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Lord of The Rings Episode 8: The Sauron is Finally Revealed! 

Lord of The Rings Episode 8


With the Lord of the Rings Episode 8, the much-hyped true identities of The Stranger and Halbrand are revealed in the season finale, laying the groundwork for the return of its second season. Felt like a damp squib, here is what we have covered about the last installment of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Lord of The Rings Episode 8 Recap

Lord of The Rings Episode 8
Titled Alloyed, Episode 8 of Lord of the Rings is as thrilling and surprising as we could expect from it. Going ahead with the show’s tradition, the eighth episode opens up with a Stranger-featuring scene. Although the decision has become quite unusual for the viewers, it works well with the subject of its opening gambit.

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After parting ways with the Harfoots in the previous Episode, The Stranger discovers some Hobbit creatures that turn into an Apple Nori gifted him after he drops it. After spending time with the people, The Stranger is happy to discover its Nori, who is not. This is the Dweller who has masqueraded as Nori and has enticed him to meet and greet her former mystics.

So, now the question is why they were hunting for The Stranger? Well, that’s maybe because they were considering him, Sauron.
In the Post credit scene of the finale, we see Galadriel and an infirmed Haldbrand who has bestride for six days to receive medical help from Eregion. While Galadriel and Elrond have an emotional reunion, Halbrand is taken off to cure his wound. The duo bond over their journey throughout the season when Galadriel, teary-eyed, promises not to hold any secrets from Elrond anymore.

Days pass by we see a quickly recovered Halrbrand looking for Galadriel here and there. As he stumbles upon Celebrimbor’s forge, he learns about the elves’ failed quest to excavate the mithril from Khazad-dum.

Without the magical ore’s vast quantities, they feel like dying in every other race. However, Halbrand has a scheme that moves the balance of Sauron’s identity from the Stranger to him. After the first two episodes’ premiere, We have been conjecting that Halbrand is not the one he appears to be, and the revelation of his true self would only add air to that fire.

Halbrand then approaches Celebrimbor to combine the mithril with the metals. However, this won’t result in anything but protecting the elves from extinction. But here, King Gil-galad is not satisfied with his idea. Despite Galadriel and Elrond supporting the decision to forge a crown for Gil-Galad, the King turns down the offer.


Lord of The Rings Episode 8 Recap

Lord of The Rings Episode 8
In the meantime, based on the Mystics’ powerful abilities, the Mystics are convinced by the fact he is Sauron. While the squad constantly butter-ups the Stranger, the Dweller ties him so he can’t use his strengths.

Precisely, all hope is lost for our superhero, but only until Nori shows up. At that exact moment, Poppy and Marigold persuade the two Mystics to go away, and they clear the path for Sadoc and Nori to rescue The Stranger.

The incapable Stranger hassles hard to come out of the trap when the Nomad injures Sadoc. The Stranger tries to safeguard the Harfoots, but The Dweller instantly overpowers him. Nori arrives at the place and tries to convince the Stranger to use his power and fight back against the situation.

Being confident by Nori’s words, The Stranger uses his powers, stopping the Dweller from causing any harm. Considering him Sauron, The Mystics tell the Stranger to stop using his powers. But empowered by Nori’s words, he responds I am No Man, which becomes a crowd-pleasing moment for all.

Lord of The Rings Episode 8

Sooner the awe moment turns into a sad scene when we see Sadoc bleeding heavily. Marigold tries hard to convince him to get treated at the camp, but he chooses to watch the sunrise. Marigold, Nori, and Poppy join him too. But as the Stranger could look on, Sadoc takes his last breath.

Returning to the Harfoot Camp, Nori and the Stranger prepare to bid farewell to each other for good. While they say a farewell for the last time, Nori’s family suggests she go with The Stranger, before setting off with her Rhun.

The King is Departed !

Back in Numenor, in the Lord of The Rings Episode 8 Pharazon assembles the Best Builder’s Guild Staff to draw the likeness of King Palantir. The best portrait will be chosen to honor the King’s legacy after he dies. At Earien’s session, Palantir is told that Numenor should follow the Valar again.

Through a secret path, Palantir sends Earien to a secret room, where she discovers Palantir, the seeing stone she saw in the 4th Episode.

Speaking about Elendil, he is still proceeding on his way back home. We have seen how close Miriel and Elendil are, and Elendil reaffirms his faithfulness to the Elves. Much to the Pharazon’s sadness, Palantir has passed away, thickening the season 2 plot with whom will take the place of the King?

Back in the Eregion, the two Rings of Power are finally unveiled. Galadriel continuously suspects Halbrand’s intentions; the duo engages in a war of words. It is then that Galadriel sees Halbrand’s true identity, which is a Sauron. She moves ahead to cut his throat; after all, she has spent centuries looking for the main antagonist of Middle Earth.

Halbrand, aka Sauron, uses his Maia-based powers and persuades her to become the dark queen to his king. Infuriated by his words, Galadriel soon drowns in the sea when Elron comes to her rescue. After that, she rushes to Celebrimbor and asks him to forge the three rings, from which one will corrupt and the other two will be distributed. The latter agrees with her words. Galadriel then parts her dead brother’s weapon and hands it for good.

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One day Elrond arrived in the Southlands and discovers that the Rings of Power have been created and learns that Galadriel knows Halbrand’s truth but doesn’t say a word about it. The trio merges the rings when Halbrand appears on the scene, leaving us all shocked about where he escaped from the boat.

And with that, season 1 of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power wraps up its eight episodic series! For more Rings of Power content, read our previous blogs!

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