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Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feelings Trailer Takes a Bold and Hilarious Approach!

Sony Pictures shares exclusive footage of Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feeling trailer on Thursday. No Hard Feelings movie is a coming-of-age sex comedy film featuring the Academy Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence as a hilarious hot mess struggling to earn her living as a Uber driver. However, when she discovers an interesting job listing, she gives a thought about joining it. 

The job listing is from a wealthy family looking for someone to date their extremely introverted son, who shows no interest in enjoying his adult life and having sex. Lawrence, who plays Maddie in this coming-age comedy film, quickly grabs the job as she finds the listing as a perfect opportunity to get a Buick Regal in exchange.

jennifer lawrence no hard feelings trailer

Although, things are going to be more challenging for Maddie than she thought it would be. Percy, played by Andrew Barth Feldman, is a way more shy and introverted teen and often steers clear of opening up to people. But Maddie, who is determined to reach her goal, is not here to give up on him quickly. By hook or by crook, we know she’ll do her job successfully and help Percy step out of his nutshell. 

Sony’s new No Hard Feeling trailer released recently is a perfect example of that. In the hilarious R-rated movie trailer, when one of Maddie’s friends taunts her and says – You don’t even rent your house out, but now you’re gonna rent out your vag, she gives a befitting reply on his face and says, You have rotten road tattoos covering your entire back. I don’t think you should tell anybody what to do with their body. This further proves to what extent Maddie is determined to accomplish her goal. 

As the video progresses, we see Maddie, i.e., Jennifer Lawrence going the extra mile to make Percy F**k a little. And when she barges into of few of Percy’s friend’s bedrooms searching for him, all she discovers is kids on their phones, which makes her snap at them- Doesn’t anyone f**k anymore, says Maddie. She finally breaks into Percy’s room, but finding him with another girl irks her. She even asks the girl- Did you f**k him? Of course, Percy is Maddie’s client, so no one should dare to touch him. 

no hard feelings movie

Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feelings Trailer video is full of hilarious moments where the chemistry between Maddie and Percy brings a few big laughs for viewers. Many of them also write- 

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  • This actually seems funny and kind of nostalgic in a way. It reminds me of all the old classic comedy movies!
  • This looks like such a good and genuinely funny romcom; Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Feldman are gonna be amazing! I’m really excited about this film!
  • The perfect actress for the best role! Jennifer hasn’t let us down, and this trailer is so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing… No wonder she won the Oscars. “She delivers everything she does perfectly.”
  • This looks great because J.L. never acts like she’s in a comedy. Too many movies and shows these days have too many actors all “wink funny, get it?” when something funny is supposed to happen, and it just dies. She knows that the way to be funny is to approach a role like it’s part of a lifetime. She’s hundred percent committed here as if she was doing another Hunger Games movie, but the situations are so crazy that the comedy just comes naturally.

Overall, Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feelings trailer was a sure-shot treat to watch, and I can say No Hard Feelings will be heartwarming. Jennifer Lawrence is always a joy to watch. I’m sure she will definitely bring back her charm to this coming-of-age sex comedy film and her role as the fearless Maddie.

cast of no hard feelings 2023

The supporting cast of No Hard Feelings 2023 featuring Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Scott MacArthur, Ebon Moss Bachrach, Hasan Minhaj, and Kyle Mooney was also impressive, and every one of them played their part really well while also having fun in Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feelings Trailer

More About No Hard Feelings 

The Office fame Gene Stupnitsky is directing No Hard Feelings and co-wrote the film alongside John Phillips. Alex Saks, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Odenkirk, Justine Ciarrocchi, and Marc Provissiero are producing the movie. Columbia Pictures and Excellent Cadaver are also helping the June 2023 project. Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, No Hard Feeling will see its theatrical release on 23rd June 2023. 

I’m looking forward to watching No Hard Feelings, which I know will give me giggles. What about you? Are you also excited to watch Jennifer Lawrence playing the hot and hilarious role of Maddie in No Hard Feelings? Drop your comments below. For more such updates, keep following Popgeek. See you all in the theatres. 

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