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Oppenheimer Film Review and Analysis – Did Nolan’s Biographical Drama Lived up to Fan’s Expectations?

Oppenheimer is a show well played by Cillian Murphy and brilliantly executed by Christopher Nolan. The film aptly accumulates the destructive bomb blast scenes to the minute process of changing the country’s fate in a scientist’s life. Oppenheimer is a must-watch for a different theatre experience. Let’s break down the positives and negatives for you to decide whether to head for theatres or not. Here is Oppenheimer Film Review for you.

Oppenheimer Film Review 

IMDb rating – 9.0/10

Popgeek rating – 4.5/5

Oppenheimer Film Review – Story Analysis

The story is based on the real life of scientist Robert J. Oppenheimer who is responsible for making the destructive atomic bombs released on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The story is developed from the book American Prometheus, a good source material. The story development of the movie brilliantly summarizes the undoing at a smaller, subatomic, and personal level to the scientist. The story primarily focuses on the scientist uncovering his potential by developing atomic and subatomic combinations on Earth and how it impacts his life personally.

oppenheimer film reviews

The story delivers in telling the tale of a renowned scientist, his quest for scientific advancement, superintending a power he can’t control, which can lead to such destruction. The story complements the direction and the screenplay fits aptly with other aspects of the film.

Oppenheimer Film Review – Screenplay and Direction Analysis

The film’s screenplay and direction elevate the film’s quality to another level. Christopher demonstrates the stages of the scientist’s life, from achieving greatness to falling from grace, capturing the moments in a continuous chain of sequences. Nolan delivers in instilling time, science, space, and emotion in the three hours running time of the film. 

The film runs in three parallels: a clever screenplay and a director’s decision. First, it details the journey of Oppenheimer from a restrained student to a remarkable scientist. Second, it is set in the future, reflecting questions answered in the past. The third features Robert Downey Jr. during his hearing for becoming the US Secretary of Commerce. The idea of focusing the second half on the Trinity Test is apt but mostly fills the film with sadness. 

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The direction and screenplay are successful in retelling the story of the scientist, the secret and internal conversations in the room, and the impact of the bomb blast on the scientist, explained by a scream interrupting his monologue was a goosebump scene. By the end, you will pity the scientist who faces merciless questioning for his loyalty to the country and the damage it has done to his reputation. 

Oppenheimer Film Review – Performance Analysis

The movie’s star cast is a powerhouse of talent. Starting with the main lead, Cillian Murphy was meant to portray Oppenheimer in a Christopher Nolan film. His look, killer expression, and exemplary dialogue delivery are one thing to step into the theatre. Emily Blunt put forth a brilliant performance as Kitty Oppenheimer.

Matt Damon has also done his part well as Leslie Groves. Robert Downey Jr. came as a shocker in the film. The man has outdone himself in wiping his image of Iron Man and establishing the character of Lewis Strauss.

Florence Pugh’s character leaves a brief impact by her appealing performance. Benny Safdie, Kenneth Branagh, Josh Hartnett, and the other cast members performed excellently to elevate the movie.

Oppenheimer Film Review – Cinematography and Sound Design Analysis

The sound design of the film was one of the plus points. The background score in the first half was intriguing and curious, while in the second half, it was sad, matching the story development of the film. The cinematography of the film is top-notch and leaves no stone unturned in capturing the varied sequences of the lab room and the horrific bomb blasts.

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Watching the film on IMAX will advance your movie-watching experience. The idea to use the black-and-white color switch between the film’s two timelines worked keenly. The credit should also be given to the production team for conducting this ensemble combination to make an engaging three-hour show. 

Final Verdict of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer

The movie is one of the finest works of Christopher Nolan. Oppenheimer will not disappoint you if you are a fan of biography dramas, science, and political documentaries.


  1. Is Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer movie worth the watch?
    The movie is one of the finest works of Christopher Nolan. Oppenheimer will not disappoint you if you are a fan of biography dramas, science, and political documentaries.
  2. Is Oppenheimer based on a true story?
    Oppenheimer is a biography drama based on theoretical physicist Robert J. Oppenheimer’s life, the path he took in developing atomic bombs, and the repercussions he had to face, including his work with the Manhattan Project, personal life, and Communist investigation.
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