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Manifest Season 3 Review- Popgeek

Manifest season 3 review 

IMDB has given 7.0 stars for the Manifest season 3 review, and we agree with the ratings the show has received. With yet again 13 episodes, the third season of Manifest is currently streaming on Netflix. Note that this is the second last installment of the Manifest franchise, which has become more visually appealing over time. But Grace’s death was something that shocked us completely. She was one genuine person among others. Why and how the incident is some other day subject, and for now, we are only here to drop a spoiler Manifest season 3 review. So, don’t skip today’s spoiler of what we have concluded from the third installment of the hit franchise Manifest.

Manifest Season 3 Review – The Investigation Kicks Off

Manifest season 3 review 

The Manifest season 3 plot has picked up the storyline three months after the Manifest season 2 finale, continuing the mystery behind the strange visions and callings. Not only has this season given rise to new challenges but also deep narratives that at times felt unnecessary either. It may be ironic, but the action sequences were not surprising for us at all. For once, the season relied on something other than the progressive plotline or changed dynamics for the story to keep a steady pace. Neither they spent a lot of time explaining the changed situations and nor did they let us feel cringy.

Did you wonder why the investigation on flight828ers took a turn as soon as you saw it? Could you figure out some reasons why Jeff chose to show us the episode? If you ask us, it needs to be clarified. While the show continues the action and stunts, it made us feel like not the whole season, but the first installment has somewhat relied on the narratives to fill the content for strange callings.

Manifest Season 3 Cast Performance 

Manifest season 3 review 

We have noticed the increased apprehension between Jared and Michaela after they confronted Eagan. So, does this mean Michaela is still not over her first love, who has returned to her life? Will that put an end to Michaela and Jared’s love story? We will prefer to watch it than to discuss this either.

Moving ahead, we saw Eagan holding Vance’s son hostage along with another flight828ers. Further, Zeke (Sarah’s mother) had persistent thoughts when she saw Mick, and Jared was scared of the place where Vance resides. To the moment, the Manifest season 3 cast performance remained satisfying.

Saanvi and Ben took to arrive at the ocean with a U.S. Coast Guard vessel to locate the stolen tail fil at its actual place. On the other hand, Vance visits and participates in his family crisis, hoping to bring the lost Cal back. This could be needless, but Cal should not have insisted on touching the stolen tail fin as it made her disappear from the real world. They feel discomfort as they encounter a storm of black clouds while Ben takes a step ahead to help Saanvi. The duo then encountered Cal and asked her where his from for a long time. On the other side is Michaela, who discovers it’s Angelina trying to harm all of them.

If we take a glimpse at Angelina’s character, she is devious and kidnaps baby Eden to do some ritual with the baby in the bathtub. When Grace catches Angelina, she kills her and flies with Eden. That’s shocking. Even if Grace didn’t have enough screen time in the story, we feel sad as she was a genuine person.

Cal returns to the bedroom and holds her mother, who commands her son and daughter, Olivia, to care for each other. Yes, we know that’s what a person in her last moments usually says, but it should be when Grace should have called an ambulance. In the season finale, we see Dr. Gupta, aka Captain Daly, clocking out in the evening, and once again, a plane suddenly disappears from Eureka.

Final Verdict- The Manifest Season 3 Review 

The main theme of Manifest season 3 review the actual concept behind the strange calling. But yeah, we haven’t forgotten the more minor twists and mysteries Jeff has built inside. The mysteries and surprises have just impressed us, and we have no denying that Jeff Rake has done a fantastic job. A big shoutout to him!

To catch all the episodes of third season of Manifest, Watch or download the Manifest season 3 now available on Netflix.

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