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Pixar Elemental Trailer Teases a Cute Romance Between Ember and Wade – Popgeek

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios’ production Elemental is all set for its theatrical release in June 2023. An official Elemental trailer is released on Pixar’s official YouTube channel allowing fans what they can expect from the Elemental movie. Elemental opens to a spectacular world where a host of elements boasting air, earth, water, and fire live and work in Elemental City. In a place where all these elemental people are restricted to mixing following their obvious difference, a fiery fire girl Ember and a go-with-the-flow water boy, Wade, cross paths and discover they have things in common. 

pixar elemental trailer teases

Peter Sohn, who directed Elemental, says the story of his new animated feature film came from his experience of living as the son of immigrants in New York City in the 1970s and adjusting to the city’s cultural and ethnic diversity. After the release of The Good Dinosaur in 2015, he pitched his story to Pixar, and after them being finalizing the script, the production for Pixar lasted for seven years. 

The Elemental movie is written by acclaimed writers, including John Hoberg, Brenda Hsueh, Kat Likkel, and the captain of the ship Peter Sohn. The voice cast who serves as the vocalist for Elemental’s main roles is Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, Catherine O Hara, Matt Yang King, Joe Pera, Mason, Wertheimer, Wendi McLendon Covey, Shila Ommi, and Ronnie del Carmen. Want to know more about Elemental? What will happen in Elemental? When is Elemental releasing in theatres? Do nothing then, but do a careful reading. 

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The Elemental Trailer Brews a Cute Romance Between Fire Girl Ember and Water Boy Wade

Disney and Pixar Studios Elemental trailer introduces us to the residents of Elemental City who live and work in their magical world created from the eyes of its filmmakers. These elements are Air who usually has its head in the clouds, Earth which is a little seedy; water is always getting into something and fire, which runs a little hot honey.

This Elemental city is mainly dominated by water, earth, and air, who corners fire for their evident reasons. That doesn’t mean the other three elements have a bro-code thing relationship. Even though they don’t even like each other much and share some differences to maintain, they have set one simple rule for one another- Elements cannot mix. But since rules are meant to break someday, this one is no exception. 

the elemental trailer

As the Elemental trailer video progresses, it introduces us to Ember, who has her dreams of exploring this fantastic place, but the restrictions set by her bigoted father don’t let her do so until and unless she collides paths with Wade. 

Wade is a go-with-the-flow water guy in the elemental city. He doesn’t abide by rules nor fears chasing his bucket list, so he inspires Ember to do the same. As he questions the former as to why she ever needs anyone to tell her what she is supposed to do, it prompts her to push all the boundaries that stop her from fulfilling her desires.    

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Wade’s motivation over one should not give up on dreams so easily encourages Ember to satisfy her inner self by actions she was told not to do. Finally, she frees herself from the pressure of stepping into her father’s shoes. She befriends a water guy, discovers many things in common with Wade, rides all over the Elemental city with him, and lives to her fullest. 

Over this course of time, it also turns hard for the duo to deny something is brewing between them. They are a cute couple in town now. But what will happen when Ember’s father discovers about their daughter colliding with a water guy? Do you think the two will catch up over a cold coffee or some hot food only to burn Wade’s mouth in rage? 

trailer elemental

Whatever the case is now, we are sure it will be a fun-filled, bitter-sweet ride to experience on the big screen. Overall, the Elemental trailer mesmerizes viewers with its delightful visual feat. Though we are not certain whether Elemental’s story of a girl who often faces restrictions from family to live up to their expectations will land right with the audiences, the high-level animation used after so long by Disney and Pixar will surely save the day for Elemental City. What do you say, folks? Did you enjoy the imaginative world created by Disney and Pixar studios? What do you have to say about the interaction between elements in the Elemental trailer video being enjoyable? You can let us know in the comments below. 

Elemental hits theatres on 16th June 2023. Don’t forget to mark the date in your calendars! 

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