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Secret Invasion Episode 3 Rundown – Gravik is Always One Step Ahead!!

Marvel’s Secret Invasion episode 3, “Betrayed”, dropped this Wednesday at 12:30 PM on Disney+Hotstar. Created by Kyle Bradstreet, based on Marvel Comics, and directed by Ali Selim, Secret Invasion is an action-adventure, spy thriller, and superhero drama series.

It stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Killian Scott, Samuel Adewunmi, Dermot Mulroney, Richard Dormer, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Don Cheadle, Charlayne Woodard, Christopher McDonald, Katie Finneran, and other in prominent roles.

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Secret Invasion episode 3 has a runtime of 41 minutes, and this episode was rather a connecting episode of the series, which doesn’t include the much bigger plot twists but can be seen as an episode necessary for story building.

We get to see Fury’s wife, Priscilla, and encounter Gravik and Talos scenes together. G’iah existence in the series is uncovered, and what is the fate of the mission to blast the United Nations plane? The episode, “Betrayed” shows us more than one shocking betrayal faced by Gravik and Fury.

Here we are, giving you every detail about the latest released Secret Invasion episode 3. Let’s get started:-

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Starts with Gravik’s Master Strategy

The series starts with Gravik conducting a meeting in his lab with the other Skrull council members. He then appoints three officers to infiltrate the Navy and declares that he is up to doing something big for the Skrulls, making them even more powerful, and they will be called the Super Skrulls.

More of Priscilla in Secret Invasion Episode 3 

The scene shifts to 1998 in New York, where young Fury meets Priscilla in a café, establishing their budding romance. Priscilla is introduced as Varra, a Skrull who hands him an envelope saying, “Put Dreykov’s men on their heels,” referring to General Dreykov of the Red Room in Black Widow.

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At present, Nick and Priscilla are in their house, it’s morning, and Fury asks her if she met Gravik while he was gone, wanting to know who she has become. This infuriates her, and she clarifies that she has no business to do with Gravik and he must not ask these questions after disappearing for so long without giving any thought about her.

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Confirms G’iah is a Traitor

Gravik visits G’iah and says he suspects a traitor in the rebel Skrulls. G’iah cleverly directs the conversation and makes Gravik believe that Brogan was always the weakling of Skrulls. Gravik orders G’iah to drive her to a parley with her father, Talos. In the car, Gravik tells someone the exact location of the United Nation’s plane to be blown up by a missile as a part of Gravik’s master plan. When Gravik leaves to meet Talos, G’iah quickly texts someone about Gravik’s plan to explode the plan.

Secret Invasion Episode 3: Gravik and Talos’s Parley

It is evident that Gravik is in no mood to stop the bloodshed and has several conspiracies in his pocket to accomplish his goal. When they both interact in a café, Talos warns Gravik to be careful, to which Gravik says he should be grateful he hasn’t sent G’iahs body packed in a bag yet. The next second, Talos strike a knife right into his hand, and all the Skrulls looking like Gravik surround them. 

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Talos again warns Gravik about how brutal and formidable humans can get toward their common foe. He is just one call away; all the powerful nations would know about Skrulls, and they will all be dead. Gravik pays no response to this and drags G’iahs name into the conversation, instigating Talos. He grabs Gravik by his neck and apprises never to take his daughter’s name again.

Is Nick Fury Useless Without Talos in Secret Invasion Episode 3?

In the next scene, Nick Fury meets Talos at a bar. Nick calls Sanya Falsworth to check if she is aware of the British submarine Neptune, an explosion of which can cause World War 3. Sanya gives him diplomatic answers, gives him the details about Bob, and cuts the call.

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The conversation between Talos and Fury takes a light-hearted turn, and Fury says to Talos how he has been cleaning up his mess for 30+ years, to which Talos reminds him how he was a benchwarmer and was a nobody in S.H.I.E.L.D. office, until, he and his 19 people helped him and became his spies. On that note, they arrive at Bob’s location, and Talos alarms him not to rewrite the history.

Can Fury and Talos Stop World War 3 in Secret Invasion Episode 3

At Bob’s place, Talos makes it to Bob, and Fury keeps a check on the outside. Soon Fury gets a call from Talos to come up to the second floor. Fury reaches there and sees Talos captured by Bob. But our hero already has Bob’s son at gunpoint. Back and forth between Talos and Bob leads Talos to kill him after he comments on G’iahs loyalty.

As soon as Talos kills Bob, he calls, asking about the code that will instruct the army base camp to abort the mission. After running into Gravik’s lab, G’iah tells the code to Talos, confirming that she was always with Talos. Talos immediately instructs her to run.

Did Gravik kill G’iah in Secret Invasion Episode 3?

The moment G’iah runs for her life and turns the bike into the woods, she is encountered by Gravik. Gravik, without hesitation, kills G’iah before telling her that the plan was all intended to find the traitor, which he eventually did.

More Than One Betrayal in Secret Invasion Episode 3 Titled “Betrayed”

In the last moments, we saw Priscilla/Varra fetching a revolver from a bank safe and getting a call from a man who sounded like James Rhodey but was Gravik. This confirms that Fury’s doubt was real. Priscilla has some business with Gravik, which will be revealed in upcoming Marvel’s Secret Invasion episodes.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion episode 4 will air next Wednesday, July 12th, from 12:30 PM onwards only on Disney+Hotstar. 


  1. Who killed G’iah in Secret Invasion episode 3?
    Gravik killed G’iah in Secret Invasion episode 3 after discovering she was the traitor. The missile launch on U.N.’s plane was all Gravik’s plan to find out who the traitor was.
  2. When will Secret Invasion episode 4 air?
    Marvel’s Secret Invasion episode 4 will air next Wednesday, July 12th, from 12:30 PM onwards only on Disney+Hotstar. 
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