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James’ New Superhero Movie The Authority DC to Bring Wildstorm Characters in DCU– Popgeek

The authority dc

Get ready to meet your first anti-superhero, The Authority DC is now here for a showdown. DC’s new duo, James Gunn and Peter Safran, took the internet by storm when they unveiled their new DC slate on Monday. According to their announcement, the first DC chapter, titled Gods and Monsters, will see a range of five films and five television series in the upcoming years. From Superman, Batman, and Supergirl to antiheroes like Creature Commandos and The Authority, James brings the mighty heroes back to the world awaiting them. 

Among all the other 10 projects announced in the DC’s new slate, The Authority DC manages to buzz most eyes. One of the most awaited DC movies, The Authority, is an adaptation of Warren Elis and Bryan Hitch’s comics Wildstorm. The story sees a group of anti-superheroes arrive to safeguard their planet from its untitled villains. However, as the comic book adaptation is a game changer for James Gunn, he plans to expand his film plan. According to James Gunn, The Authority is more what you expect from a superhero movie where there is one good guy and one bad guy. The Authority has some white, grey, and black shades in the story, and I know it will turn the tables for the rest of the DC Universe.  

What is The Authority DC About? 

The authority dc

The origin of The Authority DC lies in Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s 1999 comics Wildstorm. The comic book follows the adventure of the superhero team, The Authority comprising Ellis’s penned characters. Shortly after Ellis and Bryan had completed their fictional story, DC Comics approached the duo for Wildstorm acquisition. 

The superhero team, or shall we say The Authority DC members, are determined to save their planet by hook or by crook. The antiheroes, mainly penned by Warren Ellis, give a damn about the laws and politics. They are not here to abide by any rules but to follow their way to defeat the evil powers threatening lives on the planet. 

Initially, this fierce anti-superhero team only had their gameplay in one part of DC’s multiverse story. They had their world in a distinct universe, which, posts the Flashpoint’s 2011 reboot, opened their doors to DC’s main multiverse saga. And, since they have stepped into their new space, there is no going back. Looking at the hype The Authority is creating online, we are sure James won’t close The Authority’s adventures with just one film. The antihero team has a bright future in the DC Universe. What else about them? 

There is a great similarity between The Authority DC characters and Justice Lords. Guess what? Of course, it’s their strategic decision. The Justice Lords of the Justice League animated film also complies with their own rules to safeguard humanity and take control over the world. Even if their decision requires any harm, they won’t step back. 

Who are The Authority Characters? 

The authority dc

As said, The Authority comic movie is an adaptation of Warren Ellis and Bryan Watch’s Wildstorm; the film will most likely bring the comic characters onscreen. But what if James and Peter have other plans for The Authority members? We shall wait for the cast details either; unless we have any updates, we can expect the characters below to make a new antihero team in DC Universe. These can be- 

  1. Midnighter- Midnighter is a vigilante and a super soldier unaware of his history. He is a well known character of Stormwatch but is rarely without his mask and costume. 
  2. Jenny Spark: Jenny Spark lost her parents after they were murdered and killed onboard the Titanic. She is a free electricite orphan who can convert all her body parts into electricity. 
  3. The Doctor: There is more than one doctor in the Wildstorm comic, and they are much similar to Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate we met in Marvel and DC’s universe story. 
  4. Jack Hawksmoor: Jack has been a member of Stormwatch and The Authority. He has gained the ability to develop a symbiotic relationship with any town he travels to, which further allows him to increase his senses. 

James Gunn’s The Authority, which has its superhero base, will join the DC universe to take matters into their own hands and do what they believe is right. Initially, these antihero or superhero stories were built outside the DC multiverse, where they had their own lives. Still, following Flashpoint’s 2011 reboot, the fictional characters have discovered their new place. If you are intrigued to find out more about these characters, you must read the Stormwatch comics. 

 When Will The Authority DC Release? 

The authority dc

Like the Lost Paradise we discussed yesterday, The Authority DC is listed for an uncertain release. Out of the 10 projects announced in DC’s new slate, only a Batman sequel and Superman Legacy are grouped for the confirmed dates. The films and television series James Gunn announced on Monday include The Brave and the Bold, Swamp Thing, The Authority, Superman Legacy, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Waller, Lanterns, Creature Commandos, Booster Gold, and Paradise Lost. 

When Can You Watch The Authority Comic Movie Trailer? 

Watching The Authority comic movie trailer relies on when its creatives pen the script pages. Therefore, it’s hard to expect the trailer before 2025. Any confirmation on the movie’s release date may help to find out exactly when we can see the trailer; you can subscribe to stay updated with The Authority updates. 

James Gunn’s version of The Authority will be an interesting addition to the DC Universe. We expect this Widstorm adaptation to turn the tables for DC Studios. With James and Peter’s onboarding as Co-heads of DC Studios, fans consider The Authority a worth-watching material. The comic, now the turned-film story, will set up a distinct superhero base in the DC Universe. It will be a fun-filled experience to watch James and Peter’s side of The Authority. The stakes are much higher this time. We hope James and Peter live up to the Wildstorm standards and make a long journey with the franchise. 

So are you excited about how James and Peter unfold the twists in The Authority? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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