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Jennifer Lawrence Movie No Hard Feelings Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far – Popgeek

Jennifer Lawrence Movie
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Jennifer Lawrence Movie No Hard Feelings Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far – Popgeek

Discover the release date, cast, plot, trailer, and other details of Jennifer Lawrence movie No Hard Feelings here. All welcome The Hunger Games and American Hustle star Jennifer Lawrence, as the actress is back to pop our eyes again. Yes, you read that right. Jennifer Lawrence last appeared in Don’t Look Up and Causeway in 2021 and 2022, respectively, and returns for Gene Stupnitsky’s age-sex comedy film No Hard Feelings. 

It’s been a while since we saw Jennifer Lawrence onscreen, as the actress seemed quite busy with her other business endeavors, including her production company, Excellent Cadaver, which she recently started to helm films and television projects. Jennifer was among the highest-paid actors in 2015 and 2016 and has joined the list of on-demand actors who can freely pick their films, regardless of what genre her audience likes to see her in. 

Her soon-to-release comedy-age sex film No Hard Feelings is a live example of her choosy choices. No Hard Feelings tells the story of a delivery driver who accepts a Craigslist ad from a couple who wants someone to date their strange son. Keep reading to know the complete cast, plot, trailer, and release date of the Jennifer Lawrence movie No Hard Feeling here. 

What is Jennifer Lawrence Movie No Hard Feelings is All About? 

Jennifer Lawrence Movie

No Hard Feeling is a comedy-age film that Columbia Pictures will distribute in July 2023. The official synopsis of No Hard Feelings reads- On the brink of losing her childhood home, Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) discovers an intriguing job listing: wealthy helicopter parents looking for someone to date their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy before he leaves for college. To her surprise, Maddie soon discovers that the awkward Percy is no sure thing. 

Going through the official synopsis, it’s clear No Hard Feelings will center around the girl Maddie who is hired by a rich couple to help them make their son socialize with people around him.   

Is the No Hard Feelings Official Trailer Released? 

Jennifer Lawrence Movie release date

Yes, Sony Pictures Entertainment has released the official trailer for No Hard Feelings on all official handles. The trailer description reads- A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Jennifer Lawrence stars in #NoHardFeelings, coming exclusively to movie theatres this summer. Released on 9th March 2023, the red band trailer gives us a look at the hilarious self of JLaw onscreen as she begins seducing Andrew Barth Feldman, i.e., Percy, as his parents ask her to date him out and make him an extrovert person. 

The official trailer released on YouTube was filled with laughing moments which had the audiences laugh out loud in their rooms. While it is evident for some netizens to slam Jennifer Lawrence for seducing a 19-year-old in her upcoming movie trailer, her true fans found the video footage one good piece of humor they strive to see today. A few users on YouTube wrote- 

This fully had me laughing. I can’t believe Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t done a proper comedy until now. I know a lot of her roles have comedic elements, but this looks like another level; she’s going to nail it.

This looks hilarious. Can’t wait for it. Glad to see only some are afraid to produce movies with this type of humor. I miss these types of films, writes another user. 

A fan of Jennifer Lawrence said- Ok, this had me laughing hard. Jennifer Lawrence continues to prove why she is one of the greatest actresses working today. She’s so underrated as a Comedic Actress, and she had me howling throughout this trailer. Bring it on.

I got this as an add, and I legit just had to come here to say the punch scene where he goes to knock out his father but hits her instead is honestly ducking hilarious I laughed out loud, this movie looks chill, and in this day and age, we need that, pens a Jennifer Lawrence fan. 

Who Will Be the Cast and Crew of No Hard Feelings? 

Jennifer Lawrence Movie release date,cast,plot

Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman take on the film’s lead characters, Maddie and Percy, respectively. Starting with Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games last appeared in Don’t Look Up and Causeway in 2021 and 2022, respectively. She was the highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016 and is often cited as the most successful actress of the generation. 

Her captivating acting roles in her movies have earned her four Oscar nominations. For her 2012 film Sliver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar Best Actress Award in the Leading Role in 2013. Over her career so far, Jennifer has had a total of 121 wins and 192 nominations on her name. This includes BAFTA Awards, AACTA International Awards, and so on.  

Speaking of her co-star Andrew Barth Feldman playing Percy in No Hard Feelings. He is a fresh talent in the Hollywood film industry and is known for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Ratatouille: The Tik Tok Musical, and My Halloween Friends, released in 2020. Andrew is a New York Emmy Awards Winner who took the achievement in 202O. He has been a part of 10 film and television projects so far. And now, with No Hard Feelings and A Tourists’ Guide to Love, Andrew Barth Feldman is attempting to explore his acting career on the big screens. His upcoming A Tourists’ Guide to Love chronicles the story of an executive who goes through an unexpected breakup, becomes an undercover agent, and discovers more about the tourist industry in Vietnam. A Tourists’ Guide to Love will be released on 27th April 2023.

The other cast of No Hard Feelings features 

Laura Benanti as Allison 

Scott MacArthur as Jim 

Matthew Broderick as Laird 

Kyle Mooney as Jody 

Hasan Minhaj as Doug 

Danielia Maximilian as Hostess 

Victorya DanylKo Petrovskaya as Cheerleader 

Matt Walton as Wallstreet Guy 

Quincy Dunn Baker as Travis 

Jordan Mendoza as Crispin 

Will Fitz as Stunt Man Uncle Sam 

Ben Heineman as Bed Teen #3 

Kelley Rao O’Donnell as Mother 

Victor Verhaeghe as Dad 

Brendan Kispert as Athlete 1 

Christina Catechis as Waitress 

Jarquez McClendon as Darnell 

Ineke Garbacz as Yacht club patron 

Jaylin Loveday as Mixer Staff and more 

No Hard Feelings is directed by Gene Stupnitsky, with John Phillips being the writer of the raunchy comedy film. Justine Ciarrocchi, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Odenkirk, Marc Provissiero, and Alex Saks are producing the raunchy comedy movie. No Hard Feelings is also executively produced by Kerry Orent and John Phillips, respectively. 

When is Jennifer Lawrence Movie No Hard Feelings Releasing? 

The No Hard Feelings release date is scheduled for 23rd June 2023. Initially, the Jennifer Lawrence movie was about to release on 16th June 2023, but recently, the film’s theatrical release was shifted to 7 days. 

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