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SISU Official Trailer 2023 Teases a Wild Ride That Begs to Be Seen – Popgeek

sisu official trailer 2023
Popgeek Podcast
Popgeek Podcast
SISU Official Trailer 2023 Teases a Wild Ride That Begs to Be Seen – Popgeek

SISU official trailer 2023 releases online, teasing an estranged adventure of Finland’s new action hero embarking on his journey with a cute little dog. And guess what? The exclusive trailer from the SISU film releasing in April has received a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Amazing right? Well, that’s one rare moment we ever see for any trailer. The story of SISU takes place in 1994, bringing out some glimpses of grindhouse flicks and super-human one-man army action movies. Director Jalmari Helander creates an incredibly visceral experience that moves with a runaway train’s fury. Once again, after a long while, the European cinema has proved that the one-of-a-kind material they bring to viewers is worth watching onscreen. Read the full article to discover what happened in the bloody Lionsgate SISU official trailer 2023 aired this Wednesday. 

SISU Official Trailer 2023 is a Hyper Violent Adventure Taking Place in Finland 

sisu official trailer 2023

The SISU official trailer opens a brawling journey of 563 miles to the nearest bank for Jorma Tommila. Hell-bent on making a big at screens, Jorma Tommila as Aatami Korpi takes up an aggressive fight in Northern Finland. He is a solitary prospector who lost his family at the hands of WWII and one warrior no one should dare to mess with. During the last few days of the battle, Aatami Korpi reaches loggerheads with the Nazis, who supposedly steal his gold, compelling him to take vengeance mode. And know that he’ll pay no heed to anyone.

The Nazis have realized by now that they have messed with the wrong guy. Aatami Korpi is not an ordinary miner; one can betray this easily. You will see what happens when you take everything from him. And no matter how hard one tries, one won’t be able to stand against the one-man army for too long. Aatami is capable enough to go to any lengths to seek his gold back from the thieves. Whether that cost stabbing one’s head or exploding in Northern Finland. 

Overall, the concept of SISU has enough elements to thrill our hearts that present us with the journey of an outrageous man, a gold digger Aatam Korpi who can cross any limits to achieve his dreams and get his gold back from the shitty Nazi soldiers. We are sure he will give them a good taste of their own medicine throughout some action-packed sequences built on the ashes of war consequences. 

Who Is the SISU 2023 Movie Cast? 

sisu official trailer 2023

Written and directed by Jalmari Helander, SISU features an acclaimed cast for the outrageous adventure in Northern Finland. This includes Jorma Tommila as the titular Aatami Korpi, Mimosa Willamo as Aino, Onni Tommila as Schutze, Jack Doolan as Wolf, and Aksel Hennie as Bruno Helldorf. The 2023 War drama film is executively produced by Mike Goodridge, Antonio Salas, and Gregory Ouanhon, while Juri Seppa and Tuomas Wainola handle the music. 

What Does Sisu Mean?

sisu official trailer 2023

While there is no exact translation of the name SISU, the Uralic language Finnish states that SISU is an untranslatable word. Still, ever since Jalmari Helander has taken it on to his film, it has done something with much praise. SISU means determination, guts, hardiness, courage, and willpower in the English language. In the Finnish language, SISU sees an unexplainable determination of a person who faces terrible odds in a certain event. This clearly defines Aatam Korpi as he takes a single hand in fights against the Nazis in Northern Finland. A visual masterpiece, SISU has already made its critic’s film screening at Toronto Film Festival last year. The Jorma Tommila film has received a 7.6 rating on IMDB and has become one of the best-reviewed movies at the film festival. 

Praising SISU at Toronto, Meagan Navarro from Bloody Disgusting said- that Sisu feels like a gritty actioner of yesteryear but with a modern sense of style. It’s a wild ride that begs to see with an energized crowd.

A Splashy popcorn action piece unconcerned with credibility, pushing well-worn ideas to outlandish and outrageously entertaining ends, writes Dennis Harvey from Variety.

Meanwhile, Brian Tallerico from RogerErbert.com pens- Sisu gets a bit repetitive and arguably lacks much to offer beyond its gore, but it works on its own B-movie terms. Who doesn’t want to watch Nazis go boom?

What it lacks in historical or narrative nuance, it more than makes up for in outlandish, gory action, writes Nikki Baughan from Screen International.

What Fans Have to Say About Sisu Official Trailer 2023?

As soon as the SISU official trailer 2023 has released online, the Jorma Tommila fans were are seen way excited for the wild ride that begs to be seen. Praising the historical war drama adventure a user wrote-

This movie doesn’t need a trailer, just the name and release date and everyone will go! Can’t wait to see it.

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Although this is exactly another john wick movie but setting back in time seems too cool to be missed! Can’t wait!!, writes another user.

I miss the Whomp-a-thon movies of the late 80’s/early 90’s. (Terminator, Rambo, Predator, Under Siege, Alien(s) et al) This looks like a worthy return of the genre from the ashes, says a SISU fan on the SISU official trailer 2023 released on YouTube.

Some John Wick fans writes- Seems to have adopted Wick’s sense of realism. Soldiers with guns standing around waiting to be beaten up.. Still, looks pretty fun i suppose.

We watch ”oh, it look like good” and 1:06 found out ” From the studio behind John Wick” :0 Our fan’s souls sold out :D.

SISU hits theatres on 28th April 2023. Check out the first official trailer of SISU which discovers a lone Finnish man giving a hard time to the Nazi soldiers in the Finnish Lapland, and drop your comments on the Jalmari Helander film here. For more updates, do subscribe and stay tuned to the page.

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