Got chills watching it. The CGI IS THE BEST after a long time. This trailer is a phenomenon. Chills seeing Keaton and Affleck Batman together in one movie, writes another user. Some die-hard fans of Michael Keaton also penned-

Owwwo, this is gonna be best movie of Dc; every movement from general Zod to Keaton batman saying, ” yeah, I am batman ” just gave me goosebumps. Can’t wait to see it

We already knew that Keaton’s Batman is in this film; still, his entrance with the classic Danny Elfman theme gave me chills! I have tears right now. More excited to see 1989 Batman than The Flash. 

There is so much craze about Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck. More than Ezra Miller’s The Flash looks like a Batman movie making fans go gaga over the two DC superheroes. The Flash movie has much more to offer before the DC Universe reboots with a new slate of films and tv series. We have a dual role of Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, and General Zod are also reprising their roles, and how to forget the wonder girl, we mean Supergirl Sasha Calle. She is one savage. Simply put, The Flash trailer has everything we could wait for two years, and now we have our eyes on theatres. What about you? 

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