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Knights of the Zodiac Trailer Needs a Man To Save the Reincarnated Goddess Who is Here to Watch Over Mankind – Popgeek

knights of the zodiac hd
Movie Name  Knights of the Zodiac
GenreAction Adventure Fantasy
Directed byTomek Baginski
Produced byYoshi Ikezawa, Joeseph Chou, Tim Kwok
Written byMatthew Stuecken, Kiel Murray
Distributed bySony Pictures Entertainment, Stage 6
Knights of the Zodiac Release Date12th May 2023
CastMackenyu, Famek Janssen, Madison Iseman, Diego Tinoco, Mark Dacasos, Nick Stahl
Knights of the Zodiac Trailer Release Date24th March 2023

What if we tell you there is a girl on the earth, a reincarnated goddess in real life, who is here to watch over humanity? That’s correct; that is what has happened in the latest Knights of the Zodiac trailer released by Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube. Knights of the Zodiac is a live-action adaptation of the popular anime Saint Seiya: The Beginning of Japan. After a considerable period, the widely popular franchise gets a live-action adaptation in the form of Knights of the Zodiac. It sees an impressive cast in the main roles, including Mackenyu, Famek Janssen, Madison Iseman, Diego Tinoco, Mark Dacasos, Nick Stahl, and many others. 

The official plot synopsis of Knights of the Zodiac film reads- When a headstrong street orphan unwittingly taps into hidden powers, he discovers he might be the only person alive who can protect the reincarnated goddess who was sent to watch over humanity. The official trailer of Knights of the Zodiac movie has been released online, and here is what we know so far about it. 

The Knights of the Zodiac Trailer Suggests the World Needs a Man to Protect the Reincarnated Goddess Arrived to Watch Over Humanity 

The Knights of the Zodiac trailer opens with Sienna, who sees a devastating vision of what the future holds for the world. She speaks- I had a vision, people burning; it was Athena; she was doing it. I was doing it. 

knights of the zodiac trailer

As the video progresses, we glimpse the film’s protagonist Mackenyu who plays the savior Seiya, the man the world needs to protect the reincarnated goddess. As she is here to watch out the humanity, it is going to be a hard battle to win. Some hidden powers are probably obstacles to the hero, preventing him from surpassing what he is destined to do. More visuals from the Knights of the Zodiac trailer take us to some nerve-wracking fights between Seiya and the uncontrollable forces existing in the world. There is surely a lot more than we see and beyond what the world feels is happening around us. 

As soon as Seiya forges his journey to defend Athena from any threat, he sets out to enter a fantastical war of gods after realizing he has some great powers that can help him save the world. 

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Knights of the Zodiac features Madison Iseman as Sienna/Athena, who sees some horrible vision from the future. To keep that happening again and again with her, Alman Kido, played by Sean Bean, hires Sieya, played by Mackenyu, to battle against forces who threaten Athena’s reincarnated form Seinna. Looks like Alman has realized the potential of Seiya as he trusts a stranger for Sienna. Although this time, Seiya’s battle is not against a normal opponent in the ring but some unknown forces possessing extreme powers, he must train himself enough to use the powers he has just discovered he possesses. This whole situation in the Knights of the Zodiac trailer gives rise to intense fights and a nervous atmosphere. 

Upon learning to harness his mystical powers, Seiya has become all-powerful, and now he is all set to give the forces the taste of their own medicine as they attempt to harm Athena. The visual effects and scenes giving us some heavy action sequences are stunning. Shots taking a closer look at Athena and Seiya add to the film’s overall vibe.   

Who Are the Other Cast and Crew of Knights of the Zodiac HD Who Has Made this Live Action Adaptation Possible? 

The Knights of the Zodiac who has come along to join this fantastical war of gods are- 

  • Diego Tinoco as Nero 
  • Mark Dacascos as Mylock 
  • Nick Stahl as Cassios 
  • Sean Bean as Alman Kido 
knights of the zodiac

With Tomek Baginski serving as the captain of the ship, it is screenwriters Matthew Stuecken and Kiel Murray have translated the Saint Seiya franchise into a live-action adaptation of Knights of the Zodiac. While Joseph Chou and Tim Kwok don the production cape, the film is executively produced by Kozo Morishita, Katsuhiro Takagi, Jeffrey Chan, and Rick Nathanson

Knights of the Zodiac set out to release on 12th May 2023. Get ready to watch the movie in theatres, and do share your thoughts on the Saint Seiya live-action adaptation in the comments below. 

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