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MCU’s Kang Jonathan Majors Arrested In the Charges of Assault and Harassment By a Woman – Popgeek

A new threat is imposed at MCU’s Kang Dynasty as its upcoming film’s lead face Kang, i.e., Jonathan Majors, is arrested by New York Police Department (NYPD) on Saturday. According to the New York Police Department, Jonathan Majors, mainly known for appearing in films like Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp quantumania has harassed and assaulted a woman in Manhattan, New York. And if reports are to be believed, the woman is the actor’s rumoured girlfriend.

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When Did the Incident of Jonathan Majors Arrest Take Place?

The incident took place on Saturday at 11:14 am when a 30-year-old woman dialled 911 to call for help at New York Police Department and levied serious allegations on the 33-year-old Creed III actor. As per the statement released by NYPD, a domestic dispute case has been filed against the actor after minor injuries on the woman’s head, and neck was confirmed by the medical professionals.

Although, Jonathan Majors is no longer in the police study. While the investigation will run, Majors is released by the authority as no evidence or eye witness of the incident is seized by the police.

We Have the Evidence That Can Clear Charges on Jonathan Majors, Says the Actor’s Spokesperson Priya Chaudhary

According to the Majors’ representative, Priya Chaudhary, the team is working to gather evidence to prove the actor’s innocence. As per the spokesperson, the allegations levied on Jonathan Majors by her rumoured girlfriend are all baseless. Jonathan is not involved in any wrongdoing with the lady. Jonathan’s team had even collected evidence in the form of video footage of the area where this incident occurred and an eye witness, a driver who was present when everything happened. Hopefully, with the help of evidence and witness, they can prove the innocence of Jonathan Majors.

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The representatives have also released an email quote- we are looking forward to clearing this mess up as soon as possible, and hopefully, the truth will come out very soon.

Jonathan Majors’ career was at its peak when allegations about the actor began levelling on Saturday. Recently the actor has achieved worldwide acclaim after appearing in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp quantumania and Michael B’s Creed III, a boxing saga that was released in theatres on 3rd March 2023. Post his two iconic roles in February and March respectively, a plethora of film, television and other commercial projects fell on the actor’s lap. Although, considering the actor has geared into a controversy, possibilities are the allegations can take a toll on his present and future contracts with Marvel Studios and other collaborators.

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Jonathan’s most recent campaign he signed with the US Army is a live example of his controversies’ effect on his professional life. In the two campaigns, Jonathan was the narrator which he kicked off at the NCAA’s March Madness College Basketball tournament. The US Army chose Jonathan Majors as the actor’s popularity from his most recent film Quantumania and Creed III could have helped their campaigns titled Overcoming Obstacles and Pushing Tomorrow reach the youths much more quickly.

But since the investigation is still running and Majors is innocent until proven guilty, the authority is pulling the campaign and waiting for Majors to come clean. So, what are your thoughts on Jonathan Majors’ arrest that took place on Saturday? Do you think the Creed III actor would cross his limits and assault any lady? Will such allegations put Jonathan Majors’ career with MCU in jeopardy? Share your thoughts in

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