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Pele Death: Legendary Brazilian Soccer Player Pele Dies at 82

Pele Death

Famous soccer legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele died this Thursday. The Brazil star had been suffering from cancer for quite a long time and its the major reason for Pele Death. following his heart failure and swelling, he was admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo. After a few weeks of treatment and medication, his health began deteriorating. On 29th December 2022, when the soccer legend suffered multiple organ failure, he took his last breath. Pele age at the time of his death was reportedly 82. 

Who Confirmed Pele Death?

His agent Joe Fraga confirmed Pele death news, bringing shock waves across his fans. The football legend spent nearly two decades playing for Brazil’s national team and the Brazilian club Santos. He helped his country reach new heights, following which he even turned the global ambassador for his sport. Pele lived one memorable journey that started on Saul Paulo state streets and concluded with him being a worldwide celebrity. 

Over the years of his tenure, Pele gave everything to his sport and popularized it on global stages. Brazil’s national hero, Pele, was admired and beloved by everyone who saw him play. It was his originality and peerless talent which not only won his fan’s hearts but ruled them for centuries. 

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At the time of Pele death, he had three World Cups, 10 Leagues and the 1977 North American Soccer League championship titles as his achievements. In his way of popularizing soccer in the United States, Edson Arantes do Nascimento played three seasons with the Cosmos.

The 21 years of Pele’s career saw the player scoring 1283 goals. The goals counted as legendary are the ones people believe only a player like Cristiano Ronaldo can score in a tournament. Pele’s playing style was not unique from others but also something beyond imaginations. It was one genius thing, that’s not every player’s cup of tea. He was the last of the stars; the world will miss and remember forever. 

Why Pele was called Pele?

Pele Death

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, aka Pele, used to mispronounce Bile’s name, a goalkeeper at Vasco de Sao Lourenco. It was the rowing club where Pele’s father used to play as Pile that later turned Pele following the legendary soccer’s thick Minas Gerais accent.

Soon, Edson’s mispronunciation became a subject of fun for his classmates, and because of this, everyone in his school began mocking him by calling him Pele time and again. And that’s how Edson Arantes do Nascimento; the legendary soccer player got his name Pele, a name everyone all over the world knows and cherishes.

Although, in an interview earlier, Pele himself manifested that he never liked his most famous nickname as his Edson name was taken from the inventor Thomas Edison and he was awed by the fact. He even fought with his schoolmate, who mocked him and invented his nickname, but that could not result in anything but the player’s two-day suspension from school. Later on, when Edson found his name Pele means miracle in Hebrew, he accepted it wholeheartedly.  

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