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She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown: Jens Faces An Identity Crisis 

Hey guys! Welcome to another story of Popgeek, where we will talk about She-Hulk Episode 7. All three episodes of the famous series are left, including this one

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Hey guys! Welcome to another story of Popgeek, where we will talk about She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown. All three episodes of the famous series are left, including this one. After episodes 8 and 9 will stream on Disney+ Hotstar, the show will end. This means we are heading to the show’s finale, which has used a lot of deep cuts from the Marvel Comics Universe by bringing two classic Marvel characters. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into the episode and find out what happened between Jenn and Josh.

The title of She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown is The Retreat, which has a runtime of about 32 minutes. Written by Zeb Wells, this episode is directed by Anu Valia. The synopsis of the seventh episode describes Jen visits Blonsky’s wellness retreat, meets new friends and gets in touch with her inner She-Hulk.

In She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown, Jen is invited to be a bridesmaid at her school friend Lulu’s wedding. But, she is upset that Lulu wants her to not dress as She-Hulk and instead perform the many pre-wedding duties left. The situation worsens when Titania arrives at the wedding but loses to She-Hulk in a brief fight. Nikki and Mallory win the divorce case of Mr. Immortal; during their celebration, they discover a death threat for She-Hulk. On the other hand, an organisation tests She-Hulk’s blood samples stolen by them. The episode ends with a disturbing scene where a crew monitors Jen and prepares to attack her. But no clue is given behind this conspiracy.

She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown

She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown! 

She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown starts when Jennifer Walter has dated Josh, who likes Jennifer Walter rather than She-Hulk. Therefore, he gives much more preference to Jenn, which matters the most to Jenn, that people like her more than Jenn and not as only She-Hulk.

The couple, who have liked each other, sleep together after a couple of dates. Jenn, who used to be a depressed person, now always thinks of Josh, texts him daily and is quite happy in her life. Love is in the air, though.

But her happiness soon turns into a nightmare for Jenn when she doesn’t get a reply from Josh to the text she has sent him.

Regarding her clothes, Jenn wears a purple dress that seems to be a civilian costume, but it has something familiar to her She-Hulk costume. So the colour of the civilian dress and her She-Hulk dress is purple only. As we will see in her costume soon, a reference is given to the audience here.

When Jenn visits her office, Nikki informs her she (Jenn) is nominated for the Female Lawyer of the Year Award, and she may win it too.

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She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown

On the other hand, Jenn is curiously waiting for Josh’s message as he hasn’t replied to her for the past 12 hours. Here, Nikki tells Jenn that she should not sound too desperate and rather should calmly wait for the message.

Two days later, While Jenn still waits for a notification or text from the love of her life, she feels disappointed with Josh for not even looking after her text. Josh suddenly has escaped from Jenn’s life, and she is stressed about what’s going on in her life.

Days have passed, and it seems like Jenn has lost all hope of receiving Josh’s message. After that, on Sunday we see that Emil Blonsky’s parole officer, Chuck, calls Jenn as he wants her to accompany him to the farmhouse. He received an alert on his inhibitor, for he had to go to the farmhouse to check on the matter.

But Chuck fears going alone because the people disguised as abominations could even kill him. Being idle at her home, Jenn agrees to go with Emil Blonsky. She continuously checks her phone to know if there is any update. But, nothing much happened.

Upon reaching there, Chuck asks Jenn to become She-Hulk, to be prepared for any fight. So inside, She-Hulk and Chuck interact with Emil, and he explains he went too close to the electric fence while saving her chicken. After that, he reassembles the inhibitor. So, it’s time to drive back to LA .

After that, Jen sees Man-Bull and El Aguila fighting with each other and bumps into Jenn’s car during the same. The person named El Aguila tells Jenn that he will pay for the loss made to her car. Emil asks Jen to join their circle until her car is repaired, only to disrupt their conversation.

Also, there is no cell reception or wi-fi at the Summer Twilights. The time Jen spends there is her nightmare. As she watches the circle conversing in a spiritual environment, she notices two other people, Saracen and Porcupine.

Who is the Guy? who Just Arrived at Summer Twilights? 

She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown

Heading with episode 7 of She-Hulk, we see a man from the Wrecking Crew arriving at the farmhouse, seeing whom Jenn gets furious and keeps beating him. Emil insists she calm down and asks her to discuss her anger issues.

Jenn agrees to do so, but she is not yet ready to share her thoughts. But, when Emil asks her again if there is anything she wants to share? That’s when Jen pours her heart out. She says she met a guy at her friend’s wedding, and they went on dates, but she hasn’t heard from him yet.

All the members of the circle bring out the reason for her situation. They advise her you should not be so desperate for someone’s text message and make people feel you are thirsty.

She opens up that Josh was the first person who liked her as Jenn rather than her other identity of She-Hulk, because of which she generated a liking for Josh. She wants Josh to love him, but now everything sucks. Listening to Jen’s words, the circle asks Jen about Josh’s whereabouts as they want to kill him for his deeds.

But then Emil being Emil calms everyone. Later, Man-Bull asks She-Hulk to change herself into Jen if she trusts them. She-Hulk converts into Jenn, and then everyone applauds. Taking a sigh of relief, Jen confess that she is feeling much better now talking to them.

Unfortunately, Jenn’s time at the farmhouse ends now as the mechanic has arrived to take her car. The circle makes a goodbye card, and Emil drops her at the gate, reminding them she is welcomed here anytime she wants.

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She-Hulk Episode 7 Breakdown

What? Did Josh take Jen’s Blood? But Why? 

While Jen drives her way back to her home, she is calm. It felt like she much needed this retreat. Although, three days back (on Thursday), we are taken back to Josh and Jen’s date. While Jen sleeps at night, Josh copies all her phone’s content, snaps a picture of her, sends it to HulkKing and texts him he has got the blood of Jennifer Walter.

Hence, that’s true; Josh sucks.

Final Words

She-Hulk episode 7 has a shake-up finally from a daily soap story it turned in the initial episodes. Even if the show’s costume took some time to get acceptance and acknowledgment from the audience, it has finally gathered love worldwide. However, it remains to be Jennifer Walter’s show, and now we are ready to see her seek revenge for what Josh and the Inteligencia agency members did to her. Hope we get some action scenes this time! But even if it does happen, we are with Jen in her emotional breakthrough journey.

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