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New DC Comics Movies and TV Series Unveiled, James and Peter to Bring New Superman, Batman Characters!

new dc comics movies

Filmmaker and Producer duo James Gunn unveils their plans for the new DC comics movies and tv series on Monday. The new DC slate titled God and Monsters will release two films and two tv series each year to outperform their long-time competitors Marvel Studios. The new DC slate introduced by James and Peter has new Superman, Supergirl, Batman & Robin, and Swamp Thing alongside a few premium HBO projects. 

Peeping into details, Gunn said the DC universe is all set to bring the mighty heroes back to the world awaiting them. Surprisingly this announcement occurred two months after James Gunn and Peter Safran were hired as the Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer. It seems like the duo has pulled their shocks well to get DC Studios to new heights.

Following their designation, they held at the DC Studios; they were assigned to seize control over the film, gaming, television, and animation banners. And now, after promising the DC fans something special to extend the DC universe, they have shared 10 projects while also glimpsing about Henry Cavil’s exit from the upcoming Superman. 

According to Gunn, the movies and upcoming DC series list revealed on Monday will largely inspire by the works of filmmaker Zack Snyder. The new DC comics movies and tv series is a combination of superheroes featuring fresh faces to dominate the new universe formed on January 30. 

James Gunn and Peter Safran, who collaborated earlier, are excited about the new ten-year plan. The pair have been quite busy for the past few months transforming the style the DC studios does business for its film and television projects. What else? A new creative team is also approached to meet the standards of Chapter 1: God and Monsters. Some plans may shift; here we have the complete movies and the dc series list planned to release in July 2025. 

James Gunn unveils their plans for the new DC comics movies.

  1. Superman: Legacy
new dc comics movies

Superman: Legacy will be the first live-action film to majorly dominate the duo’s DC plans. Unlike the Man of Steel featuring Henry Cavil as Superman, Superman: Legacy will introduce you to a new face in the titular suit. Speaking on the storyline, Peter Safran said, we brought a new Superman to balance the Kryptonian heritage with his human values. He is the true icon of truth, justice, and kindness the world lacks today. The Superman: Legacy release date is finalized for 11th July 2025 and will probably be the first film of God and Monsters.

2. Waller

new dc comics movies

The HBO TV series Waller is a spin-off of James Gunn’s Peacemaker to see the return of Viola Davis as the fiery head of the government task force. When questioned on the plot details, the filmmaker and producer duo said writers Christal Henry and Jeremy Carver are working on the project’s story. Once we finalize the things, you will get the information soon, 

3. Lanterns

new dc comics movies

James Gunn and Peter Safran have accepted Greg Berlanti’s Lanterns for the upcoming DC series list. Lanterns will focus on the adventures of the space cops with power rings featuring Hal Jordan and John Stewart in detective forms. According to Peter Safran, Lanterns is a highly anticipated project the creatives are working on. 

4. Creature Commandos

new dc comics movies

So, Creature Commandos will release as a seven-episode animated series penned by James Gunn. The DC animation seriesbrings a team of old-school monsters into the modern-day story. They are the ultimate Creature Commandos tasked to battle the Nazis. Looking at the title unveiled by Gunn, this upcoming DC series list will see a live-action version carried out by its antiheroes. As James and Peter are still hunting for voice actors, we don’t know who enters the shoes to support the animated characters. 

5. The Authority

new dc comics movies

One of the most awaited new DC comics movies, The Authority sees superheroes arrive to safeguard the planet from its untitled villains. But this time, the superhero movie will be more than the concept of heroes and evils where the good guy defeats the bad guy and wins the screens. The Authority has some white, grey, and black shades in the story, said Peter Safran on Monday. 

6. The Brave and the Bold

new dc comics movies

What could it be? The Brave and the Bold is the origin of DC’s new Batman and Robin, i.e., Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne. Excited? The Brave and the Bold will largely inspire by Grant Morrison’s present Batman, which chronicles a murderous father-son story that introduces Batman to his evil son he never knew he had. 

7. Paradise Lost

new dc comics movies

The HBO series will be a James version of Game of Thrones to focus on the political drama of the female Themyscira society, which is Wonder Woman’s birthplace. Enticing the bloodshed and creepy traps, Paradise Lost opens before the events of the Wonder Woman movies. 

8. The Batman Sequel

new dc comics movies

It wasn’t even a minute; we got thrilled knowing we’ll meet the new Batman, and Peter Safran announced the Batman sequel. Woah, that’s something we call a DC surprise. Is it the Batman sequel? It’s a Matt Reeves direction to cast Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight. Titled The Batman Part 2, the superhero movie will swim in theatres on 25th October 2025. At least, for one more time, we can see Robert in DC now. 

9. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

new dc comics movies

Unlike his brother Superman whose loving parents raised him on earth, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is brought up on a rock that has witnessed terrible deaths throughout the 14 years of life until and unless she arrived on earth. Neither this Supergirl is ruthless nor kind. This Supergirl is not the one you have thought of to be. Her actions will surprise you, says Peter. 

10. Booster Gold- The Booster Gold 

new dc comics movies

HBO Max series is the story of a loser from the future who pretends to be a superhero and uses some technology to return to the present. The superhero was created in 1986, so predicting anything about what his character could turn out is uncertain.

11. Swamp Thing-

new dc comics movies

Swamp Thing is the first horror in the DC’s God and Monsters. James Gunn and Peter Safran share no further details of the movie. 

So, those we have for the new DC comics movies and tv series James Gunn and Peter Safran have in development. Taking on the touchy subject of Henry Cavill, James unveiled that they have never fired Henry as he was never signed for the upcoming Superman movie. His role was only supposed to do a cameo for Black Adam; the rest are his fan base’s false assumptions.  

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