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Everything We Know So Far About Lance Reddick Net Worth, Income, Age, Biography and More – Popgeek

Lance Reddick net worth
Popgeek Podcast
Popgeek Podcast
Everything We Know So Far About Lance Reddick Net Worth, Income, Age, Biography and More - Popgeek

Check everything about Lance Reddick net worth, income, age, biography, and lifestyle here. Lance Solomon Reddick, who was widely known for playing Charon in the popular John Wick franchise, passed away at the age of 60. His publicist and various news lines have stated that Lance Reddick was found deceased in his home on 17th March 2023. He passed away from natural causes at his residence located in Los Angeles. 

Lance was survived by his wife, Stephanie, and children, Yvonne, Nicole, and Christopher. Lance was popular for appearing in renowned films, television, and video game projects. Lance has gained considerable recognition throughout his acting career in the entertainment world. And, despite his professional life having been one rollercoaster ride for the American actor and musician, he has managed well to earn a lavish lifestyle for the whole family. If you are intrigued to learn more about Lance Reddick personal-professional life and want to know how much the actor used to earn annually, keep reading here. 

Lance Reddick Net Worth 

Lance Reddick Net Worth 
Lance Reddick Net Worth 

Lance Reddick net worth equals $4 million in 2023. Lance was one of the film industry’s most talented and in-demand actors, best known for essaying Cedric Fringe in the crime drama television series The Wire ran from 2002 to 2008, starring Lance Reddick, Dominic West, and Sonja Sohn as the main characters. Lance has been a part of various films, television, and video game projects with which he has earned serious cash and recognition worldwide. 

Although the details of Lance Reddick salary per movie have not been disclosed by any of his sources, as soon as we have updates about Lance Reddick’s salary or monthly earnings, we will ensure to keep the readers in the loop. 

 Lance Reddick Biography, Age, Parents

Lance Reddick Biography, Age, Parents
Lance Reddick Biography, Age, Parents
Lance Reddick Biography DetailsDescription
Born on31st December 1962
Birth Place                            Baltimore, Maryland
ProfessionActor, Musician, Producer
FatherSolomon Reddick
MotherDorothy Gee
WifeStephanie Reddick

Lance used to celebrate his birthday on 31st December every year. Being born in 1962, Lance Reddick age was 60 years at the time of his passing. He shared a great bond with his parents, Solomon Reddick, and Dorothy Gee, who have been his biggest supportive system since childhood. 

Lance took his studies from the Friends School of Baltimore and moved to the Peabody Preparatory Institute and the Walden School to pursue his passion for music. After graduating, he enrolled at the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music and Boston’s Yale School of Drama to pursue a Master of Fine Arts. 

Career Details of Lance Reddick 

Career Details of Lance Reddick 
Career Details of Lance Reddick 

Lance Reddick started his acting career with television projects appearing in the 1996 Fox Police Drama series. After that, Lance made more small appearances in various television roles. This includes episodes of Swift Justice, The Nanny, Witness to the Mob, The Fixer, and What the Deaf Man Heard. 

After essaying multiple roles in The West Wing, The Corner, and Falcone, Lance finally had the opportunity to feature in the television series Oz, which he did for six straight years playing an undercover narcotics officer Johnny Basil. 

After that, in 2002, Lance grabbed the biggest television role of his life in the HBO crime drama, The Wire; he starrer alongside Dominic West and Sonja Sohn. Lance had become a household name with the HBO drama and garnered immense success and wealth from the show. Needless to say, The Wire also gave a significant boost to Lance Reddick net worth

He has also been a part of the popular television series Fringe ran between 2008 to 2013, starring John Noble, Anna Torv, and Joshua Jackson in the lead roles. 

Thereby, another television show Bosch where Lance Reddick played Chief Irvin Irving from 2014 to 2020, earned him recognition despite the fact that Lance wasn’t in the lead role for the show. To the moment, you would have understood that Lance had done such a myriad of shows throughout his career and entertained the audience with his finest acting skills. Counting on his other television shows, Lance has appeared in includes- The Blacklist, Wilfred, American Horror Story: Coven Intelligence, Castle and Corporate, and so on. 

The animated television shows Lance voices in are Paradise PD, Duck Tales, Rick and Morty, and Beware the Batman. 

As far as Lance Reddick’s film career is concerned, the American actor and musician were highly adored by his fans for playing Charon in the popular John Wick franchise from 2014 to 2023. Before a few days of his death, Lance Reddick was even quite busy promoting his upcoming film John Wick Chapter Four which is now set to release on 24th March 2023. Although it’s not only John Wick, with which you can see Lance Reddick onscreen in the upcoming months, there are several projects Lance has completed before his untimely demise. 

This includes White Men Can’t Jump (completed), White Men Can’t Jump (post-production), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Post-Production), Apteros (Pre-Production), St. Sebastian (Completed), The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (In Production) and Ballerina (Post Production). 

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Lance is also known for essaying David Gentry in the action thriller Angel Has Fallen, starring Danny Huston, Gerard Butler, and Fredrick Schmidt as the main characters. Meanwhile, the other film and television works with which actor Lance Solomon Reddick has become a renowned name in the film and television industry include – Lost (2004-2010) and Resident Evil (2022). 

Lance has also voiced several video game characters, such as Commander Zavala in the Destiny Franchise, Martin Hatch in Quantum Break, Sylens in Horizon Forbidden West, and Horizon Zero Dawn. 

Lance Reddick Wife and Children 

Lance Reddick Wife and Children 
Lance Reddick Wife and Children 

Lance Reddick married Suzanne Yvonne Louis and fathered two children in the marital relationship. Two years later, the couple parted ways following irreconcilable differences amidst them. After that, Lance Solomon Reddick wed Stephanie and fathered one child. His wife and children survived Lance Reddick until his untimely demise.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How tall was Lance Reddick? 

Lance Reddick height was 6 ft 3 inches. 

2. Why Lance Reddick died? 

According to Lances’ representatives, Lance has passed away due to natural causes. 

3. How many children does Lance Reddick have? 

Lance Reddick was the father of three children. 

4. Where did Lance Reddick die? 

Lance Reddick took his last breath at his Los Angeles, California, U.S. residence. 

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