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Secret Invasion Episode 6 Review – Was That All?

Secret Invasion Episode finale rushed things into one another that made us feel is that all they had in store.

The wait is over, and the Secret Invasion Episode finale was out on July 26th, 2023, at 12:30 PM only on Disney+Hotstar. The six-episode long series is based on the characters of the Marvel Universe and a secret alien-like Skrull invasion. 

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Secret Invasion episode 6, titled “Home”, showcased Fury’s masterplans to rescue the President, G’iah, using her Skrull superpowers, Sonya saving the boat, and Fury heading for something big.

It all started when Fury promised the Skrulls to find a home in Captain America. Written by Brian Tucker and Kyle Bradstreet, Secret Invasion episode 6 is directed by Ali Selim.

Secret Invasion Episode 6 – A Good Start for the Final Showdown

The episode starts with Fury calling Varra. It is a goodbye call. Fury visits Gravik’s Russian compound, searching for him. Here at the hospital, Rhodey (the SkrullRaava) pushes the idea of executing the attack on Russia to the President.

The footage is displayed in which Russian tanks are seen over the borders of Finland and Ukraine, convincing that the Russians, along with the Skrulls, are responsible for the attack. Meanwhile, Rhodey receives a call from Sonya Falsworth to shift the President, as Fury is coming for him. 

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At Gravik’s compound, Fury meets Gravik, coughing heavily, and it seems he is about to die from the radiation. Fury takes out some pills to eat but drops them all. Gravik offers him a drink. While Fury is counting on his last breaths, Gravik shares that he killed his first human only to impress Fury (his first hero and idol).

With every kill, he became increasingly ruthless, and now he cares about nothing. He blames Fury for using them and making promises he can’t keep. Fury accepts that he failed the Skrulls and Gravik, which was the prime reason for his return.

He knew there was no other planet for Skrulls, but he kept the bargain and promise alive, saying it is easier to save human lives than to change their mind. 

Fury only hoped for relief before flaking out, and it was Gravik for whom he came back. Meanwhile, as Rhodey moves the President to another room at the hospital, the guards keep getting shot. 

Secret Invasion Episode 6 – Home and the Harvest

The matter comes to real terms after the back and forth of words. Fury hands over “The Harvest” to Gravik. The Harvest is the DNA of Carol Danvers and some powerful Avengers, which Gravik and his team collected.

marvel’s secret invasion

Fury put forth only one condition: Gravik, after becoming a Super-Skrull, will leave the Earth and find another planet. The radiation inside the lab starts to affect Fury, and he coughs hard. 

Gravik takes no time cross-checking the authenticity of the Harvest and puts the Harvest in the machine, and the names of all the Avengers pop out one by one. It was the pure Harvest. Fury and Gravik are ready for a face-off until something more shocking is revealed.

Secret Invasion Episode 6 – The Great Revelation!

As the ultimate face-off between Fury and Gravik starts, we see the paramount twist in the series. It was G’iah who brought the Harvest to Gravik all this time. Concurrently, Fury arrives at the hospital to rescue the President and encounters Sonya and Rhodey. It was all Fury’s master plan which worked flawlessly. 

Gravik and G’iah enter an engaging fight sequence with eye-catchy transitions and visuals. G’iah avenges her father’s, mother’s, and brother’s death. The fight reveals G’iah has enormous superpowers as a Skrull to take down Gravik. 

marvel secret invasion

At the hospital, Sonya points a gun at Rhodey, and Fury is already there. Fury tries to convince the President that Rhodey is a Skrull, and Rhodey manipulates the President to shoot Fury without second thoughts.

Fury further explains how the rebel Skrulls have kidnapped and significant world officials are held beneath the Skrull compound. The President looks confused, and in the next minute, Fury shoots Rhodey. He turns into a Skrull, leaving the President astonished.

In the power-packed fight between G’iah and Gravik, Gravik tossed G’iah in the air, unaware of her enormous superpowers. She puts him to sleep and eventually takes him down for good. 

Secret Invasion Episode 6 – Leads to a Peaceful End Hinting at a Beginning of Something Big

As G’iah takes down Gravik, she immediately rushes to the compound and frees every official captive, including Colonel Rhodey. The President cancelled the attack and announced that the alien-born Skrulls were alone responsible for the terror attack. 

Fury meets Varra and apologizes for not being there for her. Varra asks him if he will love her even when she is wearing her own skin, to which Fury replies he loves Priscilla. Here, G’iah and Sonya agree on a deal to make the planet safe for both species. And just when it seems it is going all well, things take a different turn for the Skrulls.

The President orders to wipe out all the Skrulls from Earth, and ruthless executions are started everywhere, killing the Skrulls. Fury calls the President to stop the executions, and the President refuses, saying get them all out of my planet, as it is the only way to keep the planet safe.

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Fury prepares to leave, and Varra enters. It is confirmed that Fury loves Varra even in her Skrull skin. She also tells him to call her by her birth name. Fury says he needs Varra as a Skrull diplomat, as Kree welcomes the Skrulls to a peace talk and requests her to accompany him.

Varra agrees on one condition that she will come back as soon as the work is done. Marvel’s Secret Invasion ends with Fury kissing Varra and both of them leaving. Marvel’s Secret Invasion has a compelling story and excellent visuals. Still, it does not match the level of other MCU projects.

However, it would be interesting to see what the makers have planned to do with the loose ends that give birth to a new story angle in Marvel Cinematic Universe. All the episodes are available on Disney+ Hotstar to stream. 


  1. Where to watch Marvel’s Secret Invasion Episode 6?
    All the episodes of Secret Invasion are available on Disney+Hotstar to stream. 
  2. Will there be Secret Invasion episode 2?
    Most probably no. As Secret Invasion is a direct setup to Armor Wars and The Marvels, the possibilities are lesser we can have a second season of Secret Invasion.
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