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Secret Invasion Episode 4 Rundown – Talos Pays the Price for Fury’s Broken Promises

Secret Invasion episode 4, “Beloved,” dropped on Wednesday, July 12th on Disney+Hotstar. The American sci-fi thriller is a Marvel Studio Production directed by Ali Selim, with a screenplay written by Brian Tucker. The cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Killian Scott, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Don Cheadle, Christopher McDonald, and other talented actors in prominent roles.

Secret Invasion Episode 4 Breakdown 

Secret Invasion episode 4 justifies the title and is full of love, drama, and action. The fourth episode reveals shocking revelations about Super Skrulls, G’iah’s death, Fury, Priscilla, Gravik, and Talos’s plan to find a place for Skrulls. Let us break down the Secret Invasion episode 4 for you.

Secret Invasion Episode 4 Reveals G’iah is Alive

Secret Invasion episode 4 starts with G’iah coming back to life. She used Gravik’s machine to power herself up with Extremis DNA. The scene shifts to Paris in 2012 when Fury meets Priscilla in a café.

secret invasion

They exchange romantic poetry, and the couple seems happy. Priscilla meets Rhodes in a church, where he commands her to kill Fury as he has fired Fury from the associations. Both of them are unaware that Fury is all ears to the conversation.

Rhodes also informs her that one of the occupants will be shot soon. He gives her the choice to flip the coin, which somewhat connects the dot to the ending of the episode. Priscilla favors Fury and states that he has changed and is weak. Rhodes dismisses her statements and warns that he will kill Fury if she refuses to do it.

Secret Invasion Episode 4 Displays Mild Disagreement Between G’iah and Talos

As G’iah manages to come back to life, Talos is terrified by the thought of losing his daughter, to which G’iah says she made the choice of her own will. G’iah asks Talos about all the expectations of a fool-proof plan to find a place for their people to live.

Talos’s answers and plan seem unsecured and might not work in favor of the Skrulls. The plan includes taking down the insurgency, approaching the President, and offering a solid bargaining chip to protect their planet.

secret invasion episode 4

G’iah is unsatisfied with the plan and shows her disagreement by walking out of the conversation. Talos also suggest that they might have to live in human skin for a long time which pisses G’iah, and she asks him doesn’t he likes to live in his own skin.

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Secret Invasion Episode 4 Shows Rhodes as a Skurll

In the next scene, Priscilla and Fury are having tea at home. Aware of her conversation with Rhodes, Fury hints to her and starts an indirect conversation which she totally understands.

She keeps answering his question one by one, and they exchange the romantic poetry they shared at the beginning of the episode. Both of them with heavy hearts, Fury and Priscilla shoot each other in a fraction of a second.

Oh NO!! Luckily both of them were safe, and they already knew it. Fury then asks Varra (her identity revealed in episodes 2 and 3) why she chose Priscilla’s body. Varra replies she made three promises to Priscilla: to bury her at sea, to be her parents’ daughter, and never to hurt Fury. She kept her promises. 

skurll secret invasion

Secret Invasion episode 4 reveals that Rhodes is a Skrull working inside the U.S. government. Fury breaks into Rhodes’s house and proposes him an offer. He tells Rhodes that he won’t utter a word about Skrull’s presence in the U.S. government only if he gives him his job back.

Rhodes denies his offer showing him a clip in which Fury is killing Martin Freeman (Cobie Smulders, from episode 1). Both Fury and Rhodes know that Gravik killed her disguised as Fury.

Talos Pay the Price for Fury’s Broken Promises

Fury has implanted a liquid location tracker in the alcohol he offered to Rhodes. Here Rhodes and Grvaik are all set to blast the President. As the President departs with his team, including Rhodes, his car is bombed by Gravik and his fellow rebel Skrulls.

Fury and Talos come to the location, and we see gunshots, firing, and face off both sides. Fury and Talos try to get closer to the President’s vehicle, and Gravik does everything he can to stop them.

broken secret invasion

Fury somehow manages to get the President inside the car, but at the cost of Talos’s safety. Talos, who was already shot, is captured. Gravik, disguised as the soldier, shoots Talos. Fury faces the dilemma of protecting the President or looking after his friends. He chooses his duty above all and leaves the place with the President in his car. 

Secret Invasion episode 4 was all the drama and love. There are still many questions to be answered, which we will discover in upcoming episodes. We will keep you posted. Secret Invasion episode 5 will release on July 19th, 2023.

  1. Is Talos dead in Secret Invasion?
    Gravik shoots Talos at the end of episode 4. However, we are assuming they have a backup for Talos’s life, and we can see him again on screen just like we saw G’iah. Everything will be revealed in episode 4.
  2. Is Rhodes a Skrull?
    Secret Invasion episode 4 confirms that Colonel James Rhodes is a Skrull.
  3. When is Secret Invasion episode 5 releasing?
    Secret Invasion episode 5 will release on July 19th, 2023.
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