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Secret Invasion Episode 5 Breakdown – Gravik and Fury Ready for the Face Off

Secret Invasion episode 5, “The Harvest,” sets the events aptly for an action-packed finale. From Fury’s Harvest secret to Gravik’s master plan, all have been revealed in the fifth episode. Directed by Ali Selim and written by Kyle Bradstreet and Brian Tucker, Secret Invasion episode 5 dropped this Wednesday on Disney+Hotstar.

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Marvel Studios produced the television miniseries, and the cast again features our favorite Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Killian Scott, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Don Cheadle, and others.

 Now, let’s quickly jump into how they brought the intriguing plot in Secret Invasion 5.

Secret Invasion Episode 5 Brings Changes in Gravik’s Plan

The episode starts with Fury taking the President to the hospital, continuously telling him to hold on and not to trust Colonol Rhodey (now replaced by a Skrull). The scene then shifts to Gravik’s place, where several rebel Skrulls are there.

One of them stands against him, questioning his ability and powers, Gravik, in a second, extends his Skrull hands and takes out his heart, killing the rebel Skrull and establishing what will happen to others if they try to do the same. 

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Gravik makes a quick call to Rhodes, who is on the way to see the President at the hospital, and says there has been a change of plans. He orders him to tell the President that the Russians were teaming up with the Skrulls to attack us. He clearly orders to convince him there are Skrulls on Earth.

Fury is Framed in Secret Invasion Episode 5

Fury catches Rhodes at the hospital and warns him not to instigate him; otherwise, there will be serious consequences. Rhodes, in return, warns Fury that in less than a minute, the footage of him killing Maria Hill (in episode 1) will be all over the internet. Fury is infuriated but helpless and leaves the hospital.

In no time, the news surfaced on the internet, and to make it worse, the recent attack on the President planned by Gravik is blamed on Fury, which makes him a “Wanted” criminal.

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Sonya Falsworth has so many badass moments, and the first one happens when she encounters a colleague in the office and tells him that there are Skrulls inside the system. The overconfident colleague underestimates Sonya and answers her back rudely, to which our agent shoots the Skrull within no time. Surely, Falsworth is on the ride to kill all the inside Skrulls in the system.

Here, Gravik is again attacked by fellow rebel Skrulls, leading to a power-packed fight scene. He kills them all one by one.

Fury and G’iah Mourns Talos’s Death

Fury breaks into G’iah’s place, and they mourn together on Talos’s death. G’iah is grieving his father’s death, and more than this, it disheartens her that he died on a foreign planet and would never see the place where Skrulls would finally live if there be any.

Fury tells her to hold on and that this is a crucial time, as Gravik is all set with his master plan, and they need to be strong and careful about that. Fury tells G’iah to go to Varra (a Skrull living as Priscilla, aka Fury’s wife) and bury her father.

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Fury asks her what she saw in Gravik’s laboratory. She informed him there were DNA samples of Cull Obsidian and Flora Colossus, but he collected those because he couldn’t get what he wanted, “The Harvest.” Fury’s facial expression changes to a confident one, and he leaves.

G’iah then takes Talos’s body to Professor Davis’s house, where she encounters Varra and asks her to help to bury Talos.

Secret Invasion Episode 5 – Change of Plans

Rhodes tells the President that the Russians executed the attack with the Skrulls. The Russians are involved with the Skrulls, and their mission is to take over us with Skrull superpower, and Sonya Falsworth confirms the information. On the other hand, the President is unwilling to believe this and says that even if it is slightly true, they can’t risk attacking a nuclear power nation without solid evidence.

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Gravik is on the verge of executing his master plan. He calls Fury and offers a deal to him. The deal is if Fury didn’t bring the Harvest to him, he would bomb blast the new Skrullos and civilian’s place, leaving no allies to Fury and weaken him.

Secret Invasion Episode 5 – Girls in Action

G’iah and Varra prepare for Talos’s last rites and burial. Varra chants a prayer in Skrull language, and they bid Talos farewell. Exhausted, G’iah talks to Varra, and she comforts her.

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G’iah asks if Fury still loves him in her Skrull skin, which offends her, she scolds her, and suddenly there is gunfire. G’iah and Varra take the shooters by hand and fight them all out. This fight sequence was the highlight of the show. 

Secret Invasion Episode 5 – Setting the Premise for the Final Face Off

As the news of Fury killing Maria Hill is all over the internet, Fury flies off to Finland. He uses the SHIELD technology to change his face and identify himself as “Mr. Kerheron.” He meets Sonya outside, and they drive off listening to “Audacity.” 

Fury tells Sonya breaking news one after the other. He tells her Colonel Rhodey is a Skrulls, which greatly shocks her. Next, he informs her about Gravik’s plan to bomb blast the new Skrullos and how he will instill World War 3 among the powerful nations if he doesn’t give him “The Harvest.”

Falsworth is all ears to this and curiously asks how he has the Harvest. Fury now breaks down the turn of events to her. He said during the time of “Avengers: Endgame,” almost every Avenger spilled blood on Earth, even Carol Danvers, and he sent a team of Skrulls to collect the DNA, which Gravik led.

He anticipated this might be when Gravik came up with the idea of Super Skrulls. This also indicates that Fury is responsible for creating all the mess and is the obvious reason why he came back. 

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In London, Varra/Priscilla drops G’iah and instructs her to be careful. Guess we will find in the final episode what it is that she needs to be careful about.

Fury and Sonya Falsworth go to the graveyard and stand in front of the grave of Colonel Nicholas J. Fury, where he hid the Harvest. Fury has several fake graves on Earth for such incidents. On asking why he doesn’t call Avengers on Earth. Fury says, “It is personal,” and they can’t keep depending on superheroes to save the planet.

He then says he can defend the world in a way no one can. He remembers his mother and wife by giving them a tribute with his words. He says his only power is planted between his ears by a single mother and wrapped around his fingers by a woman, which makes him powerful enough. He also says that he chose Finland because he and Priscilla honeymooned there, revealing his wife is a Skrull. 

Fury takes out the Harvest. Sonya asks if he is really going to just hand it over to Gravik. Classic Fury gave a cryptic response without saying anything about his plan. He then steps inside a premise containing boxes and reprises his iconic look, wearing a leather suit, an eye patch, and a gun in hand, and hints toward an action-packed finale, saying, “It’s time to finish this.”

Secret Invasion episode 6 releases on July 26th, only on Disney+Hotstar at 12:30 PM. 


  1. When is the Secret Invasion final episode released?
    Secret Invasion episode 6 releases on July 26th, only on Disney+Hotstar at 12:30 PM. 
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