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Lisa Loring Actress of The Addams Family 1964 Biography, Net Worth and Movies

Lisa Loring

American actor Lisa Loring best known for playing Wednesday Addams in the famous action-comedy The Addams Family passes away at 64. Following her smoking and high blood pressure issues, the film and television star suffered a stroke on Saturday evening. She was admitted to Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank and was given 72 hours of life support until she took her last breaths while battling with her life. 

Lisa has played the iconic role of Wednesday Addams for two straight years. The Addams Family was an early adaptation of Charles Addams’s cartoons. She was just six years old when she took the role in 1964 and continued until 1966. Her rising performance in the sitcom rose her to fame. She was classic in her pigtails and spooky style, which then largely influenced the other depictions of the character. When Jenn Ortega’s dance in Netflix’s hit series Wednesday went viral on the internet, she expressed gratitude to Lisa for inspiring her with her angular steps. 

Speaking about her experience with The Addams Family ran for two seasons, Lisa has always stated that she could not ask for a better cast and crew than she had in the show. Lisa has said that Carolyn Jones, John Astin Gomez, and Morticia are like her real family members and keep a special place in her heart. The memories she has created with them playing Wednesday Addams are something she will cherish forever. Continue reading to learn more about Lisa Loring moviescareer, age, personal life, movies, and net worth here. 

Lisa Loring Biography – Birth, Parents, Career, and More

Lisa Loring
 NameLisa Loring
Birth16th February 1958
Death28th January 2023

Lisa Ann DeCinces was born on 16th February 1958 in the Marshall Islands. Lisa Loring parents, who worked in the United States Navy, divorced each other shortly after she was born. Thereby, Lisa and her mother, Judith, moved to Los Angeles, and from there, OG Wednesday Addams kicked off her modelling career. Sooner, she landed her first television role in an episode of NBC’s medical drama Dr Kildare, chronicling a dramatic relationship between a surgical mentor and his young intern who subsequently arrived in the large metropolitan city to pursue career aspirations. The MGM television series ran for five successful seasons, and because it became a household name over the five-year period, Lisa Loring also gained recognition for her appearance.

Dr Kildare proved to be a turning point in Lisa Loring career when the latter grabbed Wednesday Addams’s role the following year. Her classic portrayal as the Addams family’s daughter left an influential mark for the next depictions of her character in films and television roles. 

Ever since Lisa had Wednesday Addams; there was no stopping. After her breakout with The Addams Family, The Pruitts of Southampton, and The Girl From U.N.C.L.E happened to her. 

Years before, Lisa reunited with her Addams family through The Halloween With the New Addams Family; she had a recurring role in As The World Turns, a soap opera that ran for years. 

Blood Frenzy, Savage Harbor, and Iced are other 80s projects Lisa did before The Halloween With the New Addams Family. Over the years, the television appearances gave a prolific boost to Lisa Loring net worth, estimated at thousands of dollars.

Speaking about other onscreen roles, which subsequently added to Lisa’s earnings, includes the 1988’s action-drama film Death Feud. If sources are to be believed, Lisa has also worked as a PR to earn her living in a hotel chain after her career was stalled amidst her heroin addiction. Below is a short description of Lisa Loring movies through which she has garnered considerable limelight in the star world before seeing a big fallout in 2011.

Movies NameYear
Halloween with the New Addams Family1977
Blood Frenzy1987
Savage Harbor1987
Death Feud1988
Doctor Spine2015

What is the Net Worth of Lisa Loring?

Lisa Loring
Net Worth (2023)$500, 000
Salary per movie$15000 (approzx)
Annual income$2,00,00

The net worth of the original Wednesday Adam, i.e., Lisa Loring, sums up to $500,00 in 2023. Her film and television performances have been her major source of income. Each movie where Lisa had a recurring role made her around $15000. Although the actress didn’t reveal any detail about her brand endorsements until her death, some sources suggest Lisa’s other career earnings had helped her make $2,00,000 annually.

Lisa Loring Personal Life Details?

Lisa Loring

Lisa was only 15 when she married her childhood friend Farrell Foumberge and was sixteen when she gave birth to her first child Venessa. Farell Foumberg and Lisa parted ways one year after their marriage. After that, in 1981, Lisa married the Iced co-star Doug Stevenson, whom she met on Traci’s Big Trick set while working as a make-up artist. Unfortunately, this marriage was also called off in 1983 amidst irreconcilable differences between the couple. Four years later, Lisa married Jerry Butler, a media interest source. Although, when Jerry’s act of secretly continuing his adult film appearances annoyed Lisa, she parted ways with him five years after their marriage. 

Lisa never gave up on love. In 2004, she wed filmmaker Graham Rich, but like her previous three marriages, she had her fourth divorce in 2014. Lisa was survived by her grandchildren, Charles and Emiliana, and her daughters, Vanessa and Marianne, who held her hands when she took her last breath at the hospital. Her beloved friend Laurie Jacobson declared the news of her death in a Facebook post. Laurie uploaded a collage of Lisa Loring childhood and young age picture. Expressing her displeasure for Lisa Loring death, Lauri Jacobson wrote-

It is with great sadness that I report the death of our friend, Lisa Loring. 4 Days ago; she suffered a massive stroke brought on by smoking and high blood pressure. She had been on life support for 3 days. Yesterday, her family made the difficult decision to remove it, and she passed last night. She is embedded in the tapestry that is pop culture and in our hearts always as Wednesday Addams.
Beautiful, kind, a loving mother, Lisa’s legacy in the entertainment world is huge. And the legacy for her family and friends — a wealth of humor, affection and love will long play in our memories. RIP, Lisa. Damn, girl…you were a ton of fun.

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