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Transgender Rose Montoya Goes Topless at White House Pride Event, Biden Says She Would Not Be Invited For Future Events!

transgender rose montoya goes topless

Transgender Rose Montoya goes topless at the White House Pride event on Saturday, receiving a ban from President Joe Biden. Rose Montoya, who is a model and transgender rights activist, was invited to the Pride Month celebrations hosted to express support for the LGBTQ+ community.  

In a TikTok video shared by Rose Montoya, the model and transgender rights activist was seen shaking hands with President Biden in the next moment when she was seen pulling down her top and holding her breasts with two other trans fellows. 

The socially unacceptable video quickly went viral on social media and sparked outrage online, while some of her supporters also applauded her actions to normalize freeing women’s bodies. 

The US President condemned Rose Montoya’s actions suggesting that it was inappropriate and disrespectful behavior and stated that Rose Montoya would not be invited to future White House events now. 

Rose Montoya Responds to the Criticism Says All You’re Doing is Affirming I’m a Woman

Transgender Rose Montoya Goes Topless- that’s what every headline reads today. After Rose Montoya took a bold move to get topless and celebrate her truth at the White House Pride Event, netizens were quick to show wrath on the model and trans rights activist online. Few of the Twitter users irked by Rose Montoya’s actions pens – 

Rose Montoya is a f**king joke, and I’m so happy to see countless members of the LGBTQ community, like @zayapersian calling out the bullshit. This was a family-friendly event; busting out your t*ts in front of children will never be appropriate. 

Another Twitter user wrote- ROSE MONTOYA and both men who took off their tops at the otherwise great White House Pride event deserve scorn. 

1: Never embarrass your host.

2: Never, intentionally or recklessly, set back the people you represent.

Can’t follow those rules? Don’t accept WH invites.

Rose Montoya witnessing all the hatred online, reacted to the backslash, saying- It recently comes to my attention that some conservatives are trying to use my video of being topless at the White House to try to call the community groomers as a mess, and I would like to just say that in Washington DC going topless is legal and I fully support the movement because why is my chest now deemed inappropriate or illegal when I show it off? However, before coming out as trans, it was not. All you’re doing is affirming I’m a woman. 

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All you’re doing is saying that trans women are women because, for some reason, people like to sexualize women’s bodies and say that they are inappropriate. My trans masculine friends were showing off their top surgery scars and living in joy, and I wanted to join them. 

And because it is perfectly within the law in Washington DC, I decided to join them and cover my nipples just to play it safe because I wanted to be fully free myself. I had zero intention of trying to be vulgar or profane in any way. I was simply living, enjoying, living my truth existing in my body. 

Happy Pride. Free the nipple.”

Montoya’s going topless at the White House Pride Event ignited a debate about the right ways to raise a protest and voice for social justice for the trans community. On the one hand, where her supporters have praised her bold and brave move, others have criticized her for being a mess at a public event. 

A user who expressed his support for Rose Montoya tried to explain the act to Montoya, quoting – Rose Montoya, I support what you are trying to accomplish but you messed up at the White House. You made a really big mistake and hurt a very powerful friend of the cause. Apologize and just try and move on. 

However, despite all these opinions on transgender Rose Montoya going topless, the American model’s actions have brought the issues of transgender people to attention and the need for greater acceptance and understanding. 

On the one hand, where Netizens are divided over Rose Montoya’s going topless resulting in her being banned at the White House, what do you think was Rose Montoya’s actions were inappropriate for a National level event? 

Drop your answers in the comments below!

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