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Memphis Rapper Big Scarr Dies at 22, Confirms Gucci Mane

Big scarr

This hurt😢 I’m a miss you @bigscarr 💔” says American rapper Gucci Mane, paying tribute to Memphis rapper Big Scarr death, who dies at 22. Yes, you heard right. Social media sensation Memphis Rapper Alexander Woods aka Big Scarr dies from an overdose of drugs on Thursday, confirms his manager and American rapper Gucci Mane. Ever since Gucci Mane confirmed the news of Big Scarr death, many celebrities, including DJ Akademiks began reacting on the same. Many Twitter users took over the platform to pay tribute to the rapper. 

Populer works of Alexander woods

Alexander Woods was best known for his track ‘SolcyBoyz’ featuring Tay Keith, Pooh Sheishty, and Foogiano. On 16th April 2021, Alexander released his debut mixtape Big Grim Reaper, ranking 25th on Billboard 200 list. Big Scarr never released a solo album in his rapping career and instead collaborated with other popular artists. He kicked off his career with Make a Play single, and despite being a beginner in the industry, his work was highly appreciated by friends and peers. 

The other hit singles of Big Scarr include Joe Dirt, Traphouse, Frozone, and I Would Keep Goin. In addition, the rapper also guests appeared in the album Love Me Like I’m Dead. His grandmother brought him up, but he never shared any information about his family. 

According to Big Scarr’s Instagram post, the rapper was about to go on Glockoma Tour 2023 with Key Glock, a Memphis rapper. His March and April dates were locked for the mega event, whose tickets went on sale. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see the rising star now who managed to win our hearts in a short period. 2022 was a bad year for the hip-hop industry though. 

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