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Secret Invasion: Nick Fury is Back to Battle Against the Skrulls 

Secret Invasion featured image

Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios releases the official trailer of Secret Invasion, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Emilia Clarke at the D23 Expo 2022 event. Catch all updates of this mind-blowing spy thriller with today’s spoiler.

As the D23 Expo event is finally here, Marvel Studios has brought its most-awaited comic story, Secret Invasion, as a miniseries. With the trailer release of the show, one thing is confirmed: Samuel L. Jackson will steal our hearts with his presence. Among many new films in the pipeline, Secret Invasion is expected to outshine with Nick Fury finally ought to defeat the Skrulls.

So, What is the story of Secret Invasion, and how will Marvel Studios reshape its plotline to make it different from Marvel Comics? This article will cover everything you may want to know about the Secret Invasion release date, cast, and Nick Jury’s mission.

What’s Secret Invasion All About? 

Written by Michael Bendis, the comic version of Secret Invasion centers around the shapeshifting alien Invasion on Earth and humanity being unaware of it. The comic version of the story narrates the Skrulls (shapeshifting aliens) spend years seizing and replacing the politicians and superheroes to rule on the planet. As Galactus destroys the Skrull’s world, the shapeshifting aliens find Earth their new safe place. And when they succeed in their motives, the superheroes of the Earth are not prepared for the fight, leaving it scrambled for them to know who is a Skrull impostor and who is not.

The Avengers can defeat the aliens. So, just as in the preceding civil wars, the Secret Invasion’s fallout shapes the Marvel Universe’s upcoming stories.

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Secret Invasion Release Date: When Will Secret Invasion Stream on Disney+? 

Secret Invasion hits the Disney+ platform sometime early next year during Spring 2023 after the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3.

The miniseries’ production officially began in September 2021, as stated by a Marvel timeline.

Who is Likely to Return in the Secret Invasion Star Cast? 

Along with the starring of Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Cobia Smulders and Ben Mendelsohn, the show also marks the debut of Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke. Talking about their roles, Samuel L Jackson will return as Nick Fury, Don Cheadle as Iron Man, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos the Skrull General, and Martin Freeman as Everett Ross.

While Don Cheadle confirmed the Secret Invasion cast members in the D23 Expo 2022 event, their specific roles in the movie are not disclosed yet. This includes Olivia Coleman, Dermot Mulroney, Christopher McDonald, Killian Scott, Kingsley Ben Adir, and Emilia Starke.

The other Secret Invasion cast can be Iman Vellani, Rune Temte, Teyonah Parris, Jonathan Majors, Anthony Mackie, Michael B. Jordan, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Henstridge, Clark Gregg, Noel Fisher, and Carmen Ejogo.

What’s Nick Fury’s Next Mission? -The Secret Invasion Trailer 

Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios has released the official Secret Invasion Trailer for the upcoming MCU story of the alien shapeshifters. The miniseries are filmed as the darkest chapter of the Marvel franchise, which also hints at some conspiracy by the Skrulls.

As the entire plotline of the show is yet to disclose, Secret Invasion will build around the Skrulls wreaking havoc on Earth, who early appeared in Captain Marvel.

Not just that, but the post-credit scenes of Spider-Man: Far From Home also show the Skrulls trying to hide in plain sight while posing as Nick Fury with the help of their shapeshifting powers. The one disguised as Nick Fury was Talos, while the real Nick Fury took cocktails with the alien shapeshifters aboard a spaceship. Therefore, the new series about to stream in October 2023 is expected to unveil what Nick is up to.

The 2008 comic event of Secret Invasion unveiled that the Skrulls have gained enormous powers so much that they can even disguise as superheroes and politicians on the planet. The story has many shocking revelations as the characters featuring Brother Voodoo, Hank Pym, Spider-Woman, Black Bolt, Spider-Woman, Mocking bird, and Elektra were shown as the disguised Skrulls.

This is not yet revealed what changes the series will have in the story compared to the original comic. But it feels like the Secret Invasion Trailer has some clues for us. While the trailer has thrown some strong vibes, its plotline feels low.

As Nick Fury seems low for years, this time, he has finally made it big with the series. The trailer’s video clip involves some political thriller energy and the portrayal of Talos as the good boy. However, some disguised evil Skrulls are also trying hard to seize the globe.

Nick Fury tries to stop them, stating ‘I am the last person standing between them and what they want”. Olivia Colman and Colbie Smulders will help him out in his plan. Meanwhile, Cheadle’s Rhodey also shows up in the trailer. Directed by Ali Selim and Thomas Bezucha and Produced by Kyle Broadsheet, the miniseries will comprise six episodes to arrive on Disney+.

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The conversion of comic stories into television shows is one of the best things about Marvel Studios. The creativity Marvel adds during transformation is unmatchable. With the announcement and trailer launch of Secret Invasion, fans now have higher expectations from Samuel L. Jackson, aka Nick Fury, as comebacks to battle against the Skrulls.

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