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Secret Invasion Marvel Episode 2 Rundown – Which Side of the Skrulls is Nick Fury with?

Secret Invasion Marvel Episode 2 streamed on Disney+ on June 28th, 2023. Secret Invasion Marvel was left on a fearful and jarring note from the first episode. The Skrulls are immensely powerful and clever. Fury’s intentions are still suspicious. The failed attempt to defuse the bombs gets Hill killed and both Talos and Fury are disguised.

Sonya Falsworth refuses to team up with Fury and is determined to kill the Skrulls alone. G’iah (Talos’s daughter) is one of the rebels and is unstoppable now. With the Marvel Secret Invasion first episode ending on an unsettling and terrifying note, we were all hooked up, and the wait of 6 days was fuelling the excitement.

Secret Invasion Marvel, created by Kyle Bradstreet, based on Marvel Comics, and directed by Ali Selim, is an action-adventure, spy thriller, and superhero drama series. It stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Killian Scott, Samuel Adewunmi, Dermot Mulroney, Richard Dormer, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Don Cheadle, Charlayne Woodard, Christopher McDonald, Katie Finneran.

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Secret Invasion Marvel is a six-episode series on Disney+. The makers released the series weekly (every Wednesday), opting for a traditional release approach. The second episode dropped on June 28th, 2023, and we can’t hold our excitement to share the deets with you. So, without any further delays, let’s get started:-

Nick Fury’s Involvement with the Skrull in Secret Invasion Marvel

Fury first met with the Skrulls in 1995, and he promised Gravik to find them a new planet. Fury makes his first network with Skrull’s agents, and a female SkrullVarra introduces young Gravik to Fury. Fury and Gravik develop an emotional bond with each other.

Talos addresses the Skrulls and communicates his faith in Fury. In return for Skrull’s spying services, he promises them to find a new planet, while the Russian cops search for him. As they knock on the door, a woman answers she doesn’t know anything about Fury. The cops leave, the woman turns into Talos, and Nick emerges from the bathroom.

Fury asks Talos the reason for Skrull’s destruction. He tells him how they were attacked and many Skrulls were killed. The ones who survived escape the place and find their place on Earth, all one million of them.

After knowing the existence of millions of Skrulls, Talos put forth an opinion stating the possibility of Skrulls and humans co-existing on Earth. The back and forth goes on, and Fury tells Talos to get off the train.

Secret Invasion Marvel Illustrates Skrull’s Conspiracy

An attack (a part of Skrull’s conspiracy) is witnessed on Earth and over 2,000 people have been found dead, and the suspect is an American. The UK Prime Minister addressed the attack, and NATO Secretary General was investigating the bomb attack. This instigated Russia to start a war with the US, but the situation was handled as the US stated; it had no relations with the attack.

Gravik attends a council meeting without G’iah, who drives him there. He instructed her to shoot the guard if he wasn’t back in an hour. As the meeting ended, the UK Prime Minister and Secretary-General were revealed as Skrulls making it difficult to connect the dots.

In the meeting, the Skrull council wants to punish Gravik, about which the new Skrull leader Shirley (Seeta Indrani) counterargues that it was Fury and the humans who abandoned them.

secret invasion

As the Prime Minister is one of Gravik’s allies, he turns the decision in his favor. Shirley tells Talos about the meeting’s results, and the New Skrullos celebrate Gravik’s promotion.

At the celebration, G’iah notices a low-paced conversation between Gravik and Pagon. After following them, she discovers they are experimenting with DNA samples to make a machine. Their conversation with the lab attendant reveals that they are searching for “the harvest” and haven’t found it yet.

Politics and War in Secret Invasion Marvel Episode 2

James Rhodes (as US’s representative) attends an Emergency Security Summit in London, called by the European Union of heads and the UK Prime Minister. The other nation’s representatives inquire about Fury and Hill’s presence at the terror attack site. Rhodey covers up the allegations and proves there is no solid proof of the US’s involvement in the recent terror attacks.

As the meeting ends, Rhodey leaves to meet Fury for a drink. Fury explains to Rhodey that he intends to stop the attack, which does nothing to calm down Rhodey. Rhodey recommends taking the Avenger’s help, but Fury counterargues that if the Skrulls could replicate Avengers, it would be the end of humanity. Fury wants to handle it on his own, for which he needs Rhodey’s help, and he is not in the mood to do so. Rhodey fires Fury, but it is Nick Fury’s supremacy, and even when he is out, he is in.

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Sonya Falsworth vs the Skrulls

Sonya takes the matter in hand and interrogates the Skrull captured by the Russians. Cut to the New Skrullos, G’iah searches Rosa Dalton on the computer and finds a list of DNA samples from all kinds of creatures and people collected by Skrulls. Gravik enters the room, and G’iah hides what she is doing. Gravik tells G’iah how initially they didn’t trust her as they thought she was Talos’s spy. He also tells her they have tracked Brogan, and she will accompany him to free him.

At the interrogation, Sonya tortures Brogan by injecting a chemical in his body that boils up his blood, and he spills the details. He tells them they were building a machine to strengthen the Skrulls, and he didn’t know Gravik’s location. On asking, who is helping them, Brogan tells her about a married couple, “Dalton.”

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Gravik and G’iah, with Pagon and Beto, make it to Brogan’s location. Pagon and Gravik enter the cell, killing all the Russian guards, and G’iah and Beto wait in the car. G’iah leaves the car, saying she will look around to ensure everything is okay. Gravik and Pagon successfully rescued Brogan, and Sonya ran off from a secret path. G’iah hides and talks Russian on a phone call. Gravik and Pagon drive away until they see police waiting for them at the safe house, connecting the dot to G’iahs suspicious phone call. Gravik drives them into the woods, and Pagon executes Brogan.

Secret Invasion Marvel Episode Reveals Nick Fury’s Wife

In the final ending of Marvel Secret Invasion episode 2, we see Fury heading to a storage facility and driving to the backwoods. There is a house in which a female Skrull is in the kitchen. Fury walks in and meets the female Skrull (Charlayne Woodard). After exchanging romantic glances and dialogues, Fury went out of the kitchen and returned with a wedding ring, and that’s how we were introduced to Nick Fury’s wife, Priscilla Fury, a Skrull agent not yet revealed on which side. Nick puts the ring on her finger and then kisses her.

Secret Invasion Marvel episode 2 was a banger with its back-to-back shocking revelations. The Skrulls conspiracy and immeasurable power, Fury’s next move and what G’iah and Priscilla have to add to the story are some thrilling questions that will be answered in Secret Invasion Marvel episode 3.

Marvel Secret Invasion episode 3 will release on Disney+ on July 5th, 12:30 PM.

To know more about Secret Invasion Marvel episode 3, tap here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Secret Invasion Marvel Episode 2  

  1. What is the Secret Invasion Marvel series about?
    Marvel Secret Invasion is the ninth television series in MCU. It is a story of Skrull’s invasion on Earth and how Nick Fury and Talos conquer the threat and win against the shapeshifting and powerful Skrulls.
  2. Who is the main villain in Secret Invasion Marvel?
    Gravik, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, is the main villain in Secret Invasion Marvel. He is the leader of Skrulls and plans a conspiracy to capture the Earth.
  3. Is Nick Fury a Skrull in Secret Invasion Marvel?
    No. Till this point, Nick Fury is not shown as a Skrull in Marvel Secret Invasion. So Geeks! This was all about the Secret Invasion Marvel episode 2 breakdown. Tell us in the comments below if we miss out on any detail. Stay tuned for more Hollywood entertainment gossip and updates.
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