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Are Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 a Good News? Find Out the Story Here

Relax! We know Marvel delayed phase 5 and phase 6 movies, and you are infuriated from the wait. But what if we tell you that it is actually good news! Yes, Marvel delaying the Phase 5 and Phase 6 movies is a piece of positive news as the critics say it might be the chance for MCU to correct their Phase 4 issues.

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Marvel Phase 5 includes movies released under MCU’s Multiverse Saga between 2023-2025. Likewise, Marvel Phase 6 movies include movies released under MCU’s Multiverse Saga between 2025-2027.

With the news breakout of Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 delayed, fans are devastated. We understand you, and to cool your temper, we will explain how Marvel delayed Phase 5 and Phase 6 movies as positive news. So, stick with us and keep reading:-

What are Marvel’s Phase 5 and Phase 6 movies?

Marvel Phase 5 films include all those American Superhero films produced by Marvel studios releasing between 2023 to 2025.

Marvel Phase 5 films are:-

marvel phase 6

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Marvels, Deadpool 3, Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts, and Blade.

Marvel Phase 6 films include all those American Superhero films produced by Marvel Studios releasing between 2025-2027.

Marvel Phase 6 films are:-

Fantastic Four, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars. There is an unannounced film scheduled to release in 2026.

All these Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 movies are based on characters published in Marvel Comics. The films are produced by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. The actors and other executive producers also join the production team for some films. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures will be distributing the films.

Just like Phase 4 films, these films are also released under the Multiverse Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Marvel Delayed Phase 5 and Phase 6 Movies! How is it Good News?

After giving a series of releases in Phase 4 (2021-2022), the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken a step back and decided to reshuffle the schedule of Phase 5 and Phase 6 movies. The sources reveal that makers plan to delay several releases to deliver a higher-quality cinema experience.

marvel phase 5

Although, it certainly has something to do with the strike of the Writers Guild of America. The makers stated the new release date of the Phase 5 films, and most of them are shifted 3 to 4 months of delay, and one has shifted for a long one year of delay.

Here is the list of old and new release dates of Phase 5 films:-

Old Release DateMovie NameNew Release Date
May 2024Captain American: Brave New WorldJuly 2024
July 2024ThunderboltsDecember 2024
September 2024BladeFebruary 2025
February 2025Fantastic FourMay 2025
May 2026Avengers: Kang DynastyMay 2027
May 2026Avenger: Secret WarsMay 2027

Writers Guild of America Strike Has Something to Do With Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 Films Getting Delayed?

Yes, of course, the Writers Guild of America strike has played a pivotal role in shifting the date of Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 films. Even though the writing takes place at the initial stages of pre-production and development of the film, writers also play a crucial role in the filming phase of the movie.

marvel delayed phase 6

The scripts and characters keep on changing or modifying for a number of reasons. There could be improvisation by actors, producers, or directors. An immediate idea pops up in anyone’s head, and sometimes changes are made to avoid uncertain obstacles in filmmaking.

Whenever the script or premise of the film is altered, the writers are required on the set to make sure the new material is aligned in sync with the modified material. Also, the writing skills and creativity of the writers cannot be fulfilled by anybody on the set.

That’s why the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America is affecting the release date of Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 films. The makers are choosing to keep mum and shift the release date after witnessing the Ryan Reynold example of getting banned from improvising on the set of Deadpool 3.

Is Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 Rescheduling the Dates a Lesson Learned from Phase 4 Releases?

The Marvel Phase 4 film released between 2021 to 2022 has seven movies and 8 Disney+ shows in the time period of two years. The critics and fans were overwhelmed by the quantity of content given over two years.

marvel delayed phase 5

It was also noticed by the fans and critics that the quality of visual effects could have been better, and the depth of the storytelling was missing. Audiences needed help to follow and catch up with the continuous releases posed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans can feel relief with the news as it is not the first time that Marvel Cinematic Universe is rescheduling the release dates. There were absolutely no Marvel movies between the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) and WandaVision (2021) amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. If we can go through that, then this delay in the films is no big deal.

At least there will be films continuously releasing in theatres, and we have assured the long list of films releasing in 5 years from now onwards. Adding to this, the order of release hasn’t changed in the Marvel Phase 5 films which restores the audience’s hopes unlikely what happened with Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) release. Doctor Strange’s desire to help Parker didn’t help Spider-Man’s multiverse plot.

Marvel delayed Phase 5, and Phase 6 is good news if we quantify the majors discussed in this article. The nostalgic MCU days can be brought back with slow-paced releases giving time and space to each Marvel film to penetrate deep inside our hearts. It will work for the makers as well as it will strengthen their marketing strategy.

Let’s hope the Writers Guild of America strike gets resolved as soon as possible so we can relax and be excited for our favorite Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 films.

What’s your take on the delay on Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 movies? Tell us in the comments below. Keep following Popgeek for more Hollywood entertainment updates.

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