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Kaleidoscope: A Netflix Heist Series You Can Watch Chronologically


Kaleidoscope is the latest non-linear heist series streaming on Netflix. Created by Erica Garcia, the crime anthology is equally fun and gripping. If you are someone who loves watching OTT shows, this Netflix drama is only for you. Filled with twists and turns, Kaleidoscope carries the potential to fill you with excitement. Yeah, but not much like Dungeons and Dragons did. 

Like Honor Among Thieves, Kaleidoscope also features a master thief and a band on a quest to break into a vault containing $7 billion bonds. Of course, the plot is quite predictable but what leaves you completely puzzled is the show’s unique and bold way of storytelling. 

Precisely, that’s what the USP of Kaleidoscope. The show has eight episodes, seven of which can be watched chronologically. Ok! Don’t re-read the sentence; the show’s episodes are randomized. To know how the episodes are randomized, how you can watch them chronologically or whether the series is worth watching, continue reading.

Is Kaleidoscope Worth Watching? – The Popgeek Review 


Concerning the show’s plot, we aren’t certain whether or not you should watch the show, as it doesn’t bring anything that hasn’t happened before. Simply put, the show’s plot doesn’t have the OMG element. It’s fun and interesting but not an A-grade series. But if you are one of those viewers who greatly emphasize TV writing and take considerable interest in it, you must count on Kaleidoscope

Everything you should know about YOU PEOPLE

Erica’s creative decision to let viewers decide how to watch this heist series is smart. It’s a good idea. Don’t you think so? According to Netflix, every 5040 ways you pick to stream the show will directly impact your opinion of the series. Hmm! That’s a thoughtful strategy. In this January 2023 show, the streamer has freed the OTT audience to go on the linear route to get into the plot. 

Our extremely creative movie junkies believe there are more than 5000 ways to experience Kaleidoscope. You can pick any episode from the first seven instalments and crack down on Erica’s vision. While Violent and Green episodes take you on major flashbacks, the episode, Red, is the morning after the heist. After the viewers finish the initial seven episodes, Kaleidoscope wants you to watch the last episode, White: The Heist, in the end. Sounds exciting? Well, if you ask us, we love this Choose Your Own Adventure offer. What a deft job Erica, just wow. 

Speaking of the Kaleidoscope cast, they are the powerhouse of the show whose energetic performance is the second thing that keeps the show alive throughout the eight episodes. Leo and Ava Mercer are the two charming faces of the story who go all guns blazing to offer the best onscreen experience. Besides these, the heist series stars a huge cast, including Rufus, Jai Courtney, Tati Gabrielle, Peter Mark, Niousha Noor, Patch Darragh, and Max Casella. While some of these characters are easily recognizable, some will leave you extremely mystic with their roles. Each of their characters is interesting, intriguing and entertaining. 

How to Watch Kaleidoscope Chronologically? 


Since Kaleidoscope was released on January 1 2023, fans have been eager to know how they can watch the heist series Chronologically. And, like said, you can watch the initial seven episodes in any order you want. With each different order, different opinions viewers will build for the show.

Quoting- Choose Your Own Adventure, the streamer allows the audience to decide their side of the story. Kaleidoscope delivers a unique viewing experience as each instalment of the show is a new beginning of the most mystical heist that ever took place. This is what makes Kaleidoscope one of a kind. 

The watch order for the show’s initial seven-episode will be the viewer’s choice, but to know how the pieces fall into place, they must stream the season finale at the end. Yes, you heard right. Despite the streamer offering you to watch all episodes chronologically, the last episode, White- The Heist, must be saved for the end, as it’s where you will know how the heist took place. 

But if you prefer to skip this suggestion, you will potentially have fewer ways to experience the show’s twists. Neither Erica nor Netflix has defined the perfect viewing order; the audience must make their own choices. 

What is the Best Sequence to Watch Kaleidoscope? 


Need help deciding which sequence should you pick to watch Kaleidoscope? Here is an answer for you. The below-mentioned order is the most-easy sequence to solve the mystery series. 

  1. Violet: 24 Years Before the Heist 
  2. Green: 7 Years Before the Heist 
  3. Yellow: 6 Weeks Before the Heist 
  4. Orange: 3 Weeks Before the Heist 
  5. Blue: 5 Days Before the Heist 
  6. Red: Morning After the Heist 
  7. Pink: 6 Months After the Heist 
  8. White: The Heist 

Will There Be Kaleidoscope Season 2? 

Kaleidoscope season 1 is inspired by the real-life events of Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. The case study became popular because of the heist of around $7 billion in bonds from Manhattan, New York. As season 1 is a real-life story, it’s difficult to say whether season 2 of the show will ever come. If Kaleidoscope Season 2 comes on Netflix, we may meet the same cast again. 

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