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James Gunn Shares His Plans on the Swamp Thing Movie – Popgeek

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Filmmaker and Producer duo James Gunn and Peter Safran are to begin a new Swamp Thing universefor DC’s new slate, announced on Tuesday. It was only three months since we were introduced to the new faces of DC Production Studios, i.e., James Gunn and Peter Safran. Inducted to extend the DC Universe, the filmmaker and producer duo shared their new DC slate, fittingly titled Gods and Monsters, on 31st Jan 2023. According to the video announcement, the first chapter of DC’s new slate will release 10 films and tv series in its initial plan. These shall include projects like Superman: Legacy, Batman the Brave and the Bold, Supergirl, Swamp Thing, and more. 

Since its inception, Swamp Thing has created a long chain of witty stories in its tv and film adaptation. Despite its years of existence, the DC comic story could not gain the recognition it expected throughout. And now that James and Peter’s name is linked to the well-deserving franchise, the stakes are even high. Finally, we are certain the Swamp will take a new shift and refine its character’s integrity again. Continue reading here to know what else we know about this recently announced DC movie. 

Who Created Swamp Thing? 

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is a humanoid/elemental plant creature penned by writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson. 

The monster incarnation first appeared in 1971’s House of Secrets #92, a standalone horror story in the 20th century. The elemental plan creature did receive the recognition it deserved in 1970 and later in the mid-1980s in the comic book series ran under Alan Moore, John Totleben, and Stephen Bissette. The acclaimed trio gave different shades to the humanoid while featuring him in classic horror and elemental mythology throughout its long run. 

Time and again, Swamp Thing has appeared in various DC projects, including the 1982’s Swamp Thing Adrienne Barbeau had featured in the lead role in the 2022 comic book Swamp Thing Green Hell, and so on. The humanoid character was reintroduced as a prominent member of the Justice League Dark.  

Since 1971, the character has lived its fair share of films and television adaptations. In 1982 when the green character made its first onscreen appearance, it gained the recognition Wes Craven and Ray Wise were expecting post helming and starring in the project. Later in 1990, the Psycho man Joseph Stefano redeveloped the character in a live-action television adaptation with three continuous seasons premiering 72 episodes. 

Joseph’s work was such inspiring that the same year in 1990, an animated version of the humanoid was created for a short-lived television series aired in April-May 1991. Although the show has just four weekly episodes, it made fans enjoy their summer holidays. What else? The 2019’s television horror series of the same name is the most recent onscreen adaptation, which Mark Varheiden and Gary Dauberman created for DC Universe. However, similar to the animated version, this horror story was short-lived and wrapped with just one season comprising 10 episodes.  

But since the elemental creature hype didn’t fade over its historic run, James Gunn and Peter Safran decided to extend the Swamp Thing universe bringing a new franchise under Gods and Monsters.  

Who Exactly is Swamp Thing? 

Swamp Thing

As said, Swamp Thing is a humanoid/elemental creature; he is connected with all the plant life breathing on earth. The greenish character has Alec Holland’s traits; he was a botanist and died after developing a hormonal Bio-Restorative formula created to diminish the food crisis on the planet if it occurs. After a bomb blast in Alec’s laboratory, where the brilliant scientist was working on the Bio-Restorative formula when the plant life took on the shape of a human, it stood as the most powerful Swamp Thing. This new elemental creature had mind-boggling powers and superhuman strength no one could challenge of. What else? The humanoid can even control plants’ growth and mastery over all the forms of plan existing on earth. 

What be Will James Gun Swamp Thing About? 

Swamp Thing

According to the video announcement of James Gunn, the Swamp Thing will dive into the dark origins of the humanoid/ elemental creature. Although the director didn’t share any more details about the story, viewers can expect a big mashup, just as we saw in Marvel’s Avengers Endgame. Just as Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon was bound to interact with Thor, in the said film, this elemental creature that emerged from a bomb blast in Holland’s laboratory will also be forced to associate with other DC characters. And James decides to ally with the humanoid and other DC characters; it’s going on a surprising thing to watch in theatres. 

Who is Directing DC’S New Swamp Thing Movie? 

Swamp Thing

Rumours are that the Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny director James Mangold are in talks with DC to helm this highly anticipated project Swamp Thing. According to reports, James Mangold has expressed his interest to the production studio to let him extend this Swamp universe, but official confirmation from the DC Co-heads still awaits. Looks like Mangold is a big fan of the humanoid character after he was seen appreciating the superhero in his recent tweet, where he shared an illustration of writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson’s version of Swamp Thing. And since James Gunn retweeted Mangold’s post, it made fans believe it’s only James Mangold who will helm this DC project. As of now, Mangold is busy with his Indian Jones and the Dial of Destiny, but we hope him to soon share his vision for the supernatural creature. 

What is the Expected Release Date for Swamp Thing? 

Swamp Thing

A lot has been discussed about the supernatural creature, but still, there is no information or official confirmation about the theatrical release of Swamp Thing. Despite the new co-heads of DC Studios having finalized 10 total films and tv series as part of their next ten-year plan, we are still uncertain how soon the filmmaker and producer duo will hint anything about the release date of the superhero drama. 

Only Superman: Legacy and Batman’s sequel have received the confirmed release date for their official release. Considering the supernatural creature isn’t given its directing cast and crew, we cannot hope to watch the DCU movie before two years. But if we receive any updates on the James Mangold film, we will keep you updated. 

When Can You Watch the Swamp Thing Movie Trailer? 

Since the cast and crew are not finalized for the superhero project, and the film didn’t start developing yet, it’s hard to expect the trailer until early 2026. A confirmed release date from the DC Production Studios may help to evaluate when we can watch the trailer; you can subscribe here to stay informed. 

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