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John Wick Chapter Four Movie Review: The Latest Instalment of the John Wick Franchise Lives to its Theme- Friendship and Consequences

Movie NameJohn Wick Chapter Four  
Directed byChad Stahelski  
Produced byBasil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Chad Stahelski
Written byMichael Finch, Shay Hatten
Theatrical Release Date24th March 2023 (worldwide)
OTTVudu Fandango
John Wick Chapter Four Movie Runtime1 hour 49 minutes

Ok, so after we have waited for more than three years, John Wick Chapter Four finally reaches theatres to continue the never-ending battle of Baba Yaga. Written by Michael Finch and Shay Hatten, John Wick 4 sees the creed assassin John Wick uncovering a path to give The High Table a taste of their own medicine. But before the hitman succeeds, he has many enemies in his path to compete throughout his tasks. While some are the strong forces from across the world, some are his friends turned foes. And for a change this time, we know who it is and who it will be. And this time, you note that the hitman is not here for any mercy. He is out for blood. He is out for revenge. All in a vengeance mode, it looks that whatever remains of humanity John had earlier has dwindled. He is unstoppable in completing what was left of the previous events of his life. 

 John Wick Chapter Four Sees the Hitman Against The High Table

John Wick Chapter Four picks up the events from where the movie’s third installment had left. Although, it’s no surprise for us that the John Wick film picks the ashes of its predecessor. In fact, for this USP of the action-filled franchise, we enjoy the film even more since we don’t have to solve any puzzle and brainstorm anything to find out what’s happening and what will happen until the curtain falls. All thanks to the creative writers and visual craftsman Chad Stahelski for that. 

john wick chapter four

With each new latest installment, the movie’s kills-after-killing theme gets bloodier while leaving its hero John Wick on a high-end flying note. One of the best action franchises of the modern era, John Wick Chapter Four, centers around the tragic events of John Wick, documenting him as the unbeatable assassin, The High Table has probably mistaken to mess with. If you agree to us that, we are a team then. Returning after almost three and half years of Parabellum, the actor and director duo, i.e., Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski, delivers everything top-notch on all levels, which is worth the wait. What do you think? 

John Wick Chapter Four mainly revolves around the events in New York while exploring different corners, including Osaka, Japan, Berlin, Germany, Paris, France, and a desert in an untitled country. All these locations had their own significance in giving meaning to Wick’s revengeful saga and his restlessness to attain freedom from working under their service. 

As John’s quest progresses, we get a glimpse of his past, where he seeks the help of connections to reach the level at which The High Table Global plays, with Bill Skarsgard being the head, namely The Marquis. He is a new enemy for Wick, who offers him to prevent all the wrath he might face from The High Table only if he defeats him in single combat. Bill Skarsgard as The Marquis completely takes into his ruthless character, giving us a vibe that John is having a tough competition this time. But since he is a martial arts expert, we know he will single-handedly take it all and emerge victorious. 

Like the older times, Wick isn’t alone here too. He has his 47 Ronin co-star Hiroyuki Sanada arrives as Shimazu as the martial arts master. Like Donnie Yen, who plays Caine in John Wick 4, Sanada’s Shimazu also has a long history with Wick and considers him his good friend. A good ally to Wick, Shimazu is a treat to watch, though. He has delivered his best in every fight and every scene he is asked to be in. 

Speaking for the film’s other prominent cast roles, Scott Adkins, Shamier Anderson, Clancy Brown, Donnie Yen, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Zaror, and Ian McShane have dropped their full energy in every scene that involves brutal fights and stunts. 

The Osaka Continental fight scenes and action around Berlin have topped all stunt levels in the franchise. They were such ground-breaking that, at moments, we felt like holding our chairs so we won’t fall. Haha kidding. 

Meanwhile, Donnie Yen’s presence as Wick’s friend destiny turned adversary is plus point for John Wick 4 to reach another level. While Keanu as Wick has continued acting all scenes, neither he nor director Chad Stahelski felt any fear of other characters outperforming Wick’s character. No character in the whole power-packed franchise felt weak. Despite the franchise being centered around Wick’s tragic life, Chad has given each character enough space to shine in their way. His vision has really worked for John Wick 4. 

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The Breath-Taking Actions Saves the Day For John Wick Chapter Four 

The action and stunt choreography raises the bar for John Wick 4. We have already explained how energetic similar scenes topped the Osaka and Berlin scenes in the film. And, this time, the balletic styles and nerve-wracking fights popped our eyes, and some bomb and swordplay also had us counting our breaths. As for the actions planned around the Church (though they should not be) and Arc De Triomphe, it feels like the stunt choreographer squad of John Wick Chapter Four must have had sleepless nights pinning to every small detail that kept us excited. Since we cannot forget those intense moments for at least some years, the team’s efforts surely have paid well. 

john wick 4

And not to forget, the cinematography by Dan Laustsen has just added feathers to the John Wick cape. What eye-pleasing visuals were those when we got the close-ups of the characters, widening the Wick world in a big-crazier way? A big shoutout to the John Wick 4 team. You are a true genius. 


To conclude, John Wick Chapter Four is a worthy installment of the franchise that outperforms Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 at all levels. Made on a budget of $100 million, John Wick is making bank at box office tables. It has garnered a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which by far is the highest score of the franchise’s installment released. So, what are your views on John Wick 4? Do you think the Keanu Reeves starrer is a worthy sequel to the action-filled franchise? Drop your answers in the comments below. Also, if you haven’t watched the movie to date, book your tickets immediately; we are sure you will have an awe-inspiring experience! 

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